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Oracle NetSuite CRM Review

Lisa McGreevy
Lisa McGreevy

Oracle NetSuite CRM is our best pick for adding customer relationship management tools like e-commerce, sales and marketing to Oracle's larger collection of business software. Only businesses that need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or a similar business software package can take advantage of this module. Small businesses that do not need a whole suite of products should purchase a stand-alone solution, such as Zoho CRM.

Oracle NetSuite CRM

Oracle NetSuite CRM

The Verdict

NetSuite CRM, a component of Oracle's business software suite, is a great choice for businesses and sales teams that want to add e-commerce and customer management tools to a larger package of business solutions.

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Oracle does not publish pricing information on its website, so you'll need to contact a sales representative for a quote based on your business's size, needs, industry and budget. Our research indicates the base price is $999, and each user seat is $99 per month. However, it's still best to contact Oracle for a custom quote for the most accurate price information.

Ease of Use

Oracle NetSuite user dashboard

NetSuite CRM was designed as an add-on module for Oracle's flagship ERP system and its collection of smaller software packages. Therefore, the module integrates seamlessly and works smoothly right out of the box. As the Oracle suite is a full-service business solution, the need to integrate third-party apps is reduced. However, third-party connectors are available for some services if Oracle NetSuite's existing add-ons don't fit the bill.

Though the CRM is intuitive and easy to use, Oracle offers fee-based training for teams that want to learn the system's nuances to get the most out of each feature.

Oracle NetSuite CRM Features

E-commerce customer portal Provide your customers a web-based interactive portal for sales and support needs.
Sales forecasting Focus your sales efforts where they have the greatest chance of success using probability-based forecasting.
Upsell recommendations Use buying pattern insights to offer upsell recommendations.
Commission management Manage sales commissions directly inside the CRM.
Mobile apps Track time spent on tasks and projects for documentation and billing purposes.

Reporting and analytics

Glean actionable information for your sales, marketing and service teams with customizable reports.

E-commerce Customer Portal

You can improve your customers' experience with a personalized web portal that provides 24/7 access to their order histories and the ability to check order status and place new orders. Customers can visit your self-service knowledge base to resolve issues or open a support ticket. They will then automatically receive confirmation of the service request along with a case number.

Sales Forecasting

Oracle NetSuite CRM features several sales forecasting tools to give teams the best chance of success in a competitive environment. Calculated forecasts examine customer data to determine close probabilities, weighted amount, and projected amount for opportunities and quotes in the pipeline. You can use "mood ring" forecasts for general predictions that aren't tied to a particular quote or opportunity, and compare multiple forecasts to gauge the overall accuracy of predictions.

Upsell Recommendations

A built-in upsell manager analyzes buying patterns and other CRM metrics to suggest upselling opportunities, recommending items or categories of items. The system can also create segmented lists of customers who meet certain criteria, glean potential opportunities from existing customer records and transactions, create task records, or schedule phone calls for teams or individual reps.

Commission Management

Oracle NetSuite's incentive program management tools allow you to measure your sales reps' performance in various ways, such as by quotas, quantity sold, total sales, profitability or custom criteria. You can use analytics to forecast commission earnings, split commissions between reps, and process payments without leaving the CRM environment. 

FYIFYI: Oracle NetSuite CRM supports joint-selling efforts by allowing partners and resellers to place and manage orders themselves instead of through your sales staff.

Mobile Application

Oracle NetSuite mobile app

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android enable field reps and remote workers to enjoy many of the same productivity and collaboration features as onsite desktop users. Dashboard synchronization provides real-time visibility of contact records, KPIs, scorecards and other important data to help reps execute sales strategies. Your employees can perform sales order and billing tasks right from the smartphone app. You can also access a mobile browser version of the desktop app for additional functionality.

Reporting and Analytics

Oracle NetSuite monitors various metrics, such as your call volume, call resolution times, customer buying trends and subscription renewals. A variety of customizable CRM reports offer insight and analysis on important sales efforts like lead-to-close times, lead generation patterns, website visitor activity, and customer satisfaction. You can also tap into individual or team metrics such as sales pipeline stages and quota fulfillment.

Implementation and Onboarding

Since Oracle NetSuite is not a stand-alone CRM solution, initial implementation is a slightly heavier lift than it is for other options on the market. The exact steps depend on the overall combination of add-on modules you purchase with the ERP system. However, the company offers several checklists and resources to assist with deployment. Oracle estimates that many companies can complete the process in as little as 30 days but acknowledges that more complex implementations can take over a year.

Customer Support

When we contacted Oracle for information about its CRM, we received immediate assistance, including a general overview of the product and associated services. After getting some basic contact information, we were paired with a sales representative based on our geographical area to ensure we received the best advice and guidance for our location.

Self-service customer support is also available online, including subscription-based training with online webinars, on-demand learning courses, and hands-on labs. Collaboration opportunities with Oracle's Education Success Advisors allow you to develop personalized learning plans or schedule additional training guidance. Optional live training is available for an additional fee for companies that need customized learning resources.  


Oracle NetSuite CRM's biggest limitation is that it's not a stand-alone solution but a component of a larger business system. Regardless of how attractive its features and capabilities are, the CRM is out of reach unless you're willing to buy an entire suite of business apps. Companies with a flexible enough budget to invest in a NetSuite package should keep in mind that the larger the deployment is, the more training and ongoing maintenance it needs.

Another significant limitation of Oracle NetSuite CRM is that it may be too complex and feature-heavy for small and midsize businesses. Oracle is a prominent company in the enterprise software market that has pared down its solutions to meet the needs of smaller businesses, but some teams may find that it's still too expansive to be practical for daily use.


We recommend Oracle NetSuite CRM for:

  • Teams that want a complete set of business software solutions bundled into a single suite of apps
  • Companies with the budget to accommodate a larger investment than a stand-alone CRM
  • Businesses that have weeks or months to deploy a complex system

We don't recommend Oracle NetSuite CRM for:

  • Sales teams that need a no-frills, low-cost CRM that deploys quickly
  • Businesses that don't have in-house IT workers to implement and maintain an entire suite of business applications

Oracle NetSuite CRM

Oracle NetSuite CRM

The Verdict

NetSuite CRM, a component of Oracle's business software suite, is a great choice for businesses and sales teams that want to add e-commerce and customer management tools to a larger package of business solutions.

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Lisa McGreevy
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