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DrChrono Review

By Adam Uzialko, Writer | Updated Sep 26, 2019

DrChrono is a web-based EMR system that works on any platform and any device with an internet connection. It's easy to learn and straightforward, even for users who are new to EMRs. DrChrono offers all the major features we looked for in an EMR without being complicated, cluttered or overwhelming.



The Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software for 2020

The Verdict

DrChrono is a web-based electronic medical records system that keeps things simple without cutting corners on the most important features. It is among the most competitively priced solutions we reviewed.

At a considerably lower cost than many other EMRs (even ones targeting small practices), DrChrono takes some of the financial pain out of implementing an EMR. User reviews for the software are a bit mixed, with some customers expressing disappointment with the level of detail once they purchased DrChrono. However, if you're looking for an EMR that will take care of the core functions without breaking the bank, DrChrono is your solution.

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Ease of Use

DrChrono has a no-frills, intuitive user interface that is neatly organized and simple to navigate. Across the top of the window are several tabs, which represent the major applications in the system. These include the scheduling tool, clinical module, patient list, reports and billing. 

DrChrono is an all-in-one solution, meaning that the EMR is integrated with practice management and billing functions. It is designed to flow naturally through a patient's visit, starting with scheduling and check-in, moving to charting tools for the exam, then billing, and finally to charge entry and claim generation.

DrChrono offers a 30-day free trial period, which is unique among the EMRs we reviewed. That gives you a full month to test the program and learn how to navigate it. The limited free trial includes access to the custom form builder, patient check-in, charting, scheduling, the task manager and the message center. It does not include the more advanced features that require credentialing or enrollment, such as e-prescribing medications and ordering labs, but there are plenty of features to help you learn the system before you make your buying decision.


DrChrono covers all the major bases of a good EMR system. It doesn't offer all of the advanced tools we encountered in our research, though; it sticks to the basics and keeps each tool relatively simple. Its usability, affordability and effectiveness as a clinical tool strike a welcome balance for an EMR. Here's a look at the major features in DrChrono's EMR platform.

Appointment Scheduler

The scheduling tool resembles a common calendar application, such as Google Calendar. It has filters for daily, weekly and monthly views. It's also customizable to show appointments by provider, facility or exam room. The scheduler has drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to reschedule an appointment on the fly.

On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a list of providers and offices. To add a provider or location to the calendar view on the right-hand side of the screen, you check the boxes of the desired provider or facility. They will appear, color-coded, on the calendar and can be filtered to your liking.

To set a new appointment, you point and click on an open time slot on the calendar. You can type in the patient's name and assign them a provider in the box that pops up. If the patient has visited your practice before, their information will automatically populate. If they're new, you can add them directly in the popup box without navigating away from the scheduling tool.

Next, you select the appointment type. Any required consent forms will automatically populate (these are customizable) and be sent to the patient through the secure portal. You can set these documents and reminders to send before the appointment. DrChrono integrates with a clearinghouse, so once patient information is set in the scheduler, you can run a real-time insurance eligibility check to make sure they are covered.

Clinical Notes

The clinical application is designed to run on a laptop, iPad or iPhone. It offers the same functionality across all devices. Once you log in, you can see your list of patients scheduled for the day. Viewing a patient card is as easy as clicking on the patient's name. Cards include patient information, medical history, medications and previous lab results.

Once a patient is checked in and in the exam room, you can click "start visit" to go directly to exam templates based on the appointment type selected in the scheduler. You can customize these templates to fit your practice's workflow. Notes can be added to the patient's chart through free typing, hotkey macros, or voice dictation with software like Dragon or MModal.

Notes always display in a single screen that you can scroll through and edit during the patient encounter. You can also rearrange or customize notes based on appointment type, patient insurance and more. Persistent fields in notes allow you to copy over information from previous visits that might not have changed much and then edit those fields as needed.

E-Prescribing and Labs

Once notes are complete, you can prescribe medications or order lab tests. When you write a prescription in the software for a returning patient, their preferred pharmacy will automatically populate. If they are a new patient, the pharmacy they selected on their intake forms will populate. When you prescribe medications, the system will automatically flag any adverse interactions or allergies. You can also favorite your frequently prescribed medications or commonly ordered lab tests.

DrChrono includes Meaningful Use assistance, which tracks your practice's compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Promoting Interoperability standards and incentive programs. This tool highlights all the required fields to meet those standards.

At the end of the patient encounter, you can use the built-in coding library to code all diagnoses. When you're satisfied the note is complete, it can be locked and sent to the billers, whether you have an in-house billing team or outsource it to DrChrono.


All data from billing and financials to patient metrics is located in the DrChrono reporting suite. Reports are customizable based on a wide range of filters. For example, you can run a report of all patients who haven't visited the practice in a year or more. You could also run a report to identify all patients with a specific condition. All data stored in the system is exportable to Microsoft Excel.

In addition, if you outsource your revenue cycle management to DrChrono, you can use the software to view billing activity in real time. DrChrono billers work directly through your system and appear just as any other user does, so you will have up-to-date reports on all your practice's financial activities when you outsource your billing to DrChrono.


DrChrono's basic software plan starts at $499 a month per provider and includes the integrated EMR and practice management system, as well as billing tools for the front office. This makes DrChrono a competitively priced offering that covers all the major functions of your medical practice.

In addition to the software plan, DrChrono offers a revenue cycle management model, which includes access to its entire healthcare IT suite of software products. This option generally costs 4% to 8% of a practice's net collections, depending on claims volume, dollar amount, specialty and billing complexity. [Read our review of DrChrono's medical billing service to learn more.]

To obtain a quote specific to your practice, contact a DrChrono sales representative to discuss your needs and the scope of the work. The company will develop a unique price quote that includes a breakdown of the cost for medical billing services and full access to its suite of healthcare IT products, like the EMR software and practice management platform. 


DrChrono's implementation process is one of the quickest in our review – about 60 days from start to go-live date. Training and implementation are included in the subscription cost of the software, keeping it manageable for medical practices on a budget. Implementation includes provider enrollment with payers and complete staff training on the system.

During implementation, DrChrono will provide your staff with a dedicated account manager and one-on-one training sessions. It is a guided process largely dictated by the needs and schedule of your practice, so spell out your expectations for implementation with DrChrono's support team. 

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with DrChrono was very good. We were contacted by a representative shortly after requesting a price quote and demonstration of the software. During the demonstration, the representative walked us through the major features of the software. Although he moved more quickly than other demonstrators we encountered during our review, he still made sure to answer all our questions and show us how to use certain tools more than once.

In addition to a dedicated account manager who is available to directly address any issues you might encounter, DrChrono maintains a ticket system with a one-hour turnaround for 90% of technical problems. This system is designed to handle small complaints, saving your account manager for major problems and guidance.

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The Best Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software for 2020

The Verdict

DrChrono is a web-based electronic medical records system that keeps things simple without cutting corners on the most important features. It is among the most competitively priced solutions we reviewed.

Adam Uzialko: Writer
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