A diverse range of resources and solutions to monitor and protect a business's assets and property.

From access control systems to video surveillance, there are numerous options available to equip your home and business with a security system. By outfitting yourself with proper security systems; you can protect yourself against burglars, employee theft and vandalism. Business.com’s security system resources cover a wide range of solutions to equip and monitor your most important assets. Some of the most common security system features include:

Surveillance Equipment
Surveillance equipment can range from external video surveillance to internal employee monitoring solutions. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that 75% of all employees steal at least once from their employers, and over 50% of these employees are repeat offenders. Equipping your business to protect against employee theft is often times just as important as protecting yourself against burglars.

Building Alarm Systems
Alarm systems work by placing sensors and contacts on the access points within your home or office. In the event that you have activated an alarm, these sensors will alert you when someone has entered your building. Many services have a remote monitoring station that works 24 hours a day, and will notify you in the event of an intrusion.

Whether you are a home owner looking to install a home alarm system or a business owner looking for a full service security solution; Business.com’s resources should be able to assist you in making a purchasing decision. If you are looking to compare price quotes from vendors immediately, direct yourself to our Trusted Vendor list, or submit a price quote request form and compare multiple vendors competing for your business.

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