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30 Essential Data Analytics Terms Every Marketer Should Know
By Mark Fairlie | October 27, 2023

Every marketer should understand these 30 commonly used data analytics terms so they can create meaningful sales and campaign reports.

13 Things to Include in Your Next PowerPoint Presentation
By Sean Peek | October 27, 2023

Use these 13 tips and tricks and your next visual presentation will get its key point across to the audience easily.

How to Budget for Hourly Employees Annually
By Julie Thompson | October 25, 2023

Many businesses hire hourly employees with varying hours. Learn how to determine and calculate the average cost of an hourly employee to your business.

1099-MISC vs. 1099-NEC
By Julie Thompson | October 25, 2023

How do 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC tax forms differ? Learn the differences between 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC, which affect independent contractors and freelancers.

15 Top POS System Features
By Sean Peek | October 25, 2023

The best POS system will vary based on your needs and the customer experience you want to provide. Here are 15 important features to look for.

What Is Human Capital Management?
By Sean Peek | October 24, 2023

Human capital management and its software is a great resource or tool for companies investing in their employees.

What Is SUTA Tax? How Do You Calculate It?
By David Gargaro | October 23, 2023

The State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) is a required payroll tax employers must pay. Learn what SUTA taxes are and how to understand, set up and pay them.

Using Form 941 to Pay Quarterly Payroll Taxes
By David Gargaro | October 23, 2023

Businesses must file Form 941 quarterly to report the total taxes withheld from employees' paychecks. Here's everything you need to know about Form 941.

person opening a paycheck
What Is a Discretionary Bonus?
By David Gargaro | October 13, 2023

Learn about discretionary bonuses and their regulatory and tax implications, as well as the bonus structures that best avoid triggering additional taxes.

Gusto logo
Gusto Payroll Software Review and Pricing
By Jessica Elliott | October 11, 2023

Gusto helps small businesses manage payroll and HR processes. Explore its features, usability and limitations in our Gusto review.

How to Calculate Blended Overtime Pay
By Max Freedman | October 11, 2023

When a multiwage employee works overtime, which of their wage rates do you base their overtime rates? Blended overtime pay answers this question.

woman at a job interview
Understanding HR Reporting
By Patrick Proctor | October 11, 2023

Looking at key data points on your employees and workforce is a crucial task of any HR department. Here is how HR reporting can help.

Back to Basics: 9 Offline Marketing Tactics That Still Work in Today’s Digital World
By Sean Peek | October 11, 2023

Old-school advertising is still effective today. Here are nine offline marketing strategies that work in the digital world.

Business Scams 101: Common Schemes and How to Avoid Them
By Chad Brooks | October 10, 2023
Champagne toast in an office
Drunk on Money? Why Alcohol Is the Celebrity Investment Du Jour
By Nicole Fallon | October 06, 2023

More celebrities are investing in alcohol brands than ever before. Here's why – and what you can learn.

Biz2Credit Review and Rates
By Mike Berner | October 05, 2023

Biz2Credit is an online marketplace for small business funding. The company connects small businesses in need of funding with lenders. It can help small businesses obtain a variety of loans,...

PayPal 1099: How to Report Self-Employment Income to the IRS
By Jamie Johnson | October 05, 2023

You have to report PayPal income to the IRS. Learn how PayPal tracks your income and how to fill out a PayPal 1099.

How to Send an Email Blast (With Examples)
By Rachelle Gordon | October 05, 2023

Email blasts are a small but impactful way to reach a wide audience. Find out how to craft a successful e-blast in this guide.

Crazy Chemist
Strange Business Patents of the Year
By Dan Ketchum | October 04, 2023

Are these products destined for revolutionary glory or just too far ahead of their time?

Businesspeople in an office
The 3 C’s of Effective Marketing
By Julie Thompson | October 04, 2023

By considering the 3 C's of marketing, you'll better reach your intended audience and create more engaging marketing content.

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent movie still
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Due Diligence Is a Wait You Must Bear
By Ali Saleh | October 03, 2023

Due Diligence Is a Wait You Must Bear

Truck driving on a highway at sunset
Where Did All the Truck Drivers Go?
By Carolyn Neuhausen | October 03, 2023

Is the profession running out of gas?

man and woman with a heart
How Entrepreneurs’ Time-Management Skills Can Apply to Dating
By Ali Saleh | October 03, 2023

Can entrepreneurs find time for romance?

graphic of gears inside the heads of two silouettes
How to Support Neurodiverse Workers
By Dr. Eden King | October 03, 2023

Create a positive work culture for all.

Graphic of diners and a waiter in a fancy restaurant
Eat Up: Supper Clubs Get 21st Century Makeover
By Elizabeth Barton | October 03, 2023

Businesses are turning to an old staple: supper clubs. Learn more about why.

graphic of a robot working at a desk as people shuffle out of an office with their boxes packed
Stand-Up Meetings: Fewer Chairs, Greater Efficiency
By Steven Rogelberg | October 03, 2023

Attendees prefer it, according to research, but there are caveats.

Slack screenshot
When a Colleague Wastes Your Time in the Work Chat
By Dr. Eden King | October 03, 2023

How to deal with slacking on Slack.

graphic of people looking at a chart
It’s Fashionable to Skip the Business Plan — How Reckless Is That?
By Mike Berner | October 03, 2023

More and more entrepreneurs are winging it. Are they setting themselves up for failure or smartly trusting their gut?

Shaq HBO
Big Business Lessons From the Big Diesel
By Ali Saleh | October 03, 2023

Shaq-size business tips

graphic of a man riding a pink unicorn
The Post-Unicorn World: What Comes After Tech’s Burst Bubble?
By Dan Ketchum | October 03, 2023

How unicorns lost their magic.