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4 Ways to Get your Podcast Heard

Chris Christoff
Apr 22, 2019

Stand out from the crowded market of boring podcasts by following these tips.

Nielsen reports that there are more than 660,000 active podcasts right now, and that number continues to increase as the popularity of podcasts goes up. With numbers like that, it’s evident that podcasting is a great way to reach your target audience and build a sustainable platform.

There are also many benefits to creating and promoting a podcast. It’s a great alternative to video, which consumers already love as 45% watch an hour of video each day. Podcasts allow listeners to multitask while still absorbing the information and living productively. They’re also easy to create and help build a better relationship with your audience because it’s a more personalized experience.

It’s tough with so many podcasts out there to get yours to shine in the limelight. Here are four ways you can get your podcast heard in a crowded market.

1. Find a niche and stick to it.

It’s better to have a dedicated niche than to call yourself a general podcaster who talks about everything under the sun. The truth is, the more you narrow your niche, the more listeners and increased interactions you’ll end up with. People look to podcasters with experience in a particular topic to listen to, and it’s impossible to be an expert in every single subject out there.

Narrow down your niche to two or three sub subtopics at the most. It’s okay to branch out a little, but going off kilter and discussing several random topics will throw off your audience and nudge them to go elsewhere.

2. Network and then network some more.

People assume that creation is difficult, but promotion is most of the battle. The best way to get your content in front of your audience is by networking. This puts your brand in front of new eyes without coming off as “salesy” or forceful, and there are several ways you can go about doing this.

Take advantage of social media to find people in your industry, both content creators and listeners alike. Comment on your favorite podcasts and tell the podcasters how much you enjoy their content. If your social media accounts are optimized, it’s likely they’ll check out your page and interact with you. You can post snippets and sneak peeks of your podcast on Facebook or Twitter to give listeners a taste of what your podcast is about. It’s also wise to use industry hashtags so users can find your content easily.

3. Optimize for SEO.

Optimizing your podcast for search is a must if you’re going to be heard in such a crowded market. The more optimized your content is, the better chances it has of reaching more people within your audience. You want your podcast to rank high in search so that it has the best chance of getting interactions and shares.

Conduct keyword research and apply it to your episodes. Optimize the title and description so that users and search engines have a clear understanding of what your content is about and what audience it suits best.

4. Hold contests and giveaways.

It doesn’t hurt to add a little incentive for listeners, and contests or giveaways are a great way to spice things up. If they have something to look forward to that will bring them joy, why not use that to encourage their engagement and market your content?

You can set the rules so that you see a spike in your interactions and shares. When holding the giveaway, you can make one of the requirements that your listeners follow you on social media or share one of your episodes. In return, they have a shot at winning something valuable from you. It’s a win-win for both parties and an excellent tactic for your podcast to gain traction in your industry.

How will you market your podcast?

Getting your podcast heard when there’s so much competition around is tough, but not impossible. You have to know what tactics to use to encourage interaction from listeners, and though it may take time to build a substantial following, it’ll be worth it in the end when you finally see the numbers you want. How will you market your podcast?

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