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5 Ways to Increase Business Productivity

Steve Wilson
Oct 18, 2017

Use these tools and approaches to boost productivity, efficiency in your office

Running a business is hard. You’ve got to manage clients, resources, deadlines and employees – all while raising the bottom line. This is challenging to say the least, but there are methods that will help you increase overall productivity and generate more revenue while utilizing fewer resources. Here’s what you need.

Automation software

Countless hours are wasted each year documenting and recording information with paper forms. By utilizing workflow automation software, businesses can save thousands of hours (translation: dollars) that would otherwise be wasted on form-filling. Further, by switching to digital over manual systems, record keeping becomes automatic as well, saving additional time in the future.

Even more so, by automating forms and workflows, your employees can spend more time in their focus area, increasing employee and company morale. Most employees prefer to spend their time working in their skillset as opposed to completing tedious tasks, such as filling out countless forms and documents. Automation software allows your employees to use their time far more effectively – and happily.

Employee flexibility

According to a study from the University of Warwick, happy employees are 12 percent more productive. By increasing contentment, your company will see a burst in productivity. One way to invest in making your employees’ happiness is offering a flexible work environment. People like having choices and freedom, so provide it in the form of flextime, telecommuting options or simply more vacation time. This gives employees the freedom to choose how to be the most effective – and the happiest.

Workflow organization

Implement an organization system for tracking employee responsibilities and workloads. Such systems can be designed to help teams communicate regularly and effectively about long-term projects or goals. Scrum, for example, has teams meet daily to discuss their workloads from the previous day, the workloads for the coming day and any impediments they face. These discussion points allow the team to both sync on responsibilities and collectively find ways to overcome roadblocks.

By having your teams internally aligned and operating consistently, you will save both time and resources that can now be spent on building healthy client relationships and completing projects.

Employee development

Employees, as previously discussed, are most productive when satisfied and engaged. Employees that fall into a monotonous routine will find themselves feeling discontented, so engage them! Encourage employee development opportunities through active learning and the development of personal and professional skills. Offer opportunities for employees to develop personal hobbies or to take on new professional responsibilities.

While words are a great start, you have to back this up with matching actions. Offer to let an employee try a new responsibility for a trial period to see if they like it or give them time off to attend a work-related conference. Let them feel confident that you are invested in their personal and professional development.

More natural light

Based on previous studies, harsh artificial office light has been shown to agitate workers and reduce productivity. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as turning the lights off, since your office obviously still needs light to function. In order to avoid the productivity dip that comes from artificial light, find ways to include more natural light in your office environment.

If possible, set your office up in a way that effectively utilizes natural light. Set up desks near windows and avoid blocking the light that comes through them. If your office is not set up in a way conducive to natural light, consider using bulbs that output a warmer hue (yellows and oranges) as opposed to a cooler hue (blues and purples).

These changes can result in a notable increase in overall productivity. Through a combination of tools like workflow software and morale-focused approaches, like employee development initiatives, your teams will be happier and better equipped to tackle projects of any scale. Invest in these solutions and watch your company transform into an efficiency juggernaut.

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Steve Wilson
Steve is responsible for Product Management and Marketing for Accusoft’s products, including OnTask. Throughout his time at Accusoft, Steve has transitioned through several roles including directing development for several product areas. Apart from Accusoft, Steve has led development efforts for several different industries including GPS and parenting apps for iOS and Android, photo imaging, and mobile workforce management for utility companies. Steve coaches youth basketball for his two sons and can be found saltwater fishing in his spare time.