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TimeClock Plus Review

Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale Contributing Writer
Updated Nov 07, 2022

Growing businesses require flexible solutions for scaling up. With a highly customizable set of tools for tracking time and attendance, building employee schedules, preparing hours for payroll and more, TimeClock Plus supports businesses that are focused on reaching new heights. The company stands out in a competitive field, thanks to numerous clock-in options that work with web browsers, mobile apps, contactless badges, biometric devices and thermal sensors. Although TimeClock Plus’ highest-tier plan is one of the most expensive options we reviewed, the company also offers one of the lowest-cost solutions for basic time and attendance support. 

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TimeClock Plus

The Verdict

TimeClock Plus is a highly customizable time and attendance platform with the advanced features, customization and flexibility needed to support established and growing businesses across all industries.

TimeClock Plus Editor’s Score 9.4/10

Ease of use9/10
Customer service9.7/10

Why We Chose TimeClock Plus for Scaling Businesses

Growing businesses need flexible and efficient software and tools to support their burgeoning workforces. TimeClock Plus is our choice for the best time and attendance solution for scaling businesses because of the high degree of customization and large selection of add-ons available through the company’s three service tiers. The entry-level time and attendance solution is an incredibly cost-effective way to manage the hours your team works. It offers basic reporting, configurable dashboards, job code management and overtime calculations starting at just over $2 per employee per month. The midtier Professional plan offers more customization options, including 24/7 support, shift differentials, advanced leave, time clock devices and other tools. All of TimeClock Plus’ plans make it easy to build the perfect workforce management solution without paying for features you don’t need. As your company grows and your needs change, you can adjust your service accordingly.

TimeClock Plus
Advanced clock-in options across a wide range of devices help you eliminate buddy punching.

What We Like About TimeClock Plus

  • It offers basic time and attendance support for a low cost.
  • TimeClock Plus has advanced time and attendance equipment options, with biometrics for clocking in and out.
  • An add-on feature uses scheduling to limit when employees can clock in and out.

What We Don’t Like About TimeClock Plus

  • There is no free trial period.
  • Some of the available hardware is relatively expensive.
  • With most subscription plans, mobile apps are available only as add-ons.

Ease of Use

TimeClock Plus’ high level of customization means that usability can vary significantly depending on the tools and features you’ve purchased and implemented. For example, we found that usability suffered with the entry-level plan because it does not offer a mobile app for employees to easily clock in and out when they arrive at or depart work. 

By contrast, most competitors, even the lower-priced options – such as what we found in our review of When I Work – include mobile apps as a standard feature. Some of the more advanced time tracking features are slightly more complicated to implement. Still, once your system is up and running, you should have no trouble making the most of varied overtime thresholds or weighted overtime calculations for employees with multiple rates.

TimeClock Plus
TimeClock Plus has an easy-to-use interface for multiple device types.


TimeClock Plus includes a great assortment of standard features to support time and attendance alongside scheduling and payroll prep. We were especially impressed by some of the advanced features that we didn’t find among competitors. 

TimeClock Plus
A fingerprint time clock guarantees that the correct person clocks in at the right location and time.

Time Clock Devices

The assortment of available time clocks for purchase is one of the major differentiators for TimeClock Plus. Employees can punch in and out for work or breaks via computer, the TCP mobile app or a variety of physical time clocks. 

Employers can also implement advanced security features, including PIN access, contactless badges/readers and unique biometric time clocks with fingerprint scanners to guarantee the correct employee logs in at the right time and location. 

TimeClock Plus also offers a thermal scanner that can check each employee’s temperature to ensure they’re safe to work their shift. None of the other time and attendance providers we reviewed had such a robust set of options. 

FYIFYI: Some of the advanced features are unique to TimeClock Plus and may require monthly fees and the purchase of additional hardware.

TimeClock Plus
You can use flex scheduling to help your employees maintain their work-life balance.

Dynamic Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling typically goes hand in hand with time and attendance. Employees can manage their schedules, request time off, grab open shifts and adjust their availability through the optional mobile app. Demand-driven scheduling with flexible staffing rules can be used to manage peak and slow periods and keep your business operating efficiently at all times. With the auto-scheduling feature, managers can optimize their teams’ schedules with custom variables, including seniority, special preferences and availability. Finally, we like that you can use flex scheduling to respond to real-time changes and fill open shifts.

TimeClock Plus
TimeClock Plus lets you manage overtime and automate a wide range of calculations. Source

Time Tracking

TimeClock Plus makes it easy to automate your time tracking, reporting and payroll processing responsibilities. Tools include advanced overtime management, records of missed punches or breaks, dynamic labor calculations for premium pay rates, floating pay periods, comp time configuration and much more. Few providers offered such extensive customization options. TimeClock Plus’ custom workflows, audit logs and document repositories can help ensure your company stays compliant with the Affordable Care Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act.


TimeClock Plus offers three subscription levels that can be paid monthly per employee or annually with a slight discount. Each subscription tier offers several available add-ons, but you will need to contact the sales team to inquire about the cost of each add-on for your business.

PlanPriceFeaturesAvailable add-ons
Essentials$2.50 per employee per month when billed annuallyTime and attendance, a configurable dashboard, basic reporting, employee management, job code management, overtime calculations, and weekday customer supportTime clock devices and the TCP mobile app
Professional$4.16 per employee per month when billed annuallyEverything in the Essentials plan, plus PTO management, automated imports, payroll exports and employee scheduling with advanced features9 available add-ons, including 24/7 customer support, shift differential, advanced overtime and substitute management
EnterpriseCustom pricing for large organizationsEverything in the Professional plan, plus attestation tracking, multilanguage support, job costing, shift differential, advanced leave, advanced overtime, annualized employee management, 24/7 support and the TCP mobile appTime clock devices, advanced scheduling, occurrence management and substitute management


Just as we saw with usability, your onboarding experience may vary significantly depending on the features and customization you incorporate. For the basic time and attendance system, the setup process for administrators and employees is fairly standard. For companies that implement a more complex system with a higher degree of customization, the setup is slightly more difficult and time-consuming. However, TimeClock Plus does provide excellent weekday customer support for getting your organization’s system up and running smoothly. 

Customer Support

The level of customer support you can expect to receive depends on your subscription tier. All plans include a minimum of customer support on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET via phone, online queues, chat and email. Notably, limited weekday customer support is fairly standard in this category; in fact, some competitors do not include any phone support with their entry-level plans. If you opt for the midtier plan, you can include 24/7 support for an additional fee. Enterprise-level subscribers receive 24/7 support as a standard feature. 

Like most time and attendance software providers, TimeClock Plus has a comprehensive resource library with free webinars, helpful articles, case studies, whitepapers, e-books, infographics, an ROI calculator and more.

Bottom LineBottom Line: TimeClock Plus offers above-average customer support for its entry-level plan and excellent support for its Enterprise subscribers.


Most time and attendance systems we examined include a free trial period ranging from seven days to one month. Only TimeClock Plus, Paychex Flex and Rippling do not offer the opportunity to sample their product without charge for an extended period of time. We appreciate when companies provide free trials as a way of showing confidence in their products’ abilities to solve your problems.

TipTip: Take the time to schedule a free demo if you’re interested in testing TimeClock Plus for your organization.

What Is Time and Attendance Software?

Time and attendance software provides a fast, accurate and easy way for employees to record their hours worked using any computer or mobile device. These robust systems replace wall-mounted punch clocks, paper timesheets and unreliable spreadsheets for in-house and remote employees. Beyond the ability to accurately record billable hours with detailed information on the work accomplished, nearly all highly rated time and attendance systems feature native support or integrations with popular payment software and tools for automatically handling payroll and even helping to file taxes in many cases. 


Our editorial team spent weeks researching and testing top time and attendance systems. We tested each platform using the widely available free trial accounts, paying particular attention to each system’s ease of use, features, integrations, pricing and customer service. In the end, we found nine worthwhile time and attendance systems for businesses of all sizes to consider and identified providers for a wide range of use cases, such as for automation, hybrid teams, employee productivity and scaling businesses. For scaling businesses, we looked specifically for time and attendance systems that offered multiple service plans and the ability to customize your service to ensure you don’t pay for features and tools you don’t need.


Does TimeClock Plus offer a free trial?

No, TimeClock Plus does not offer a free trial period. However, you can purchase an entry-level monthly plan for $2.50 to test the product’s basic features and dashboard. You can also schedule a free demo to learn how TimeClock Plus can benefit your organization.

Does TimeClock Plus have a mobile app?

The TCP mobile app is available as an add-on with the entry-level Essentials plan and midtier Professional plan. The mobile app is included as a standard feature for all Enterprise-level subscribers. 

Bottom Line

We recommend TimeClock Plus for …

  • Rapidly growing businesses.
  • Businesses that typically require a great deal of software customization or add-ons.
  • Enterprise-level organizations with many hourly employees to track.

We don’t recommend TimeClock Plus for …

  • Businesses that prefer using a free trial before making a purchase decision.
  • Businesses looking for inexpensive hardware.
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TimeClock Plus

The Verdict

TimeClock Plus is a highly customizable time and attendance platform with the advanced features, customization and flexibility needed to support established and growing businesses across all industries.

Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale Contributing Writer
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