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Campaigner Review

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski

Campaigner has an impressive list of email marketing tools and a large template library. Its tools make it easy to create professional emails, manage a healthy contact list and create automated customer journeys. While it offers a free trial, you must provide a credit card before signing up – there isn't a free version.



The Verdict

Campaigner is simple email marketing software with all the essential features to create professional and effective email marketing campaigns.

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Campaigner Pricing

Like many other email marketing services, Campaigner's prices are based on the number of subscribers you have. All plans come with an array of helpful features, including media hosting, a drag-and-drop editor, contact management, segmentation tools, geolocation, exclusion lists, custom footers, A/B split testing, autoresponders, email reports, social media integration, and more than 900 templates.

Campaigner offers four plans: Light, Starter, Essential and Advanced, which you can pay monthly or annually. You save 18% if you pay annually. The prices below reflect month-to-month pricing, not annual pricing.

The Light plan costs $19.95 per month and supports up to 1,000 contacts. The next plan, Starter, is $49.95 per month and supports up to 5,000 contacts. The Essential plan costs $149.95 per month for up to 25,000 contacts; it includes all the features in the Starter plan plus dynamic content, exclusion lists, and more. The Advanced plan costs $549.95 per month and supports up to 100,000 contacts. You get all the features in the Essential plan plus five other features, including automation workflows, sales engineering, purchase behavior, API access and static segment sampling. Campaigner offers an e-Commerce plan, too, that starts at $79.95 and provides tools like Shopify integration, unlimited contacts and Magento integration.

Campaigner doesn't have a free plan; it has a 30-day free trial, and it supports up to 1,000 contacts. To get the free trial, you have to provide a credit card. Most of the other email marketing services we evaluated offer a free trial without requiring that you provide a credit card.

Campaigner Features

Campaigner has a wide selection of email marketing tools that make creating campaigns a breeze. Here's more about the features we liked about Campaigner.

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is designed to increase engagement, interactions and conversations. This feature lets you create slight changes to different versions of an email and then test the different versions against each other to see which one performs better. You can test different subject lines, design and other variables. Once Campaigner determines which version nets the best results, it sends the better-performing email to the rest of your subscribers. A/B split testing can also help you determine what weekday and time of day have the best open rates.


You can view open and click rates broken down by device, whether a campaign is marked as spam, bounce rates and other statistics. Campaigner shows you who is reading your emails, the number of social media shares and Google Analytics data.  


With Campaigner's autoresponders, you can send the right emails at exactly the right time. You can schedule and send emails daily, weekly, monthly or annually on the dates you select. You can send recurring emails such as renewal notices, reminders or monthly promotions, as well as emails on contacts' birthdays or anniversaries.

Contact Lists

Campaigner's contact management tools help you target, segment and track your subscribers. You can quickly import contacts from Gmail, Salesforce or other email programs you use. Campaigner has a Custom Fields feature; with it, you can include custom fields on signup forms that you have on your website. For example, suppose you want to ask a new customer to provide their birthdate on a signup form so you can send them well wishes on their birthday or a discount on your products or services.


Campaigner has an in-house team to ensure your email lands in the right inboxes. Other tools include authentication (so your email sends are authentic), a feedback loop so bounces and spam complaints do not harm your reputation as a sender, and unsubscribe management so you can easily remove unsubscribe requests.

Email Editor

Campaigner's email editor has a variety of features, including tables and personalization options. You can edit and create emails using the editor, in HMTL or with plain text. If you're not sure how to create a professional-looking email, Campaigner's video tutorials will show you how to use its editor tools to create appealing emails.

Email Templates

Campaigner has more than 900 professionally designed templates that you can personalize with its email editor. All templates are designed and optimized to be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop screens. Pick a template and then create an email that matches the look of your website, or build your own template using the email editor, or use your own code with the HTML uploader.

Media Library

Campaigner's media library is a dedicated storage space where you can upload, organize and manage assets like images and templates. You can also edit images in the library.


With Campaigner's segmentation tools, you can tailor email campaigns based on customers' ages, gender, purchase history, job title, company size, industry and more.


Campaigner is so easy to use and customize, even if you're never designed an email or set up email campaigns. Here's more about its strengths. 

  • Ease of use: Campaigner has a drag-and-drop editor and more than 900 templates that you can easily customize with your own colors, images and logos. We didn't try the editor or other tools, such as list management or automation, because you have to provide a credit card to start a free trial.

  • Customizable features: Campaigner's easy-to-use email editor lets you create emails that serve multiple purposes for segmented consumer groups, which means higher click-through rates and engagement.

  • Automated workflows: With built-in marketing automation, Campaigner helps you to manage which emails are sent to which groups and when, so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

  • Social media integration: Campaigner can integrate your social media feeds into your email, which helps small businesses create a multichannel marketing strategy and boost engagement across the board.


We did uncover a couple of potential downsides to Campaigner. Here's what we didn't like.

  • Credit card required for the free trial: While Campaigner does offer a free trial, you have to provide your credit card. Your card isn't charged until you agree to a plan (after the 30 days is up), but the free trials that most other email marketing solutions offer don't require you to provide a credit card at all.

  • No free version: Unlike some email marketing solutions, Campaigner doesn't offer a free version.

Customer Support

Campaigner's customer support was responsive, answering our live chat questions in a timely and friendly manner. You can also reach Campaigner by phone or email. On its website, Campaigner has a search tool to help you find answers, along with a resource center that includes video tutorials, infographics, webinars and case studies.

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The Verdict

Campaigner is simple email marketing software with all the essential features to create professional and effective email marketing campaigns.

Kiely Kuligowski
Kiely Kuligowski Staff
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