The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2020

By Kiely Kuligowski, staff
| Updated
Jul 29, 2020

Compare the best text message marketing services and learn how to choose the best service for your company's needs.
Best for Small Businesses
User-friendly system
iOS and Android mobile app
Excellent customer service
Best Overall
Range of features
Intuitive dashboard
Comprehensive analytics
Most Flexible
8 pricing plans
Plenty of customization tools
Integrates via API
Compare the best text message marketing services and learn how to choose the best service for your company's needs.
Updated 07/29/20

This page has been updated to include a new frequently asked questions section about text message marketing.

Text message marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern marketing techniques and is a great option for small businesses looking to make a big impact with their customer outreach. This is because text, unlike other marketing techniques, acts as a direct line to the customer and creates a personal connection between them and your business. Customers are more likely to see and respond positively to a text message than to an email or advertisement.


How We Decided
Our team spends weeks evaluating dozens of business solutions to identify the best options. To stay current, our research is regularly updated.

Compare Our Best Picks

  EZTexting SimpleTexting Textedly
Pricing format Monthly plan Monthly, credit Monthly plan
Analytics Message tracking, contact tracking, deliver reports New subscribers, clicks, no. of messages sent Conversion rates, opt-outs, KPIs, new customers
Key features Automated scheduling, drip campaigns, surveys Autoresponse, customization tools, contact management Group texting, built-in compliance, two-way texting

Our Reviews

Textedly: Best for Small Business

Textedly offers built-in CTA and mobile carrier compliance.
Each plan includes custom keywords and free incoming messages.
It lacks some key features, like segmentation and surveys.

Textedly is the best text message marketing software for small businesses. With features like custom keywords and free incoming text messages, Textedly has a range of helpful text message marketing tools. With this service, businesses of all sizes can create and execute successful text message marketing campaigns and track results.  However, it's missing some features that the best services have, such as segmentation tools, drip campaigns, and surveys.


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EZ Texting: Best Overall Text Message Marketing Service

Flexible pricing packages
Wide selection of customization tools
Unused credits expire within 12 months

When you're looking for a text message marketing service, it's important to find one that fits your business's needs and is easy to use. The best services have an intuitive dashboard, automation tools and drip campaigns, free incoming text messages, custom keywords, contact management tools, and comprehensive analytics and reports.


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SimpleTexting: Most Flexible Text Message Marketing Service

All plans offer unlimited keywords
Easy-to-use interface
You have a limited number of characters per credit

If you're looking for a text message marketing service, you want a service that offers a user-friendly platform, is affordable, fits your business's needs and has all the tools you need to create and send successful text message campaigns. SimpleTexting is the most flexible text message marketing service. It has flexible plans designed to suit the needs (and budget) of nearly every business. Its plans offer unlimited keywords (which most services don't provide), and you can test the service free for 14 days.


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Text message marketing is a great opportunity to make connections with your customers, but it can be overwhelming to decide which service, pricing plan and features are right for you. To help you find the right solution for your business, we researched and evaluated dozens of text message marketing services. In this guide, we name our best picks, outline important features to look for in a text message marketing service, answer common questions, and talk about regulations for marketing text messages.

November 2019: A recent report conducted by our best overall pick, EZ Texting, found that texting with a business is quickly becoming a preferred communication channel for consumers. Specifically, the research revealed that 69% of consumers want to contact businesses via text message, with 54% frustrated when they are unable to do so. Many consumers also prefer getting information about deals and other sales by text message. The survey found that, while 54% of consumers want to receive text promotions, only 11% of businesses actually deliver them.


Prices for text message marketing vary by provider and typically include a per-text cost and the cost of renting keywords for campaigns. Most providers offer monthly plans that allow you to pay for texts and keywords together. There are free plans as well as plans that can cost upward of $4,000 per month, with a variety of features offered at different price points. For example, a free monthly plan will limit you to a very low text cap and no keywords, while a $4,000 plan allows you unlimited keywords and 225,000 text credits.

Other providers offer annual or pay-as-you-go plans that are priced depending on how much you use the service.


Buying Guide


Text message marketing services should do much more than just send texts. They are full-scale marketing solutions that help you engage with your audience, track results and improve customer service. 

It's understandable when you're looking for a text message marketing solution to not know exactly what features you need. Below are the features we think businesses will find most valuable: 

  • Analytics and reports: Any text message marketing solution worth its salt will offer helpful reports about your campaigns, contacts and keywords that you can use to improve future campaigns.

  • Automation: The best text message marketing companies offer automation tools. These tools are helpful if you want to send out the same text message on a regular basis, such as recurring reminders.

  • Contact management: Contact lists are vital to successful text message marketing campaigns. If it's hard to manage your contact list or it's full of old numbers, your contacts won't receive your message and your campaigns won't succeed. The best solutions make it easy to add contacts, import existing lists and scrub lists to ensure only active numbers are on it.

  • Customization: The best text message campaigns are personalized. Some solutions capture customer data, such as the person's full name, birthday and ZIP code, which open up the possibilities of your business's marketing campaigns.

  • Drip campaigns: With this feature, you can send out automated customer journeys that are triggered based on conditions you set.

  • Free incoming text messages: The best text message marketing companies offer free incoming text messages.

  • Integrations: Some text message companies integrate with other platforms, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

  • Message templates: If you send the same text message frequently, look for a solution that lets you create and save templates so you can send messages faster.

  • Multimedia messaging: Some services allow you to send pictures, videos and audio clips.

  • Mobile keywords: Build your contact list with mobile keywords. The best solutions allow you to choose custom keywords and track the use of these keywords.

  • Scheduling: You should be able to schedule text messages in advance to go out any date or time.

  • Surveys: Gather customer feedback with polls and surveys. The best solutions make it easy to gather feedback with these tools.
  • Text-to-landline: Text-to-landline lets you send and receive text messages through your business landline phone number with no changes to your voice service.


Mobile marketing can be a great tool for your business, but SMS marketing is not a free-for-all. There are some laws and best practices you should follow and consider when you plan your campaigns.


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which the Federal Communications Commission developed, has laws in place that you must follow when you're collecting contacts and sending out text messages. Not everything in the TCPA applies to text message marketing, but it's still a good idea to review these laws and ensure you comply. One of the requirements of the act is that you must get permission from each contact before you start sending mass text messages to them. Also, you can only send texts between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. This specific rule refers to the time zone of the person you are texting – not the time zone from where you are sending messages.


The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) have similar guidelines on appropriately using text message marketing. These guidelines are not laws, but they provide best practices you should follow. Here are some of the CTIA's and MMA's guidelines: 

  • Don't use the term "free" unless you have a free-to-end-user program.

  • All advertising should include the program name, production description and quality, link to terms and conditions, stop instructions, and a note that message and data rates may apply. Alternatively, you can have all this information available when the customer texts HELP.

  • Get opt-in approval prior to sending messages.

  • Allow your customer the choice of opting out.

  • Maintain opt-in and opt-out records for at least six months.

  • Do not advocate the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

  • You may need to require age verification for some marketing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business advantages of text message marketing?

There are several advantages to using text message marketing in your business. Mainly, it's a direct, personalized channel of communication with your customers that enables you to send them things like coupons, news and special offers. It's also an opportunity to engage with your customers and learn what they like about your company and want from you.

What types of text messages should be sent to customers?

There are many types of text messages you can send to your customers, such as special offers, news, coupons, events, and updates on their purchases.

How do businesses use SMS?

Businesses use SMS for various purposes. First and foremost, it is a way to communicate directly with customers and provide targeted information or offers to them. Businesses can also use text messaging to send out useful information to a large group of people, such as updates on their hours of operation or news about special events.

Our Methodology

To find the best text message marketing services for businesses, we started with more than 20 reputable companies based on our research and other review websites. 

Next, we eliminated vendors with outdated websites and hard-to-use dashboards. We also eliminated providers that didn't offer the key features we looked for in text message marketing solutions. 

After further research into each of the vendors, we cut down our list to nine vendors: Avochato, EZ Texting, Heymarket, Mobiniti, Mozeo, SimpleTexting, SlickText, Textedly and Trumpia. 

From there, we conducted in-depth research into the remaining services. We scrutinized their plans and pricing, read user comments and reviewed Better Business Bureau ratings and complaints. We signed up for free trials, evaluating the dashboard, sending out test messages and adding and eliminating contacts. Once we narrowed down the list to our three finalists – EZ Texting, SlickText and SimpleTexting – we contacted each company posing as a small business owner to evaluate their customer service.

What to Expect in 2020

2020 will be a year of increased opportunity for text message marketing. People are using their mobile phones more than ever, with the average smartphone user touching their device over 2,617 times per day and 48.7 million people opting in to receive business SMS messages.

Consumers use their mobile devices to make decisions at almost every point of the buying process – searching for products, reviews and ratings, price comparisons, and more. This means businesses have more opportunities than ever to make a personal connection with consumers via mobile.

Artificial intelligence will continue to dominate the technology sphere in the next year, affecting text message marketing with the increased use and sophistication of chatbots. Over the past decade, AI has been constantly learning and improving, and it will progress in 2020 to the point that many chatbots will be indistinguishable from human service agents, with the abilities to solve problems, answer questions and direct customers on the spot.

AI is a popular tool for text message marketing providers because it performs many essential functions without the fallibility of human workers, making it a cost-effective choice, and can sometimes provide functions that humans cannot, like 24/7 instant service and sheer speed.

There will be increased pressure on companies in 2020 to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which forbids marketers to contact anyone who has not provided written consent. Many TCPA violations have turned into costly lawsuits, so as text message marketing becomes more popular, it's in businesses' best interests to brush up their knowledge of the TCPA and ensure they stay within its guidelines.

Many experts are hopeful about an existing technology, Rich Communication Services (RCS), working out its problems to enter mainstream use. RCS is a texting protocol (like SMS) that allows marketers to provide a richer experience with more multimedia options. Currently, RCS is not supported by Apple and does not offer end-to-end encryption. It will be interesting to see if RCS can take hold in 2020.

May 2020: According to the Wall Street Journal, text message marketing campaigns have experienced a significant uptick during the COVID-19 pandemic. Attentive Mobile Inc. reported that the average daily number of people signing up for texts from Attentive clients from March 30 through April 12 was 53% higher than the average for January and February 2020. Companies could continue to see an upward trend as in-person interactions continue to be limited in many states.  

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