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Explore Your Options with the DMS Comparison Chart

Efficiency is the name of the game. Remember the days when your business had no other option but to deal with printing, manually editing and placing it on someones desk? Or even more recently, remember the days when you had to login to a server to collaborate on a document?

Thankfully, document management systems (DMS) have become an easily accessible and affordable option for handling and managing documents. With features such as workflow automation, cloud accessibility and mobile compatibility, there are a wide range of ways that this solution can help your business reach the next step while cutting down on costs and paper cut injuries.

According to research done by the Gartner Group, on average it takes 5 minutes to walk to a filing cabinet, find the file, act on it and return it. Also, the typical organization misfiles approximately 7.5% of all its documents. This is not very efficient and with the business environment being as competitive as ever, the last thing your business should be worrying about is finding that misplaced paper document.

Document management software enables businesses to work in a paperless environment while saving space, energy, and money. Different businesses have different document management requirements and budgets so we have created this comparison chart just for you!

The Document Management Software Comparison Chart allows you to explore your options side-by-side so that you can ensure you choose the right DMS vendor and package for your business. Download it below.

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