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Could IVR Systems Improve Your Customer Service?

Mona Bushnell
, writer
Aug 02, 2017
Image Credit: Iakovfilimonov/Shutterstock
> Marketing

Check out these five ways interactive voice response systems can help your business.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems aren't just for major enterprises. Even boutique marketing companies can benefit from the adoption of IVR technology. These systems work for inbound and outbound calls, and while efficient routing is a major benefit of having an IVR, it's not all they do.

Here are just five ways IVR systems can benefit your marketing company.

Improve inbound call routing

It might sound like a minor feature, but improving the inbound call routing at your marketing or advertising firm can make a big difference to your clients. Clients want to work with marketing partners who are modern, reliable and quick to respond to queries. Touch-tone and speech recognition IVR systems streamline the inbound call routing process, so you require less support staff and your clients get what they need faster.

Streamline the customer feedback process

Outbound surveys and polls are an underrated feature of IVR systems. As a marketing or advertising professional, you know that no matter how well you deliver a message, your business's longevity depends on the satisfaction of your clients. With scripted IVR calls, you can reach out to clients you've worked with and have them take a quick touch-tone or voice poll. Finding out what your clients like, what they don't like and what suggestions they have for you is invaluable, and when the poll is conducted by a recording, they're more likely to be honest in their replies.


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Expand your mobile marketing

When you read about IVR systems and marketing, one of the most commonly referenced topics is mobile marketing with IVRs. Cold calling is a tough game, but with IVR you can automate the process of reaching out to prospective clients. In-house IVR systems are typically less expensive than outsourcing campaigns to telemarketing companies or insourcing them with your own staff. There's also data attached to IVR systems, so following a marketing campaign, you can analyze which demographics responded the best to your calls and then adjust accordingly.

Send notifications to clients

Developing an interactive voice response system is an efficient way to decrease the follow-up and confirmation calls you make. With an IVR, you can let a client know that their direct mail campaign is being delivered, confirm client meetings, send reminders about services, and push out notifications when you add a new service or feature to your firm. It's important to remember that today's business consumers don't care that much about developing a long business relationship and spending hours at lunch discussing campaigns; they want the services they need as quickly as possible, with minimal interaction.

Conduct market research

IVR systems are a marketer's dream when it comes to research. Phone polls and surveys, especially those associated with some form of raffle prize or discount, are a great way to get information about different demographics. Market research via IVR systems can be targeted based on purchased lead lists or regions, and since the process is automated, you can run them as frequently as you want without falling behind on other tasks or hiring temporary staff.

In addition to making it easier to carry out marketing campaigns and surveys, many IVR systems can integrate with CRM software, so you can import the information you glean from the automated calls for data analysis. 

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Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell is a Philadelphia-based staff writer for and Business News Daily. She has a B.A. in writing, literature, and publishing from Emerson College and has previously worked as an IT technician, a copywriter, a software administrator, a scheduling manager, and an editorial writer. Mona began freelance writing full time in 2014 and joined the Business News Daily/ team in 2017. She covers business and technology.
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