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Business Technology Writer
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Shannon Flynn is a writer who has spent five years covering all things technology, including business technology tools and software, cybersecurity, IoT, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. She is the Managing Editor at ReHack and a contributor at MakeUseOf, LifeWire, and SiliconAngle.

Contributing Writer at Lifewire
May 2022 - Present
Contributing Writer at ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine
January 2022
Contributor at MUO
June 2021 - Present
Contributing Writer at HackerNoon
September 2020 - Present
Contributing Writer at VGR
July 2020 - Present
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What Is a VoIP Number?
A VoIP number is a dedicated phone number assigned to a user and not tied to a physical line. Learn how VoIP numbers work and how to get one.
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What Is Non-Fixed VoIP?
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Cybersecurity and Risk Management
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