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Latest Small Business Technology Tips, Trends and Advice

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How to Use Webinars and Live Video Conference to Generate Leads and Drive Sales
By Nicole Fallon | October 21, 2020

Video conference software can be more than an internal communications tool – it can also help you drive sales.

What factors influence website loading time?
By Sarah William | 13 Answers | Last Activity on October 20, 2020

What is the best way to improve website loading time? What are things that need to be kept in mind? Is it affected by using a lot of plugins?

Small Business Guide to Using Google Analytics
By Kiely Kuligowski | October 20, 2020

Google Analytics can be incredibly useful in boosting your business and informing your marketing strategy. Here's how to use it effectively.

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Buddy Punch
Buddy Punch is an online time clock that takes the hassle out of employee time tracking with features like GPS, PTO, Overtime calculations and more!
The Best Time and Attendance Services and Software 2020
By Chad Brooks | October 19, 2020

Looking for the best time and attendance software? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and most affordable programs.

Understanding Employee Monitoring Systems and Privacy Issues
By Aigerim Berzinya | October 19, 2020

Monitoring software can increase worker productivity, but you must implement it ethically.

The Best Electronic Medical Records
By Adam Uzialko | October 18, 2020

This guide explains the importance of EMR systems and medical practice management software to medical practices, how to choose the right platform for your organization, and which EMR systems and...

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Beacon Payments
Beacon Payments provides credit card processing, credit card terminals, check processing and all related merchant card services to 50,000 clients.
The Best Video Conferencing Service Reviews of 2020
By Chad Brooks | October 16, 2020

Looking for a video conferencing solution for your business? Read our unbiased expert reviews of the best and most affordable video conferencing services and systems of 2020.

What is the best ecommerce website solution to promote and sell products online?
By Justin Boyle | 25 Answers | Last Activity on October 16, 2020

I intend to setup an eCommerce website to sell products online, what are the best eCommerce solutions out their. I know of WordPress, is this the best option to use, or is their something better?

Which software do you recommend using to manage your team remotely?
By Daniel Elton | 18 Answers | Last Activity on October 16, 2020

I am operating a small business during the COVID-19 lock down period. How do you manage your remote team? Is there any specific apps/software you rely on/recommend?

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Aladdin Garage Doors
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What is the best way to write mobile app specs?
By John Klok | 5 Answers | Last Activity on October 16, 2020

I spoke to many app developers and they suggest I write the mobile app specs to get the right quotes. Can someone tell me what is the best way to write mobile app specs? Is there a template or...

Affordable Smart Security Systems for Small Businesses
By Sean Peek | October 15, 2020

Business security systems give you the freedom to install the equipment on your own and monitor your protection from your mobile device.

5 Common Retail Scams: How to Spot and Stop Them
By Mona Bushnell | October 15, 2020

These five scams are how your retail employees could be ripping you off. Here's how to stop them.

Where do I find software projects?
By Slava Khristich | 41 Answers | Last Activity on October 15, 2020

I've started software outsourcing and have few projects to work on. My question in general where do people find new software projects... Well, I guess I didn't formed my question right first time....

The Cost of Cybersecurity and How to Budget for It
By Andrew Rinaldi | October 15, 2020

Cybersecurity is important for businesses small and large. Here's what you need to secure your network and devices, and how much to budget for it.

How much should I expect to pay for an e-commerce Wordpress website?
By Jen Ostrosky | 24 Answers | Last Activity on October 14, 2020

I know I want to launch a new e-commerce Wordpress website but have no idea how much this costs. How much should I expect to budget out for this? I'd like it to be SEO and a fairly custom template.

11 Powerful Reasons to Invest in CRM Software
By Rohit Prasanna | October 13, 2020

Learn how CRM software can help you run your business more efficiently.

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Embracing Emerging Technologies in the Remote Work World
By Nicole Fallon | October 09, 2020

KeyBank relied on emerging technologies to transition its team to remote work during the pandemic.

What are the most cost-effective training courses for IT/Network Engineering?
By Michael Toy | 14 Answers | Last Activity on October 09, 2020

I am looking to improve my personal knowledge base in IT/Network Engineering. I am looking for advice on some good "bang-for-the-buck" courses. The IT field is so wide that it can be tough to decide...

What Is Robotic Process Automation?
By Andrew Martins | October 07, 2020

Through the use of specialized software, you can eliminate repetitive tasks from your team's workload.

Which live chat plugin is best for a Opencart shopping website?
By Mark Manson | 13 Answers | Last Activity on October 07, 2020

My shopping website is created on OpenCart and now I need a live chat plugin to make it easier to interact with real time website visitors and figure out their requirements. Where can I find the best...

Any recommendations on simple conference calling providers?
By Roberta Day | 4 Answers | Last Activity on October 06, 2020

We are looking for a platform that offers one phone number but then gives us multiple bridge numbers that anyone within the company can use to start a conference call. Don't need video, reporting,...

Can anyone recommend a good trustworthy oursourcing/offshore company?
By Dror Birzon | 43 Answers | Last Activity on October 03, 2020

We are searching for an outsourcing/offshore company to develop mobile apps related to gaming/social.

What Is Business Intelligence?
By Adam Uzialko | October 02, 2020

Business intelligence is a specific subset of data management that allows businesses to derive actionable insights from contextualized data.

Improve Your Website's Security With These 5 Tips
By Chris Christoff | October 01, 2020

There's a misconception that hackers only target big businesses. While it's true that the majority of cyberattacks occur with large-scale companies, 43% of attacks are directed at small businesses. 

Best Practices for Implementing Live Chat Support
By Andrew Martins | October 01, 2020

When your customers have questions, they want answers right away. With live chat software, you can make that a reality.

How can I monitor my employees in the workplace?
By Lina Jackie | 17 Answers | Last Activity on September 30, 2020

Employees use cell phones and PCs for many reasons such as storing work files within mobile phones, tabs, pads, and computers. The kind of data employees store in devices could be valuable for the...

The Best Business Uses of Microsoft Word
By Jennifer Post | September 29, 2020

Microsoft Word offers a lot more options than you might think.

What Is Data Management?
By Adam Uzialko | September 29, 2020

Every business relies on data, and data management allows businesses to better organize and access the information gathered across a wide range of software solutions.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like Netflix?
By Vikram Yadav | 7 Answers | Last Activity on September 29, 2020

How much does it cost to build an app like Netflix or video streaming app? Netflix is going more popular nowadays because people love this app.

What are some best practices for web design?
By Aswathi E M | 21 Answers | Last Activity on September 28, 2020

I want to design websites for my business. Suggest some of the best practices for web design.