Full-service providers and specialized vendors to manage every area of a business’s human resources needs.

Human resource is a highly specialized and yet a very broad business function that covers everything from recruiting, employee screening, hiring and letting go of a company’s workforce. In addition to these functions, human resources also cover ongoing employee education and training, payroll services, promotion of workplace safety and in some instances – facilities management. Because human resources deals with sensitive information relating to employees and personnel, it is a very detail oriented and complicated business function that often requires a team of highly specialized professionals.

With such a wide range of business responsibilities and specialization, many businesses both small and large will often hire consultants or outsource parts if not all aspects of human resources. Some of the more common areas for outsourcing include recruiting, temporary staffing needs, employee education and training and payroll services. While there are human resources providers that offer a full service solution, most vendors are specialized and offer a solution for a very specific area of focus.

Whether your business is looking for a full service provider or specialized vendors to manage very specific areas of human resources such as background checks or payroll services, Business.com can help your business get connected with the right vendors and save money.

Prior to making any purchasing decisions, browse through our extensive library of human resources guides and business articles written by human resources experts. Educate yourself in the different HR solutions available and also understand clearly any regulations and legal requirements that your business needs to take into consideration.

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