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Prepaid Phone Cards

Save money on business expenses by purchasing prepaid phone cards and using them in lieu of a traditional calling plan. You can decrease your overhead and escape overuse charges and fees with prepaid calling cards.

Making the Most of Music On Hold

You may not give your on hold messages and services much thought. You've chosen your hold music, and your provider, and you're done.

Toll Free Numbers Basics

800 numbers allow your customers to call you at no charge to them. If someone has a question about your product, they will not hesitate to call, since it will not cost anything.

Pricing and Costs of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a convenient way to interact with coworkers throughout the workplace. Intercom modules placed strategic locations throughout the office or warehouse are hooked up to one another to create an intercom system.

Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers Basics

If your business is looking for low rates on long distance, you’ll want to contact long distance discount operators and resellers. Long distance resellers are independent retailers that secure low rates on long distance service and pass on these savings to their customers.

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Wireless Telecommunications Site Management

Wireless telecom site management is an important part of expanding or building your wireless network.  More than just building telecom towers themselves, it encompasses maintenance of the tower and the site and can generally be broken down into these three areas:   Wireless site acquisition to purchase or lease the real estate to build the towerTelecom tower development to prepare the site and actually build itCell tower maintenance which keeps the tower in operating conditionIf you plan to build or expand the reach of your cellular network, the choice of site acquisition companies can have a great impact on your efforts.

Music On-Hold Key Terms

Because many business callers spend time holding for calls each day, many businesses are using music on hold (MOH) systems to advertise or promote their services. According to industry information, many customers prefer listening to pleasant music or messages while they're on hold so MOH services are an important asset for business success.

Cellular and Paging Service Providers Key Terms

Services vary between cellular and paging service providers, as do fees and features. As cell phones and paging systems become more high tech, we demand more from these products.

Punch Down Blocks Key Terms

Punch down blocks are the telecommunications standard for voice cabling. If your business requires many lines for your telephone, the central location for all that cabling is the punch down panel.

Global Wireless Personal Communications Service Providers Key Terms

Whether you are a global wireless provider or a business working with global wireless personal communications, it's beneficial to understand global wireless personal communications service providers key terms. Knowing the terms helps you determine which equipment best suits your specific needs and offerings.

Getting and Using 800 Numbers

Toll-free numbers (or "800 numbers") let callers contact your business without having to pay for the call. Generally, toll-free numbers aren't expensive, although the cost rises as your volume climbs.

Choosing a Phone Service Provider

In the past, choices were limited when it came to choosing a phone service provider for your business. But thanks to new technology and an increasingly competitive market, businesses now have a number of options.


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Phone Services

Smartphones seem to have become the most popular method for communication among business owners. Phones with internet access offer a ton of new features that make business operations easier than ever.

However, you don’t have to go mobile just yet. There are many landline phone service options that utilize all of the same features of smartphones in desktop versions to help keep your office connected and running smoothly.

If you’re running a mobile business, take a look at our business mobile providers.

This guide will give you information on the types of phone service you can purchase; included are the benefits and drawbacks of using landline services, as well as tips for making the right decision in choosing a service provider, either to replace or update an already-existing wireless service.

Benefits of Landlines

There are several benefits to having a landline in addition to or instead of wireless phone service. Some of these benefits apply to all landlines users, while other benefits are most valuable to businesses.

    Cheaper rates as demand decreases- More than 1 in 4 US homes had only a wireless phone as of June 2010, up from 13.6% in 2007, according to National Center for Health Statistics. This statistic makes it clear that demand for wireless services is rising, while demand for landline service is declining. As demand declines, service providers are decreasing their rates to make landline services more affordable.

    No worries over signal strength- Landlines prevent your company from ever worrying about calls dropping or reaching out to areas with low signal strength, because landlines do not rely on radio lines.

    Greater level of security - Cellular lines are less secure than landlines. It’s easier for a hacker to listen in on a wireless connection than to tap a phone line, so if your business is concerned with security, sensitive information should be shared over a secured line.

Benefits of Wireless

Though landline services are still common in the business world, wireless connectivity seems to be steadily becoming the new norm. The following are ways in which landline connections just can’t keep up.

    Customer Service- Some landlines charge incoming customer calls if they are not connected to a hotline. Wireless connectivity allows you to be more available to your customers to answer their questions or concerns.

    Billing Increments- Landline providers that charge by time may have large billing increments (meaning that they can charge a 61 second call for two minutes). Wireless plans often have unlimited options including calling and data for a set monthly amount.

    Billing Services- Most wireless providers offer online support and billing that allows you to monitor your usage and payments online, instead of referring to printed billing statements. Make sure that the phone service provider you choose has the flexibility you require.

VOIP service is a great alternative to landlines, take a look at our VOIP service vendors.

While it may seem like the popular option to only have a wireless phone, having a landline also has its benefits. Most phone service providers offer bundle or package deals that include landline options if desired. Be sure you have a clear calculation of your monthly budget that you can dedicate to phone services, and find a provider that can supply you with the connectivity you need.

If you’re interested in phone services, you may want to look at phone systems and phone system accessories.