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Shannon Flynn

Business Technology Writer
About Me

Shannon Flynn is a business technology expert who developed a passion for the subject after becoming a self-described “technology hoarder.” Over the years, she has immersed herself in the industry by studying everything from the technical processes involved in various devices to the jargon commonly used to discuss both IT and consumer tech.

Flynn frequently advises on the best cybersecurity strategies, the evolving cryptocurrency industry and the latest trends related to the Internet of Things (IoT). She also provides guidance on utilizing data and artificial intelligence to drive business efficiencies. In addition to serving as an editor for ReHack magazine, Flynn has contributed to Lifewire, Computer Weekly, Lifehacker and other technology-focused publications.

Contributing Writer at Lifewire
May 2022 - Present
Contributing Writer at ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine
January 2022
Contributor at MUO
June 2021 - Present
Contributing Writer at HackerNoon
September 2020 - Present
Contributing Writer at VGR
July 2020 - Present
Shannon's Activity
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