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5 Ways to Improve Your Office Workflow

By Business.com Editorial Staff
Business.com / Employees / Last Modified: December 13, 2017

Communication is key for any business to run smoothly.

Work can be a place of chaos and frustration. You can sort through piles of paperwork that never seem to end and answer a constant flow of emails. But you don t have to endure this frustration every day. You can easily enhance your office workflow and make it much easier and less stressful to get your work done.

Below are five ways you can improve the workflow and watch your office productivity grow.


Communication is key for any business to run smoothly. It is critical everyone in the office understands the rules and processes. A successful business encourages employees to let each other know what they are working on, answer any questions others may have and frequently report to their managers. Without proper communication and discussion, it is easy to think others are accomplishing tasks or working on a project when in reality nobody has touched the project. Communication is critical to ensure all tasks are accomplished and all work is completed.

Efficient Employees

Staying on task seems to be a challenge for many employees. There are many distractions they face each day including Facebook, text messages and social interactions. When employees lose focus on their work, it takes a significant amount of time to bring their attention back to their current task. By providing frequent breaks for employees, they can let their mind forget about work for a short period of time. And when the break is complete, they are much more apt to concentrate and accomplish work at a facer pace.

Frequent Training

When employees are trained on the rules and processes of your company, they will feel more comfortable and less intimidated by their work. When employees are intimidated by their workload or a current project, they tend to procrastinate and take their time, losing efficiency and productivity. Even if employees receive the same training more than once, it may calm any worries they may have and make them more willing to tackle large and difficult projects.


Being organized has many benefits including a reduction in the amount of time you look for an item, along with a stress-free environment. Staying organized often sounds like an overwhelming undertaking, but if you work on it a little each day, you will be amazed at how easy it becomes.

Organizing your office doesn t only mean cleaning your workspace. It also means organizing and scheduling your time. When you are organized, you are less likely to waste time and can more easily concentrate on your projects. You will also become a much more reliable employee and someone your managers can count on.

Remove All Unnecessary Stress

Don t spend your day worrying about unnecessary items. Remove all excess tasks, thoughts, feelings and so on. They will only bog you down and distract you from maintaining a continual flow of work. When you come to work each day, leave your problems from home at the door. Concentrate on the most important project you face and get that done before worrying about something new.

By applying just a few of the above steps to your office, you will see an increase in productivity and you will feel much more satisfied when you clock out each night.

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