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5 Best Construction Estimating Tools

By Sara Angeles
Business.com / Software / Last Modified: October 5, 2017
Image from Ant Clausen/Shutterstock

These construction estimating tools aim to help you win bids by accurately and efficiently calculating materials, equipment, labor and other construction costs.

Accurate estimates are key to a construction firm's success. If you overprice a bid, you'll likely lose the project. If you underprice, you'll lose money on it and create problems with your partners and clients. You can avoid these lose-lose situations – and drive profit for your firm – by using the right construction estimating tool with the most up-to-date pricing information.

Here are five construction estimating tools that make it easy to generate estimates efficiently and accurately.

1. ProContractor Estimating

ProContractor Estimating is a powerful tool that has everything you need to estimate costs, create bids and track spending. It lets you determine material, equipment and labor costs from the ground up, including for underground excavation, plumbing and electric, all the way to aboveground construction. The software also supports CAD designs, making it easy to work with blueprints for faster and more efficient cost estimating. Additionally, ProContractor integrates with popular business solutions, such as accounting software and CRM software to help you manage clients and sync their accounts to their projects.

2. PlanSwift

Looking for a simpler, easier way to generate estimates? PlanSwift takes the legwork out of estimating construction costs. Designed to save time, PlanSwift lets you create an estimate in three steps: point and click parts of the floor plan to highlight what you want to measure, such as an area's footage or wall angles; drag and drop required materials and labor; and print your estimate or export it into an Excel spreadsheet. PlanSwift can also be customized for specific trades and construction professionals, such as general contractors, flooring, electrical, drywall, HVAC, concrete, plumbing and landscaping.


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3. Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates lets you quickly determine project costs and turn estimates into proposals. As a cloud-based solution that also comes with mobile capabilities, Clear Estimates lets you create estimates in the office, at job sites and anywhere there's an internet connection. The software also offers a parts library with up-to-date pricing, a customer database and the ability to create a wide range of reports. Clear Estimates also integrates with business solutions your construction firm already uses, such as CRM, CAD and accounting software. 

4. B2W

If you have a heavy construction business, B2W aims to make estimating and bidding more efficient and profitable so you can get big projects underway quickly and smoothly. In addition to estimating and bidding, other features include scheduling and dispatching, business intelligence, equipment maintenance, friend tracking, and field data collection. B2W supports a wide range of industries, such as specialty civil contracting, land and site development, energy and resources, transportation, and utilities.

5. Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating offers one of the best pricing tools available to construction firms. The software has an all-inclusive database packed with thousands of materials, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors, which allows you to quickly gather up-to-date pricing information. This both saves you time and minimizes pricing errors for a better chance at winning bids. Other features include scheduling tools and the ability to build labor crews, generate contracts, and create and edit purchase orders. Sage Estimating also integrates with the rest of the Sage business suites, as well as third-party accounting, payroll, project management, document control, procurement and other business software.


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