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Price for web database?


We will need a first class web database application with user ratings, custom document storage, user billing, admin module, etc. Comparable to a highly modified contractors' bid site with document...

Any recommendations on software that will allow for scheduling/reserving conference rooms?

QUESTION | BY John Lindsey | 1 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/17/20

The Cook County Government is designing high tech conference rooms for our employees. We need a scheduling software to book the rooms. What are your recommendations?

Where do I find software projects?

QUESTION | BY Slava Khristich | 30 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/17/20

I've started software outsourcing and have few projects to work on. My question in general where do people find new software projects... Well, I guess I didn't formed my question right first time....

Scaling Your Business in 2020? Think Less Data Center and More Cloud

BY Michael Wood

Scaling your business can be restrictive if you are still using your own data center. In 2020, consider moving your business to the cloud.

Can SMBs Adopt Data Analytics for Better Decision Making?

BY Matthew Gierc

Every company is looking for the ability to comprehensively understand operations while making better decisions. How can data analytics help SMBs run better?

The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Services of 2020

BY Andrew Martins

Our team of experts has compared the best GPS fleet tracking services for 2020. See up-to-date comparisons, reviews and costs for the top-rated services.

Can anyone suggest a payment gateway for tech support?

QUESTION | BY Rishi Sharma | 11 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/14/20

I am looking for someone who can provide me with a payment gateway for my tech support business which I am running from Delhi {India}.

What type of protection can a person put on their home computer to prevent uninvited malware, postings, phishing, etc.?

QUESTION | BY Martin Dougherty | 36 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 02/13/20

I'm looking to get, from Comcast or another provider, something to download that will protect my computer from downloading unwanted junk, emails, background files that prevent and slow down my...

A Guide to Create Winning Enterprise Mobility Strategy for 2020

BY Maulik Shah

More businesses are recognizing the value of mobile apps, but few are prepared to create and implement their strategy.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2020

BY Adam Uzialko

We've narrowed down the best employee monitoring software for businesses. Check out our best picks and reviews.

18 Tech Tools to Help Boost Customer Engagement

BY Scott Gerber

Today's technology can help you reach more customers than ever before.

The Best Remote PC Access Software of 2020

BY Skye Schooley

Whether you need to telecommute or troubleshoot someone else's computer, remote PC access software lets you work on another computer from across the room or across the globe.

Expect These 6 E-Commerce Tech Trends to Have a Heavy Impact in 2020

BY Lucas DiPietrantonio

In 2020, you can confidently expect these six tech trends to change how products are pushed online.

The Best Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions of 2020

BY Lori Fairbanks

With mobile credit card processing, you can accept payments from mobile devices. See our picks for the best mobile credit card processors in 2020.

How to Mitigate Risks When Migrating Your E-Commerce Store

BY Ronald Dod

It is important to maker sure you have all your bases covered when migrating your e-commerce store.

The Best Medical Billing Service Providers of 2020

BY Adam Uzialko

Medical billing services enable medical practices to outsource the time-consuming and arduous process of managing claims and securing insurance payments. Discover the best medical billing service...

What Marketers Really Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

BY John Murdock

In this article, I define AI and explain that AI will not eliminate humans from the workforce, but instead provide ambitious people the opportunity to grow in their fields and push the boundaries of...

How Automation Will Impact the Middle-Class Workforce

BY Emerson De Oliveira

The increasing prevalence of automated processes spells trouble for the middle class, in spite of the low unemployment numbers in the United States right now. Many are concerned about whether...

How CMS Is the Backbone of Content Marketing

BY Jared Atchison

A CMS platform can make it easy to write, publish and distribute content, even if you don't have coding skills.

What do you look for in an online fax service?

QUESTION | BY Andrew Martins | 2 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 01/30/20

If your small business uses online fax services, what are some features that you consider must-haves? What company are you currently using?