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Bambee vs. Gusto Comparison

Updated Oct 11, 2023

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Human resources (HR) solutions like HR software and HR outsourcing (HRO) services can make a big difference to your small business, especially if you have employees. They can help you streamline time-consuming and potentially confusing HR functions, such as recruitment and onboarding, payroll processing and tax filing, employee benefits administration, workforce management and risk mitigation.

Two popular HR solutions that excel when it comes to HR management are Bambee and Gusto, and this article will help you decide which of the two is better for your business. We broke down each of their features, pricing and customer support options for a direct comparison. You can also check out our full Bambee review and Gusto review if you want a more in-depth analysis of each service individually.

Bambee vs. Gusto Highlights

Bambee and Gusto each offer several HR features to help you manage your workforce. However, they do have a few key differences that are important to take note of.




Starting monthly price

$99 per month

$40 per month plus $6 per person, per month

HR administration

Recruiting and onboarding, document storage, HR audits, HR policy creation, corrective action and termination

Hiring and onboarding, background checks, applicant tracking system (ATS), document storage, HR reports, org charts, performance management and time-off management

Payroll & benefits administration

Basic (add-on option)

Comprehensive (included in plans)

Ease of use

Very intuitive and user-friendly

Intuitive and user-friendly

Customer support

Dedicated HR manager, phone, email and web chat; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time (weekdays)

Phone, email and web chat; 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain time (weekdays)

Who Is Bambee For?

Bambee is an HR outsourcing service geared toward helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with up to 500 employees. Although it does supply some HR features like job descriptions and HR policy creation, its main benefit is providing employers with HR risk mitigation and compliance support. This vendor is a good option for business owners looking for HR audits and guided HR assistance.

Who Is Gusto For?

Gusto provides an HR software platform that caters to small businesses with less than 50 employees or contractors. It’s an ideal option for those looking for a comprehensive, full-service payroll solution and employee benefits administrator. If you want a flexible HR service, Gusto allows companies to choose from multiple-tiered plans with varying degrees of HR tools and features and it supports hundreds of third-party applications.

Bambee vs. Gusto Comparison

Let’s dive into the primary differences between Bambee and Gusto. Below, we outline each vendor’s pricing and contracts, HR services, payroll processing, employee benefits administration, usability and customer support to see which solution performs best in each aspect.

Pricing and Plans

Bambee pricing

Bambee has eight plans, which is more than most competitors offer. Each package has a slightly different number of features, but the plan you can access will largely depend on how many employees you’re looking to support:

  • Bambee offers a free trial.
  • Bambee charges a flat monthly fee based on employee count ranges as opposed to on a per-employee basis like most competitors, including Gusto.
  • Unlike most rivals, Bambee charges setup fees.
  • Bambee’s guided payroll platform can be included for an additional monthly fee.

Here’s a breakdown of Bambee’s HR outsourcing plans.

Number of employees

HR services

Monthly cost

Setup fee


Four core HR policies, two custom HR policies, two job descriptions and email and web chat support

$84 per month (paid annually) or $99 per month (paid monthly)



Four core HR policies, two custom HR policies, three job descriptions, a dedicated HR manager with phone and email and web chat support

$254 per month (paid annually) or $299 per month (paid monthly)



Four core HR policies, four custom HR policies, four job descriptions, a dedicated HR manager with phone and email and web chat support

$339 per month (paid annually) or $399 per month (paid monthly)



Four core HR policies, eight custom HR policies, five job descriptions, a dedicated HR manager with phone and email and web chat support

$594 per month (paid annually) or $699 per month (paid monthly)



Four core HR policies, 12 custom HR policies, five job descriptions, a dedicated HR manager with phone and email and web chat support

$1,104 per month (paid annually) or $1,299 per month (paid monthly)



Everything in the previous plan

$2,124 per month (paid annually) or $2,499 per month (paid monthly)



Everything in the previous plan

$3,144 per month (paid annually) or $3,699 per month (paid monthly)



Customized services

Custom pricing

Custom pricing

FYIDid you know

Bambee is one of the only HR solutions we found that will let business owners access its features without having any employees on staff.

Gusto pricing

Gusto has three plans for employees (Simple, Plus and Premium) as well as one plan for contractors. Features and support are tiered, based on which plan you get:

  • Gusto offers a one-month free trial.
  • Gusto charges a base monthly fee, plus an additional monthly fee per employee.
  • Businesses don’t have to sign long-term contracts; instead, you can cancel or switch plans at any time.
  • Gusto doesn’t charge any setup fees.
  • Gusto has more than a dozen add-on features that can be bundled with your package.

Here’s a breakdown of Gusto’s HR plans.

Plan name

HR services

Monthly cost


Unlimited contractor payments, four-day direct deposit, 1099-NECs and new-hire reporting (if required)

$35 per month, plus $6 per contractor, per month


Single-state payroll, hiring and onboarding, optional employee benefits, HR reporting, team management and customer support

$40 per month, plus $6 per employee, per month


Multi-state payroll, hiring and onboarding, ATS, software/email provisioning/deprovisioning, optional employee benefits, HR reporting, employee surveys, team management, org chart, performance reviews, customer support and optional support add-ons

$80 per month, plus $12 per employee, per month


Multi-state payroll, hiring and onboarding, ATS, software/email provisioning/deprovisioning, optional employee benefits, insurance broker integration, HR reporting, employee surveys, team management, org chart, performance reviews and priority HR guidance and support

Exclusive pricing for large teams

Winner: Tie

Bambee and Gusto generally have different features and pricing structures, so it’s tough to make an apples-to-apples comparison for which is better. The right choice for your organization will largely depend on how many employees you have and what services you need. As a result, we are calling it a tie between Bambee and Gusto when it comes to pricing.

We like that Gusto doesn’t charge a setup fee and, if you have relatively few employees, it can be an affordable HR solution with comprehensive payroll features. However, it does have several add-on functions, which can raise your monthly rates rather quickly.

If you’re a larger organization (but still with less than 500 employees), you may favor Bambee’s pricing model instead since it groups employees together as opposed to the more common method of charging per person. We like that this can help businesses stabilize their monthly HR costs even as they hire a few more workers. However, we don’t love that Bambee charges a setup fee and, since it’s not as comprehensive as Gusto in terms of HR features, you may need to pay for additional HR software as well.

Overall, we like that both vendors give companies the option for month-to-month plans, granting some flexibility for small businesses. We also like that each provider has multiple plans and add-on features, allowing for a customized solution.

HR Administration

Bambee HR services

  • Bambee is an HRO that can conduct HR audits and create custom HR policies.
  • Bambee is rather limited when it comes to HR services, but it does have basic functions like job description creation, document storage, employee training, corrective action and employee termination.
  • Bambee offers guided payroll and benefits administration as add-on options. These services can integrate with the rest of the Bambee HR platform.

Gusto HR services

  • Gusto’s HR services are tiered, but the company boasts essential HR functions like hiring and onboarding, applicant tracking, background checks, payroll, benefits administration, time tracking, software/email provisioning and deprovisioning, HR reporting, employee surveys, team management, organization charts and performance reviews.
  • All Gusto plans include compliance assistance and some offer federal and state compliance alerts.
  • Gusto has several add-on HR services, like international contractor payments, state tax registration, research and development tax credits, time kiosks, health benefits, financial benefits and tax-advantaged benefits.

Winner: Gusto

Although Bambee is very helpful in mitigating HR risks, Gusto is the clear winner for HR administration overall. This vendor offers all the essential HR features you need to manage and pay your small workforce. We also like that it has tiered features and add-on options as this lets businesses choose the plan that best fits their HR needs and their budget.

Gusto dashboard

Gusto’s dashboard makes it easy to navigate through various HR tasks. Source: Gusto

TipBottom line

If you’re looking for an HR solution that facilitates mobile access for employees, you’ll want to partner with Gusto. It offers user-friendly iOS and Android mobile apps.

Payroll and Benefits Administration

Bambee payroll and benefits administration

  • Bambee lets businesses add on its guided payroll solution, or you can integrate its platform with a third-party payroll provider.
  • Bambee can handle your federal, state and local payroll taxes.
  • Bambee offers employee benefits through SimplyInsured, but you must use its guided payroll service to qualify for it.

Gusto payroll and benefits administration

  • Gusto allows for employee and contractor payment management.
  • Gusto can automate employee compensation functions, such as automatically syncing employee hours and calculating and filing payroll taxes.
  • Gusto is a benefits broker, so it can sync your benefits data, such as workers’ comp insurance, into your payroll for you.

Winner: Gusto

Gusto offers some of the most comprehensive payroll features of any HR software we reviewed, making it the winner of this category. We appreciate that Bambee’s guided payroll solution is easy to use, but it is somewhat basic in comparison to Gusto. We love that comprehensive payroll features are included automatically in every employee plan Gusto offers as opposed to only having it as an added option as Bambee does. We also like that Gusto makes it simple to manage employee and contractor payments, which isn’t something all competitors offer. [Related article: How to Do Payroll for a Small Business]

Gusto time-tracking features

Gusto’s time tracking features integrate with its payroll solution. Source: Gusto

Ease of Use

Bambee ease of use

  • When testing the Bambee platform, we were pleased with how intuitive and easy it was to navigate.
  • Bambee has a function called HR Autopilot, which essentially automates certain HR functions for you, simplifying various processes.
  • Bambee’s add-on payroll solution is a guided platform that can easily walk users through the payroll process.

Gusto ease of use

  • Gusto is a cloud-based platform.
  • Gusto has employee self-service features that can speed up the implementation process.
  • New users can test the platform with an interactive demo.

Winner: Bambee

We found both platforms easy to navigate. However, Bambee’s overall simplicity has our vote for this category. Not only is the platform straightforward to use, but it also has several automation tools to help speed up and simplify your HR processes further down the road — and this is true for its payroll solution as well. We also like that each Bambee employee plan pairs your organization with a designated HR representative who can conduct HR audits and create custom policies to help ensure your business is staying up to date with laws and regulations.

Bambee guided payroll screen

Bambee’s guided payroll solutions lend to its overall usability. Source: Bambee

Customer Support

Bambee customer support

  • Every Bambee employee plan includes access to a dedicated HR manager, who can be reached by phone, email or web chat.
  • Businesses can receive HR audits and custom HR policies from their HR managers.
  • Your Bambee representative can also help with handling tough employment situations, like corrective action and employee termination.

Gusto customer support

  • Every Gusto plan includes call, email and chat support; select plans include priority support with a direct line to assistance.
  • Gusto users get 24/7 Help Center access, which is on par with what other competitors offer.
  • Businesses with premium plans get paired with a dedicated customer success manager.

Winner: Bambee

We like that Gusto offers helpful, adequate support, but we found Bambee’s customer service to be a bit more extensive, making it our winner for customer support. We like that every business signed up with Bambee (provided you have employees) automatically has access to their own dedicated HR manager. This wasn’t something we saw all vendors in this sector provide. For example, Gusto only offers this assistance with its Premium plans. It’s reassuring knowing personalized customer service is readily available. When we tested the Bambee platform, we found it rather easy to navigate to the HR support page to reach out for help.

We also like the HR audits and HR policy creation that Bambee facilitates. This can be a big advantage for small and medium-sized businesses that aren’t sure where their HR processes are lacking.

Bambee HR request submission

It is easy to submit a request to your dedicated Bambee HR manager through the “New HR Request” tab. Source: Bambee

Did You Know?Did you know

While not our top choice for customer support, we were impressed with the number of useful resources Gusto offers online. They have a blog, small business guides, tools and calculators, data and research, a Help Center and a support team login center all accessible at your convenience.

Bambee vs. Gusto Summary

Bambee is the better HR solution for SMBs (with less than 500 employees) that are looking for an HR outsourcing service with hands-on HR guidance and support. This vendor is also great for those seeking assistance with risk mitigation as Bambee facilitates HR audits and policy creations to help you stay compliant with current HR laws.

Gusto is the better solution for small companies (with fewer than 50 employees or contractors) that are looking for HR software with full-service payroll features. Gusto is also great for those seeking a customizable HR solution since it has multiple tiered HR plans and several add-on options.


Yes, Bambee is accredited by the BBB and has a B rating with the agency.

No, Gusto is not accredited by the BBB. While this isn’t necessarily indicative of the type of service you will receive from the company, we prefer vendors to have accreditation.

No, Bambee does not have an iOS or Android mobile app. However, its HR platform is cloud-based, so it can easily be accessed from mobile devices.

HR software implementation times largely depend on how many employees you have and what HR features you will be setting up. However, when we spoke with a Gusto representative, we were told businesses can implement Gusto’s services in less than a week. This is impressive, seeing as some of the vendor’s competitors can take weeks or months to get up and running.

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