Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) Applications and Uses / Business Intelligence / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

As one of a variety of new tools coming out of modern computing and data modeling, DSS is getting a lot of attention from many ...

As one of a variety of new tools coming out of modern computing and data modeling, DSS is getting a lot of attention from many businesses as a way to promote better projections, management and analysis within a company or business. DSS comes in many forms, and the term basically refers to a computer-aided system that helps managers and planners make decisions. DSS combines the power of human thought with the power of modeling systems to get optimal, informed decision making.

That said, there are a lot of different ways managers can use decision support software to their advantage if they are open to exploring decision support systems (DSS) applications and uses. Typically, business planners will build a DSS system according to their needs and use it to evaluate specific operations, including:

1. A large stock of inventory, where decision support system applications can provide guidance on establishing supply chain movement that works for a business.

2. A sales process, where decision support systems software is a "crystal ball" that helps managers theorize how changes will affect results.

3. Other specialized processes related to a field or industry.

Look at decision support systems designed to manage inventory

DSS can come in handy by evaluating stock held in a facility, or any other type of business asset that can be moved around or otherwise optimized. This is often one way a business can profit from "itemizing" its assets with DSS.

Use DSS for sales optimization and sales projections

Decision support technology can also be a tool that analyzes sales data and makes predictions, or monitors existing patterns. Whether it's big picture decision support tools, active or passive solutions, or any other kind of DSS tool, planners often tackle sales numbers using a variety of decision support resources.

Utilize DSS to optimize industry-specific systems

There are other uses for this powerful software option - to make good projections on the future for a business, or to get an overall "bird's eye view" of events that determine company's progress. This can come in handy in difficult situations where a lot of financial projection may be necessary when determining expenditures and revenues.

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