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DrChrono Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

New practices generally need to avoid excessive upfront costs while establishing their cash flow, but they also don't want to compromise quality, especially when it comes to billing. The early days of a practice's collections are critical, helping to create a financially stable business that can then expand to better serve its patients.



The Verdict

DrChrono is a low-cost medical billing company that offers RCM services from medical coding to denial management. It is an intuitive solution with good customer support and a strong first-pass claims rate, which makes it a great option for new practices.

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DrChrono is a medical billing service and healthcare IT company that offers a low-cost solution that makes it easy for new practices to get started with billing services and software. The company has a first-pass claims rate of 96%, which means quicker collections for new practices that need to establish cash flow quickly to support their investment. Unlike some of the other medical billing services we reviewed, DrChrono manages the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) process. For these reasons, we picked DrChrono as the best medical billing service for new practices.

DrChrono Editor's Score: 8.62/10

Pricing/value 9/10
EMR/PMS 8.5/10
RCM Process 9/10
First-pass claims rate 9.6/10
Customer support 7/10


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Why DrChrono Is Best for New Practices

DrChrono blends simplicity and effective tools in a scalable platform. The lowest pricing tier includes all of the basics a new practice needs to get started and then scales through each subsequent tier to help practices add the tools they need as they grow. Beyond the intuitive and straightforward healthcare IT suite, DrChrono offers a complete RCM service that manages the medical billing process from charge entry to denial management. In contrast, some of the other services we reviewed only pick up the process after the client has performed charge entry and medical coding. Outsourcing this entire process is particularly valuable for new practices that are looking to save on staffing costs.

DrChrono Pros

  • DrChrono offers an easy-to-use healthcare IT platform that caters to new practices that want to start small and scale over time.
  • The company manages the entire billing process, from charge entry to denial management.
  • DrChrono maintains a first-pass claims rate of 96% or higher.

DrChrono Cons

  • Some key features, like electronic prescribing of controlled substances, are available only at higher pricing tiers.
  • Large or complex practices might find DrChrono's services too limited for their needs.
  • Practices must use DrChrono's healthcare IT suite, including the electronic medical record (EMR) system, to leverage the RCM services. Most other services we reviewed only required clients to use proprietary medical practice management software.

Bottom LineBottom Line: DrChrono is a great choice for new or small practices that want an easy-to-use, scalable solution. However, large and complex practices might find the system limited and might be better served by another option, such as AdvancedMD. You can read more in our AdvancedMD review.

DrChrono Medical Billing Process

DrChrono's medical billing service takes over the entire RCM process, beginning with charge entry and claims coding. The company submits claims primarily through TriZetto clearinghouse. Any clearinghouse fees incurred in the process are included in the percentage of annual net collections.

Review encounter notes to enter charges and code claims

Before submitting each claim, DrChrono scrubs the claims to catch potential errors that could lead to a denial by the payers. Once a claim is forwarded to the appropriate payer, DrChrono monitors it until it is paid, at which time funds are deposited directly into the doctor's bank account after the company takes its fee. If any claim is denied, DrChrono billers and coders will revise it and resubmit it within 25 days of receiving notice from the payer.

DrChrono works with practices across all specialties. The company's typical partners have one to 15 providers on staff, though DrChrono works extensively in the 16-to-25-provider space as well. Healthcare providers submit anywhere from 20 to 1,000 claims per month. Clients can submit an unlimited number of claims at no extra cost.

FYIFYI: DrChrono excels at working with new, small and growing practices. It is a cost-effective and straightforward way to get your practice off the ground and scale with you as your needs expand.

DrChrono Pricing

Most medical billing services, including DrChrono, charge a percentage of monthly collections, meaning when they collect more payments on a client's behalf, they also make more money. DrChrono typically charges between 4% and 8% of monthly collections, which is in line with the range for the other medical billing services we reviewed. In that cost, DrChrono includes access to its EMR system and medical practice management software, which can save new practices money compared with implementing a system from scratch. Both the EMR system and the medical practice management software are required for you to submit claims for entry and coding, as well as to capture data regarding clearinghouse rejections and payer denials.

DrChrono typically requires practices to sign a contract of at least one year, the details of which often depend on the practice's volume. Practices with smaller volumes might be required to sign up for a longer duration, though a one-year commitment is standard for the vast majority of DrChrono's clients. This requirement is less restrictive than those of some other medical billing services we reviewed.

To determine specific pricing, DrChrono considers the following criteria:

  • Monthly collections: The ultimate price will be either a monthly minimum (set during contract negotiation) or a percentage of your monthly collections – whichever is higher. So, to offer a precise quote, DrChrono needs to know how much your practice brings in per month.

  • Patient encounters: Pricing also varies on the number of times physicians see patients.

  • Specialty: Because the billing process and specific rules can vary among specialties, DrChrono incorporates the complexity of your specialty into its final percentage.

  • Number of providers: The total number of physicians and other providers at the practice or location can also influence the quote.

To obtain a quote that is customized to your practice, contact a DrChrono sales representative. You will discuss your needs and the scope of work required, and the company will develop a customized quote that includes a breakdown of medical billing services, as well as full access to the suite of healthcare IT products, including the EMR software and the practice management platform. 

DrChrono Software

DrChrono's electronic medical record solution is simple and effective. It includes a user-friendly interface, a scheduling tool, a clinical encounter module and a comprehensive list of patients and their insurance providers. You get access to all of the platform's features, including the patient portal and real-time insurance eligibility verification to determine which payers a patient uses before they arrive for an appointment.

This service carries out all of the core functions very well. While it lacks some helpful features that other services offer, it functions well and should fully serve the needs of a small practice. DrChrono's RCM services include access to the company's integrated practice management module, through which the billing team creates and processes your claims.

When it comes to reporting, all data stored within the DrChrono EMR and practice management software can be used to generate custom reports. These reports are available on demand and utilize real-time information, so any time a report is queried, it will contain up-to-date information. For example, practices can generate a report that includes information about collections by patient demographics to better understand their client base. Additional reports include data on the number of claims submitted, the dollar value of individual claims, the dollar value of claims paid, the number of denied claims and the number of claims that were adjudicated after revision and follow-up from DrChrono's billing team.

The transaction screen organizes claims billed and payments received, helping billers keep tabs on how payers are responding to submitted claims.

FYIFYI: DrChrono requires RCM clients to use both its EMR system and its medical practice management software. In most cases, it is best to use a single, integrated EMR and PMS system, and DrChrono's platform is easy to use, making it a good choice for new practices.

DrChrono Customer Support

When you partner with DrChrono, you are assigned a dedicated account manager, who acts as your point of contact for any questions or problems. The best medical billing services we reviewed offer this, but it's not a given in the industry. You can also use DrChrono's ticket system if you need tech support for software issues, as well as live chat with customer service.

Customer reviews of DrChrono's customer support suggest that it leaves a lot to be desired. Multiple complaints on Trustpilot report that help tickets often go unresolved and that repeated conversations are often required before progress is made. Others reference delayed data migration as an issue in the implementation process.


DrChrono's requirement that RCM clients use both the EMR system and the medical practice management software was uncommon among the billing services we reviewed. However, most services do require clients to use the practice management software, and typically, these two systems are so closely intertwined, it behooves practices to stick with a single platform.

The other major limitation we found with DrChrono is that, although it scales to offer all of the functions a practice might need, some key features, like e-prescribing and electronic lab orders, are included only in higher pricing tiers. Some new and small practices may need these features from the start, but the pricing structure could undercut the budgetary benefit of starting small and then scaling, which was one of our reasons for selecting DrChrono as the best medical billing service for new practices. Be sure to examine which services are available in each pricing tier and to budget accordingly before making your decision.

What Is a Medical Billing Service?

Medical billing services are third-party companies that maintain a staff of medical coders and billers. These companies manage various aspects of a healthcare organization's RCM, such as coding claims, submitting claims to payers and managing rejected or denied claims. Generally, a medical billing service works in a particular medical practice management software; in fact, many offer proprietary solutions or even require organizations to utilize them. Usually, medical billing services charge practices a percentage of their overall monthly collections, which means the more money a practice makes, the more money the billing service collects.


We spent hours researching and analyzing medical billing services, including DrChrono. Our research included software demonstrations, phone interviews and customer service calls. We also analyzed customer service reviews, including those listed on the Better Business Bureau website. When choosing our best pick for new practices, we examined criteria such as ease of use, customer support, the billing process, certified coding and billing staff, and dedicated account manager support and guidance. Based on those factors, we chose DrChrono as our best pick for new practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will DrChrono perform medical coding?

Yes. DrChrono manages the entire revenue cycle management process, including charge entry and medical coding. This feature is especially useful for new or small practices that want to control costs by outsourcing billing to certified medical coders and billers employed by a third party, as these positions can be expensive to fill in-house.

How much does DrChrono's medical billing service cost?

DrChrono charges between 4% and 8% of monthly practice collections for its medical billing services. This range is average for the medical billing services we reviewed.

Bottom Line

We recommend DrChrono's medical billing service for ...

  • New practices that want to start with only the essentials.
  • Small practices that are looking to keep their EMR/PMS and RCM service simple.
  • Organizations looking for a competitively priced solution that offers core functions.

We don't recommend DrChrono's medical billing service for ...

  • Large or complex healthcare organizations that need advanced features.
  • Organizations that anticipate relying heavily on customer support.

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The Verdict

DrChrono is a low-cost medical billing company that offers RCM services from medical coding to denial management. It is an intuitive solution with good customer support and a strong first-pass claims rate, which makes it a great option for new practices.

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