Guide to Email Marketing / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Email marketing is 2x as effective as direct mail and has 5x the return of TV marketing. It's time to maximize your email marketing efforts.

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Email marketing is a broad category of services that encompasses everything from one-time emails, to newsletters, to systems that analyze customer behavior and tailor message with tremendous precision. In fact, because of this precision, email marketing is 2 times as effective as direct mail marketing and has 5 times the return of television marketing. 

There are numerous messages you can send using email marketing servives, including: newsletters, acknowledgement emails, direct email, reminder emails, notification emails, timed messages, autoresponders and lifecycle messages.

Like everything, email marketing is governed by the laws of the marketing land. In the United States, email marketers are required to follow the rules outlined in the CAN-SPAM Act or be subject to possible fines.

It is essential that marketers take extreme care when hiring email marketing services, not only to avoid legal issues, but to also ensure they are delivering effective, measurable and profitable email campaigns. 

The following guide reveals:

  • A breakdown of the different types of email marketing, including the specific way each one is used. 
  • How to avoid services that may get you into legal trouble down the road. 
  • Trends in email marketing, including mobile optimization and segmentation tactics. 
  • How to choose a vendor and calculate the costs. 
  • A helpful checklist to make sure your email marketing needs are covered. 
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