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SimpleTexting Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski
Staff Writer

SimpleTexting is our best pick as the most flexible text message marketing service: They offer an affordable, user-friendly platform that has all the tools you need to create and send successful text message campaigns. SimpleTexting has flexible plans designed to suit the needs (and budget) of nearly every business, with their most basic plan offering 500 credits for $25 per month. Its plans offer unlimited keywords (which most services don't provide), and you can test the service free for 14 days.



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The Verdict

SimpleTexting is the most flexible text message marketing service . It is very easy to use, has great features and offers comprehensive, affordable packages for businesses of all sizes.

We researched 12 text message marketing companies, singling out three best picks. We evaluated services based on pricing, features, customer service and the ability to easily scale the service as your business grows.


SimpleTexting offers eight tiers to choose from. Whether your business is just starting out or you have an established customer base and are looking to expand your marketing strategies, SimpleTexting likely has a price plan to suit your needs and budget. All paid plans include free incoming messages, unlimited keywords and unlimited contacts. Plans also include rollover credits, customer support and a memorable short code, which is a shortened phone number, usually five to six digits in length, that are designed to be easily remembered.

Each plan comes with a certain number of credits. One regular (non-multimedia) SMS message costs one credit to send, and an MMS costs three credits. If you pay annually, you receive 25% off the cost of your plan. 

If you want to test the service first before signing up for a plan, SimpleTexting offers a 14-day free trial with 50 free credits. The free trial comes with one free keyword. 

Here's more about Simple Texting's monthly plans: 

  • 500 credits cost $25 per month, and each additional credit costs 4.5 cents.
  • 1,000 credits cost $45 per month, and each additional credit costs 4.5 cents. 
  • 2,000 credits cost $75 per month, plus each additional credit costs 3.5 cents. 
  • 3,000 credits will run you $95 per month, and each additional credit costs 3 cents. 
  • 7, 500 credits cost $145 per month, and each additional credit costs 2 cents. 
  • 25,000 costs $375 per month, with each additional credit costing 1.5 cents. 
  • 50,000 credits cost $625 per month, and each additional credit costs 1.25 cents. 

If you want more than 50,000 credits per month, SimpleTexting will work with you to develop a personalized plan. 

SimpleTexting Features

When you sign up for the free trial, SimpleTexting takes you on a guided tour, showing you how to add contacts, send messages and create keywords. You can add subscribers from an existing list (by uploading a CSV file) or start from scratch, entering numbers as your number of contacts grows. Another option is to schedule a demo with one of SimpleTexting's reps. 

With SimpleTexting, you can create an automated response subscribers receive when they text your keyword to your number. For example, if a customer signs up to receive text messages from you, you can set an autoresponse to send them a welcome message that provides an overview of what you offer via text.

Overall, SimpleTexting has a very user-friendly dashboard. It's easy to create and send text message campaigns, add contacts, create keywords, set up autoresponses (even if you've never created one before) and view analytics. The company also has a blog with helpful marketing tips, as well as industry guides, best practices, and how to use SimplyTexting's advanced features, which include the following:

  • Analytics: SimpleTexting's built-in analytics tools help you track valuable data, such as how many new subscribers you have (and where they came from), how many users are clicking links in your texts and the number of messages sent per list. Campaign reports detail how many texts you've sent and received, opt outs, and clicks.

  • Automation: Automation makes it easy to send the right text messages to the right people at the right time. With SimpleTexting's tools, you can design several triggers to automatically respond to common questions or requests for information. For example, if someone texts "Hours," you can set up an automated response that texts the contact your store hours.

  • Contact management: In addition to automation and analytics, a contact management tool is vital to running successful text message marketing campaigns. If you already have an existing contact list, you can upload a CSV file, or manually enter your own contacts. Contact management offers flexibility in allowing you to pick and choose to whom you send certain text campaigns to, rather than sending them en masse to your whole contact list.
  • Customization: SimpleTexting makes it easy to send a mass text campaign without it coming across as a mass text. When you're adding a contact, you can include custom data for future messages. By default, SimpleTexting collects each contact's phone number, full name, email address, notes, list name and birthday. In addition, you can include other information, such as ZIP code and gender (among other options). This feature provides flexibility in your text campaigns by allowing you to design personalized text messages for each of your customers.

  • Free incoming messages: With SimpleTexting, you only pay for the text messages you send.
  • Integrations: SimpleText integrates with a range of platforms, including Zapier and Mailchimp. This is helpful for companies that want to integrate their text message and email marketing campaigns, which provides a centralized place to manage contacts, send out marketing campaigns, and analyze data.
  • MMS messaging: Besides sending simple SMS messages  you can send multimedia messages, which include pictures, audio and video.
  • Extended messaging: SimpleTexting provides extended messaging where you can send messages that are up to 306 characters long instead of messages that contain the standard 160 characters. But note that extended messages count as two credits.

  • Mobile applications: SimpleTexting's mobile app is available for iOS and Android. Only a few services we evaluated offer a mobile application. This feature is particularly helpful for busy professionals who aren't at their desk often, but who still want to manage their campaigns.

  • Mobile keywords: Text message marketing campaigns and contact lists are typically managed with mobile keywords. With SimpleTexting, you can reserve a specific keyword. When customers text that specific keyword to a short code, they are automatically subscribed to your contact list. Another nice feature is that you can use keywords in different ways with SimpleTexting, such as keywords that trigger an automated response or text to vote, which is an easy way to gather customer responses to your own polls or surveys  – customers simply text their response to the provided number.
  • Scheduling: The best text message marketing services make it easy to schedule messages in advance, such as sending appointment reminders or notifying customers about specific promotions. With SimpleTexting, you can schedule messages in advance and relax knowing your messages will be sent on the day and time they're scheduled. You can also use the text message scheduler on SimpleTexting's app.

  • Segmentation: With SimpleTexting's segments feature, you can build custom groups of contacts and send targeted campaigns. It's easy to create custom groups in the dashboard, and you can create criteria based on custom fields.

  • Surveys: SimpleTexting offers integration with Mailchimp so you can ask customers to rate your service, choose a new product, or give feedback about your products and customer service.

  • Templates:If you plan to send the same message frequently, such as a monthly promotion, you can create and save a template. Further, you can duplicate campaigns to save time. You can reuse frequently sent messages, campaigns, inbox replies, autoresponders and keyword confirmation messages, which is the message customers will see when they join a keyword. This feature is especially helpful if you send appointment reminders or reminders for weekly meetings.


One of the greatest pros of SimpleTexting is that it is simple to use and has an intuitive interface that does what you expect it to. This makes creating text campaigns quick and easy, and adding contact lists is simple.

SimpleTexting easily integrates with your existing software, like email through Mailchimp or CRM through Zoho, making importing contacts a breeze.


There is no free version, but SimpleTexting does offer a free trial and a reasonably priced first-tier plan at $25 per month.

Customer Support

Simple Texting’s customer support is reasonably prompt and helpful, usually answering queries the same day. If you have any questions, reps are available through live chat, phone, or you can browse SimpleTexting Academy. The company also has a blog with helpful marketing tips, as well as industry guides and best practices.

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The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2021

The Verdict

SimpleTexting is the most flexible text message marketing service . It is very easy to use, has great features and offers comprehensive, affordable packages for businesses of all sizes.

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