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5 Ways to Empower your Employees in 2019

Chris Christoff
Chris Christoff

Empowered employees are more likely to want to succeed and take on tasks with confidence.

Too often we hear friends and family complaining about their jobs and how much they hate coming into work every day. No one likes working for a company that only cares about revenue, doesn’t listen to employees, and refuses to recognize hard work. This creates a negative, uninviting atmosphere where stress is high and the need to get out is even higher.

When your employees feel empowered at their job, they’re more likely to want to succeed and take on tasks with confidence. According to research by Aberdeen Group, companies with an engaged employee program see a spike in customer loyalty and a 26 percent annual increase in revenue. When your employees feel important, quality results will trail behind them.

If you’re looking for new ways to empower your employees in 2019, here are five essential tips to get you started.

1. Communicate expectations

It’s impossible for your team to meet your expectations if you don’t tell them what they are. By defining clear boundaries for them to work in, you’re able to properly communicate what you want while giving your employees free reign to work as they please. This promotes emotional intelligence and will prevent you from micromanaging their work or getting frustrated in the future when they don’t do something you expected of them. By stating what you want from employees directly, there’s no room for confusion, less room for error, and more room for growth.

2. Be flexible

Above all else, your employees are human. There are going to be times when life happens and they need to take some time off work or would prefer work from home options. More companies are realizing that, the more flexible they are with their employees, the more productive and refreshed they are to work. According to a survey by Flexjobs,

Eighty-two percent of employees say they’d be more loyal to their employers if flexible work options were provided. Giving workers options based on how they’d like to work and taking it seriously will show them you trust their work ethic.

3. Encourage feedback and ideas

Some of the best ideas have the ability to come from your hard working employees who strive to grow your business every day. When was the last time you asked them their serious opinion on something related to the company, perhaps on how to improve? Harvard Business Review found that 71 percent of executives rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success, therefore asking for their input shows them that what they say matters and empowers them to be honest about their opinions.

4. Delegate important tasks

It isn’t enough to tell employees you trust their decision-making skills and their wit to be able to problem solve and get work done. You have to show them, and the best way to do this is to delegate different -- yet important -- tasks to them. Doing the same things day in and day out gets boring. According to ReportLinker, 83 percent of employees with opportunities to take on new challenges are more likely to stay with that company. By giving them something else to work on, not only is it a breath of fresh air, it keeps them motivated to work hard and shows them they’re trusted to take on bigger tasks.

5. Praise their accomplishments

When your employees do something that exceeds your expectations or take five minutes out of their day to help someone else out, they should be recognized for it. In a survey by Reward Gateway, 70 percent of employees said that workplace motivation and morale would improve if managers recognized hard work and said thank you more. A little bit of praise goes a long way and vocalizing someone’s good deeds and hard work will set them on track to continue their stellar work.

What’s next?

It’s not easy being in charge of an entire team of employees to manage. But with the intent to do well and help your team reach their goals, you can lead them to a path where they don’t loathe coming into work every day and might actually look forward to it. Be upfront about your expectations so you’re on the same page, listen to what they have to say, trust them to do their job without being micromanaged, and praise them for all they do. By doing so, your company will soon reap the benefits and your workplace culture will remain happy and productive.


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