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Using a List for Lead Generation

Selling is an art, without a doubt. Perhaps even a sport.

Marketing Recruiters

Your office has a need for a marketing or advertising professional but you're too busy to go through the lengthy candidate selection process of filtering through unqualified people to find the right one. You want results without putting your regular business on hold to find the best advertising executive.

Salary Guidelines for Sales and Marketing

Salary for marketing and salary for sales must be competitive enough to ensure the right candidate lands in the position and develops into a valuable employee. Yet as a business owner or manager you must also watch your bottom line, especially since salaries and other pay compensation benefits can account for the majority of business budgets.

Working with Channel Marketing

Channel management marketing can help you navigate the evolving advertising landscape so that you can maximize your ad dollars. As Internet usage grows, you should take advantage of the expertise developed by a channel marketing manager.

Salary Guidelines for Sales and Marketing News and Trends

How much monetary resources you choose to allocate to the salary for marketing employees and the salary for sales employees greatly effects the amount of revenues you have left at the end of the day. That's why it's important to stay abreast of the most recent salary guidelines for sales and marketing news and trends.

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Working with Marketing Recruiters

Working with marketing recruiters helps take the burden of finding a good employee off the shoulders of the Human Resource manager. There are two basic types of marketing recruiter firms that a business can use.

Annuity Lead Generation Education and Training

Annuity lead generation education and training should provide tools, ideas and motivation to optimize the time and energy spent on the job daily. Annuity specialists can find important clients through many different avenues, but finding leads to annuities in a more efficient and effective manner will save precious time while optimizing sales.

Channel Marketing Key Terms

Channel marketing is way for many businesses to attract new customers or entice current customers to keep coming back. Channel marketing requires a business to partner with a similar business in order to attract interested customers for both businesses.

Sales Leads Pricing and Costs

If you are considering trying to increase your sales in any industry by obtaining sales leads, you need to learn what to expect. Using lead generation services can improve your sales, but most leads are typically not guaranteed.

Marketing Recruiters Key Terms

Marketing as an industry is constantly evolving. Keeping up with trends and technology can be challenging yet vital for those seeking careers in marketing, as well as for someone in marketing recruitment.

Salary Guidelines for Sales and Marketing Key Terms

If you're setting salaries for sales and marketing jobs, you need to consider both the monthly or annual salary, and also things like commission plans or incentives. Increasingly, employees are looking not just for a competitive wage, but for a compensation plan that offers significant benefits, bonuses and tools to help them prepare for their future.

Annuity Lead Generation Key Terms

Annuities are basically a kind of long term investment that pays off over a period of time that varies depending on the longevity of the policy holder. Annuities have been described as a kind of "reverse life insurance" and are popular for those wanting to lock in a source of income for retirement.

Manufacturers Representatives

Connects nationwide manufacturers from all industries with qualified independent reps who are actively seeking 100% commission product lines.

Business Guide to Evaluating Sales and Marketing Solutions

Sales and marketing constitutes one of the most critical functions for any business organization. In a highly dynamic and complex business environment, it can be a challenge for the organization to develop and implement the most effective marketing strategy. One of the best ways to meet this challenge is to combine the internal marketing resources and expertise of the organization with professional marketing solutions from outside. This can help to develop the most objective and appropriate marketing and sales strategies for the organization.

Professional marketing consultants have the advantage of looking at the business in a detached and dispassionate manner. They can identify the weaknesses in the existing marketing programs of the organization, and then suggest necessary changes. Experienced marketers are updated about the latest sales techniques and marketing innovations being used by the competitors. They can provide the organization with valuable inputs to meet the challenges of competition effectively. Marketing consulting firms also make use of the latest technological tools to help create a cohesive sales and marketing strategy and implement it with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Dispassionate Analysis

One of the key benefits of hiring professional marketing consultants is that they provide an outsider’s perspective of the organization’s current marketing strategies. They can spot the weaknesses in existing strategies and advise corrective solutions. An organization’s own product and marketing managers may tend to be biased towards their own product or brand positioning and brand identity. An outside consultant has the advantage of not getting emotionally attached with the product or the brand, and can thus offer objective solutions.

Latest Marketing Software Tools

A number of sales and marketing software tools are available that can help to automate the marketing efforts of a business organization. Market research and data analysis can become more accurate and less complex with such automation. Human evaluation of the proposed sales strategies can be compared with the software evaluation results to arrive at the best marketing decisions.

Creative Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is an integral part of any sales and marketing strategy. Every business organization has different needs of advertising and different budgetary allocations for such campaigns. Hiring advertising professionals is a critical part of the process because this is a creative field and best results can be produced with professional help. Considering the high costs of print and electronic media advertising, it is worthwhile to create powerful campaigns with professional help.


Online Sales and Marketing Solutions

The Internet has emerged as a powerful marketing medium for most business organizations. Both standard and customized online solutions are available to market a product or service. Professional online marketing campaigns can be developed with the help of experienced SEO marketing consultants. As per the American Marketing Association, 62 percent of all businesses in the United States rely on some form of Internet promotion.


Conflicting Views

Many business organizations face the difficulty of serious differences of opinion between the internal product and marketing managers of the company and their professional consultants. It may become difficult to reconcile their views about a particular sales and marketing strategy. Sometimes it can lead to a confusing campaign that tries to incorporate the views of various marketing experts.

Risk of Faulty Analysis

Automated sales and marketing tools often depend on secondary data sources to provide market analysis to a business organization. If the data is outdated or inaccurate, it can result in completely misleading marketing solutions for the organization.

Mismatch with the Corporate Image

A professional marketing consultant or an outside advertising agency may not have an intimate understanding about the company’s core value systems, corporate mission and vision, and how it is perceived by its core customers. An advertising or marketing campaign that goes against that image in a bid to woo new customers can end up disappointing the existing loyal customers of the business.

Overshooting the Budget

Sales and marketing campaigns face the inherent risk of going overboard with the budget. It is very easy to get carried away when the campaign is in full swing and hire expensive media channels to promote a brand. However, the final results may not necessarily justify such expenditure, particularly if the pre-determined marketing budget has been exceeded substantially.


The cost of marketing services and solutions will usually depend on the size and scale of the marketing campaign. Professional marketing consultants may charge a pre-agreed fixed amount as a fee for their services, or they may settle for a percentage of the total marketing expenditure on a particular campaign. Advertising agencies also typically work on a percentage basis. Marketing software tools and SEO tools are usually available at low prices compared to professional consulting services.

Effective sales and marketing solutions can help a business to achieve its sales targets. In a highly competitive business environment, such solutions can be critical to the survival and success of a business organization. Exceptionally creative and appealing marketing campaigns can win new customers for the business, and help the company to outperform its competitors and dominate the markets.

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