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Stay up to speed with the latest technology for business. Learn about the software and security tools that can streamline and secure your business functions.

Latest Small Business Technology Tips, Trends and Advice

What Is Keystroke Logging?
By Andrew Martins | April 14, 2023

Meta Description: There is more than one way to monitor your employees' actions during the workday. Is keystroke logging a viable option for your small business?

How Much Should You Spend on Small Business Security Systems?
By Mark Fairlie | April 14, 2023

Security is critical to a small business, but so is budgeting. This guide explains how much you should spend on security systems for your small business.

Features of Business Security Systems
By Sean Peek | April 14, 2023

Here's how to find an effective, affordable security system for your business.

5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Security Cameras
By Bennett Conlin | April 14, 2023

Here are five ways your company can benefit from using security cameras. Learn how to choose one that works best for your needs.

Dr. Randall Pinkett
Dr. Randal Pinkett Talks Data-Driven DEI (Full Q&A)
By Skye Schooley | April 13, 2023

CEO and DEI expert also addresses culture-war backlash.

What Is the Cost of Software Development?
By Sean Peek | April 13, 2023

The cost for software development depends on a variety of different factors. Learn how to make the right choices for your business.

The Best Places for Purchasing Office Supplies
By Kimberlee Leonard | April 13, 2023

Many office supply places offer savings programs for corporate accounts, volume sales and other benefits. Learn how small businesses can save.

Fact or Fiction: 5 Common Downfalls of Data Visualizations
By Sanket Shah | April 13, 2023

Visuals can tell a story and explain complex ideas, but they must be used effectively. Learn the five biggest downfalls of data visualization.

Make the Most of Mobile: Offering an Optimized Experience
By Jamie Johnson | April 13, 2023

Have you considered all the ways your business should be optimized for mobile? Learn how to create a seamless mobile experience for your customers.

Computer technician on a computer
How Machine Learning Is Boosting Business Growth
By Mark Fairlie | April 13, 2023

Find out how machine learning is transforming business productivity and profitability.

Food Truck Tech: What You Need to Know
By Andreas Rivera | April 10, 2023

Food trucks are staying competitive with the latest apps and technology. These cutting-edge apps and software can give your food truck an advantage.

PowerShell: Everything You Need to Know
By Sean Peek | April 10, 2023

What is PowerShell? Microsoft PowerShell is a powerful administrative tool that can help you automate tasks for your computer and network.

How Virtual Reality Is Impacting the Ad Industry
By Sean Peek | April 10, 2023

Virtual and augmented reality are two forms of media that can impact how advertisers build relationships with customers. Here is what you need to know.

How to Run Effective Video Meetings in Your Global Business
By Sean Hopwood | April 10, 2023

Use this set of tips to maximize the benefits of video meetings in your company.

Importance of User Activity Monitoring
By Skye Schooley | April 07, 2023

Find out the advantages of tracking employees' device usage and the best monitoring software to use.

Restaurant Security: A Guide to Getting Your Money’s Worth
By Sean Peek | April 07, 2023

Learn how to increase your restaurant's security for the best return on investment.

What Is an Automatic Document Feeder?
By Eduardo Vasconcellos | April 07, 2023

Automatic document feeders can save your business time and resources when printing, copying, and scanning documents. Here's how.

10 Mobile Apps to Stay Connected With Your Team
By Sean Peek | April 07, 2023

Learn how these 10 apps help keep work teams in touch when some employees, or even the bosses, aren't in the office.

Document Tracking Services 101
By Kiely Kuligowski | April 07, 2023

A document tracking system automates the process of accessing, searching and editing documents and enables you to control who views or edits a document.

Office workers
The Must-Have Tools to Crush Your Day
By Jamie Johnson | April 07, 2023

The right software can make your team more productive and streamline your daily tasks. These are the essential tools every business needs.

Types of Cyber Risks Businesses Should Be Aware Of
By Kimberlee Leonard | April 07, 2023

Cyberattacks could lead to big financial losses and even civil or criminal penalties. Learn how your business can reduce the risks.

How to Set Up a Hotspot for Your Business
By Sean Peek | April 07, 2023

A business hotspot can benefit both busy entrepreneurs and the customers they serve. Here's what you need to know about setting up a business hotspot.

How to Set Up Business Wi-Fi
By Jeff Hale | April 07, 2023

Learn everything you need to set up a secure business Wi-Fi connection for your employees and customers.

Biometrics and the Future: What It Means for Small Businesses
By Sean Peek | April 06, 2023

The biometric market keeps growing and is replacing traditional authentication methods. Find out why this technology is good for business.

Cybercrime to Reach $10.5 Trillion By 2025: What Can We Do?
By Mark Fairlie | April 03, 2023

Cybercriminals won't ignore you because your business is small. Learn 20 ways to protect a company from a damaging data breach and how to respond to one.

10 Useful Technologies for Hosting Online Meetings
By Sean Peek | April 03, 2023

Test out one of these video conferencing platforms the next time you need to host a meeting.

Business DSL vs. Cable Internet
By Stella Morrison | April 03, 2023

Business DSL or cable internet: Which type is the right choice for your business? Read on to learn more about each option and reputable providers.

Best Uses for Tablets at Your Restaurant
By Sean Peek | March 31, 2023

Tablets can increase a restaurant's efficiency and flow. Here’s how to use them in your restaurant.

Need a Business Phone Number, but Not a Business Phone?
By Max Freedman | March 31, 2023

You already have a cell phone to make calls; you don't need another phone for business. You need a business number to work on your phone.

How Digital Assistants Can Improve Workplace Productivity
By Sean Peek | March 30, 2023

Learn all about digital personal assistants, and seven ways they can improve your workplace.