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AdvancedMD Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko Staff
Updated Sep 02, 2022

Many medical practices require that a practice management solution be integrated with a fully functional electronic medical record (EMR) system. AdvancedMD delivers with powerful capabilities that cover a medical practice’s every need.

AdvancedMD Review


The Verdict

AdvancedMD seamlessly integrates with the company's comprehensive electronic medical records system. It is our pick as the best all-in-one practice management solution.

AdvancedMD’s practice management software features an easy-to-use scheduling system that makes it simple for front office staff to register new patients and set appointments. The color-coded calendar can be organized by provider or location in a weekly or monthly view. The practice management software seamlessly integrates with the company’s EMR module, helping push clinical data captured during patient encounters into the software’s billing system. Whether you plan to do billing in-house or outsource it to AdvancedMD, the practice management software is user-friendly.

AdvancedMD is suitable for practices of all sizes. You get what you pay for, though ‒ it has a moderately higher price tag than some other practice management software we evaluated. For medical practices that can afford the upfront cost associated with implementation and training, AdvancedMD offers every feature we looked for in a healthcare IT suite: patient registration tools, batch and individual insurance eligibility checks, easy-to-use scheduling functions, and tools to streamline billing operations and improve claims collections.

Ease of Use

Of the practice management and EMR systems we reviewed, AdvancedMD is one of the most comprehensive, making it somewhat difficult for a first-time user to learn. The user interface is well organized and avoids the crowding that some systems are susceptible to. There are multiple ways to complete various tasks in the system ‒ AdvancedMD is designed to accommodate a variety of workflows ‒ but it does add to the overall learning curve. For some users, significant guided training will be necessary to use the software proficiently.

For most practices, the more challenging aspect of getting up to speed with AdvancedMD will be learning the shortcuts. New users should anticipate a period of adjustment to the new system before they fully understand the various shortcuts. Like any practice management and EMR system, AdvancedMD is complex, and its sheer number of features compounds the complexity of the software.

AdvancedMD provides guided training, though at an additional cost, in some of its implementation packages. The company provides self-guided training materials on its website, including written guides and how-to videos.

While taking full advantage of the powerful features AdvancedMD has to offer requires some time and effort, most users should adapt to the system in time. Once training is complete and AdvancedMD becomes a part of your medical practice’s daily workflow, you should be able to reap the benefits of its time-saving tools and streamline your day-to-day operations.

Pricing and Fees

With AdvancedMD, several pricing options are available. The industry standard per-provider, per-month model is available. There is also a per-encounter model, which is designed for medical practices with a lower volume of patients.

The practice management software can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or integrated with AdvancedMD’s EMR system. Costs vary depending on which option you choose. AdvancedMD’s medical practice management software starts at $429 per provider, per month for the standalone version. For the integrated practice management and EMR system, the suite starts at $729 per provider, per month.

Likewise, the encounter-based pricing program is based on two choices: the stand-alone practice management software or the integrated practice management and EMR system. For the stand-alone solution, AdvancedMD charges $1.42 per encounter, while the integrated system costs $2.18 per encounter. This model is advantageous for new or small medical practices that don’t see many patients; it costs less than the per-provider, per-month model but still avails a powerful healthcare IT suite to the practice.

AdvancedMD performs revenue cycle management services for medical practices wanting to outsource their medical billing. AdvancedMD billers work directly within the practice management software’s billing module. AdvancedMD billers appear as any other user on the system, giving you full transparency into your practice’s financial activities. The medical billing service costs a percentage of your practice’s net collections, typically between 4% and 6% of your monthly take. However, pricing is dependent on claims volume and value, so these numbers can vary. Clients of AdvancedMD’s revenue cycle management services receive access to the integrated practice management software and EMR system for no additional charge.

AdvancedMD offers several add-on features, which cost extra each month. These add-ons include:

  • Advanced Patient Pro (patient portal, appointment reminders, etc.) –$150 per provider
  • Advanced insights and benchmarking – $79 per provider
  • Telemedicine – $30 per provider, plus $5 per encounter or $150 per provider unlimited
  • Integrated fax – $29 per provider for 2,000 pages per month
  • Electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) – $25 per provider
  • Reputation management – $49 per provider

Some of these features come standard with other practice management software or EMR systems we reviewed, so be sure to include them in your comparison when researching the market.


AdvancedMD truly shines when it comes to the depth and breadth of its features. Here’s more about its key features.


AdvancedMD’s dashboard grants you a customizable overview of your medical practice’s performance across a range of categories, both administrative and clinical. The dashboard can be customized on a user-by-user basis. The dashboard incorporates tools known as “donut filters,” which provide a high-level overview of various statistics related to the practice’s performance. For example, a user can set donut filters to display information about unread messages, charge slips, documents and more.

Users can click on a specific donut filter to open up an expanded window that contains more details about the selected filter. For example, if you click on a Messages donut filter, your inbox will appear, allowing you to review unread messages. The HealthWatcher donut filter offers an overview of patients that must be seen regularly. This filter shows information about the patient’s condition, as well as their previous visit. Front office staff can quickly set recurring appointments, as well as take notes about the reason for the visit, and send out automated appointment reminders via phone, text, or email to the patient.


The AdvancedMD scheduler allows staff to easily set new appointments on a color-coded calendar that can be organized by provider, location or other custom filters. Staff can view the calendar in a daily, weekly or monthly view. Upon setting an appointment, staff can register new patients or review existing info to ensure it is up to date. Once appointments are set, staff can run batch insurance eligibility verification checks, or they can verify eligibility on a patient-by-patient basis. On the provider side, providers can view a schedule snapshot that shows their daily appointments.

If your medical practice has multiple locations, the daily snapshot displays the location of a patient’s appointment. Users can hover over a set appointment for quick facts about the patient, including their name, address, insurance and more. The quick view format also shows the type of appointment the patient is scheduled for and clinical notes related to any recent visits. Another helpful feature within the scheduling tool is a waitlist. Staff can fill any open time slots in the event of cancellations or reschedules. Staff can also use the tool to manage waitlists and assign new appointments based on a particular patient’s availability.


The AdvancedMD billing module offers powerful revenue cycle management tools. AdvancedMD integrates with WayStar clearinghouse and Trizetto. Clearinghouse fees are included in the subscription price of the software. The software includes a complete ICD-10 coding library, as well as a library of CPT codes, which makes looking up and properly coding encounters quick and easy.

Once a provider releases the clinical notes from a patient encounter, the charges are pushed through to the billing module. When billing in house, your own coders and billers can review the charges to generate claims and submit them through the clearinghouse. With AdvancedMD’s billing services, you have access to a team of certified billers and the company’s claims scrubbing software, which guarantees a minimum 96% first-pass claims rate.

The system delivers EOBs and ERAs electronically through the software, enabling your team to review communications from payers. You can also manage denied or rejected claims directly, revising them before resubmitting them. To capture patient co-pays and outstanding balances, AdvancedMD integrates with credit card processors, allowing you to accept debit cards and credit cards during a patient’s visit.


AdvancedMD offers advanced reporting capabilities that offer insights into financial performance, daily operations and clinical statistics. The full suite is known as AdvancedInsight. A financial dashboard offers easily digestible information that can be filtered to display information by provider, insurance payer, facility location and date range.

Reports can be filtered by collections, claims and more to give administrators a clearer picture of where their revenue comes from. All reports are exportable to PDF and Microsoft Excel. The financial dashboard can be customized to show the key performance indicators your medical practice relies on most. The data is mapped to bar and line graphs that are easy to understand at a glance.

Dashboards can be configured to show financial information such as performance monthly, leading payers for your practice, days in A/R and other trends. Custom reports can also be generated and delivered to user inboxes on a recurring basis.

Implementation and Training

AdvancedMD charges for implementation and training above the base subscription cost of its software. There are multiple tiers based on your medical practice’s specific needs and budget. The company offers three training plans:

  • Tier 1 – Limited ($1,995): The Limited tier includes configuration and two hours of training. This option is intended for a small practice with experienced staff members who plan to complete the majority of their training through AdvancedMD’s webinars.
  • Tier 2 – Standard ($2,995): The Standard tier builds on the first by adding two additional hours of training. It also includes an integrated training tracker, a video training library, help materials, an onboarding webinar series, an implementation phone line, a partner interface collaboration, a post utilization follow up and a dedicated implementation consultant.
  • Tier 3 – Comprehensive ($3,995): The Comprehensive tier adds through configuration, plus 12 hours of product training. This is recommended for practices implementing a fully custom system whose staff need to learn every aspect of the software.

For AdvancedMD, implementation and training can take eight to 11 weeks from the time a practice’s insurance credentials are received, so it’s important to allot sufficient time to ensure the system is fully functional and your staff is adequately trained.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with AdvancedMD was excellent. We were given an in-depth, live demonstration of the entire healthcare IT suite, as well as a detailed explanation of how the company’s medical billing services work. We also requested – and quickly received – additional documentation, including information about implementation and training.

We were impressed with the responsiveness and knowledge of the company’s representatives who were eager to explain the software’s functions. They answered all our questions and were never pushy to make a sale.

AdvancedMD’s customer support is included in the subscription price. There is a 24/7 help desk so you can contact support anytime something goes wrong with the software, which sets AdvancedMD’s customer service apart from many other vendors we reviewed. All customer support is in-house and ongoing after your practice completes the implementation process and training.


AdvancedMD is somewhat costly compared to some of the other practice management software programs we evaluated. However, you get a lot of features for your money. Learning to use the software can initially be a challenge, though, because there are so many tools, and navigating the system can be overwhelming at first.

Once the learning curve is conquered, though, your staff and providers should be able to handle any task. Extensive training might be required to fully reap the benefits of the system, and considering implementation and training comes at an additional cost, AdvancedMD could be a more significant upfront investment for your practice.

Medical practices with more basic needs or those that are on a tighter budget should consider a lower-cost option, but if you have the money to spend and the time to properly learn how to use the software, AdvancedMD is a powerful system.

In addition, some of the add-on features that AdvancedMD offers at an extra monthly cost are included with other practice management software applications and EMR systems we’ve reviewed. Be sure to check which features are considered add-ons and how much they cost. If you need them, they might not be included in the quoted price.

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AdvancedMD Review


The Verdict

AdvancedMD seamlessly integrates with the company's comprehensive electronic medical records system. It is our pick as the best all-in-one practice management solution.

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Adam Uzialko Staff
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