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Azuga Review

Donna Fuscaldo
Donna Fuscaldo

Managing a fleet of vehicles is tough enough even without complicated software that can end up harming productivity, safety and customer satisfaction. That is why ease of use was one of our top considerations when we evaluated the best GPS fleet tracking services. We selected vendors based not just on the features they offered but also on how easy those features were to implement and use. Azuga's plug-and-play hardware, easy-to-navigate tracking software and simple-to-use mobile app make this fleet tracking service our best pick for ease of use.



The Verdict

Azuga makes it easy to track your fleet regardless of whether you have a handful of vehicles or hundreds. With plug-and-play hardware that can be set up in seconds and easy-to-use software, including a mobile app, Azuga is our best pick for ease of use.

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Azuga Editor's Score: 9.3/10

Refresh rate 9/10
Contract length 9/10
Dashcam 9.5/10
Free trial 9/10
Hardware type 10/10


Why We Chose Azuga as Best for Ease of Use

Fleet operators need to be able to easily monitor their fleets, react to traffic and other changes in real time, and ensure drivers' safety. As such, fleet tracking software needs to send alerts and capture video, and the hardware must be easy to install and implement. We selected Azuga as our best pick because it is one of the easiest-to-use fleet tracking software solutions we reviewed.

To install the company's GPS tracker, you just plug it into the OBD-II port in each vehicle, and all of the vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior data are captured instantly. We like that you don't have to pay extra for installation or worry about downtime. And once you log in, you see your entire fleet, making it easy to make decisions in real time.

The mobile app is yet another reason we selected Azuga for ease of use. The app offers the same simple navigation as other cloud-hosted software, making it easy for drivers to track their safety scores, sign in and out, and log trips. Additionally, the company's DriveSafe tool – which blocks texts, calling and app use while vehicles are moving – helps make Azuga a top GPS fleet tracking solution.

What We Like

  • Azuga's plug-and-play GPS tracker can be installed in less than a minute. There is no downtime or costly installation.
  • When you log in to the software, you get a whole view of your fleet. You don't have to navigate through any menus to access your operations.
  • Azuga's mobile app makes it easy for drivers to log trips and track safety scores.

What We Don't Like

  • Azuga requires a three-year contract that, while common in the industry, is not ideal.
  • Azuga's refresh rate is unclear. Many GPS fleet tracking vendors claim to track in real time, but there's always at least a little lag time. For example, our review of Samsara found that it refreshes from one second to the next, while our Verizon Connect review shows a refresh rate of about 30 seconds.

FYIFYI: It takes only 20 seconds to install one of Azuga's GPS tracking devices in a vehicle. After that, the device instantly begins tracking the vehicle and the driver's behavior.

Azuga app
As soon as you log in to the Azuga app, you can track your fleet.

Features and Services

Azuga's GPS fleet tracking software makes it easy to stay on top of your fleet. It has several features to enhance productivity, increase driver safety and reduce fuel inefficiencies.

Hardware and Installation

Azuga offers OBD-II port devices for its vehicle tracking solution and a long-life tracker and a rechargeable tracker for its asset-tracking solution. The OBD-II port devices are easy to install yourself, while the asset tracking hardware may require additional installation.

Driver Safety and Performance

Azuga's driver scorecards and the safety features of its vehicle telematics solution help make this service stand out. Although multiple fleet tracking services we assessed provide integrated driver scorecards, Azuga is one of only a few that automatically provide comparisons for both the administrator and the driver to see. This capability allows drivers to track their own scores and provides an easy way to grade drivers and issue performance-based incentives.

Azuga's AI cam
Azuga's AI cam records and flags any unsafe driver behavior.

In addition to driver scores, Azuga provides real-time alerts related to harsh braking, acceleration, speeding and excessive idle time.

FYIFYI: Azuga offers add-ons for blocking smartphone use when a vehicle is being driven, tracking employee hours and providing video-based coaching.

Vehicle Condition, Maintenance and Optimization

Azuga provides real-time data, so you can schedule fleet maintenance and track repairs. The company's vehicle monitoring software has full fuel-reporting tools that can help you optimize your fuel consumption. You can also analyze driver routes and stretch your fuel budget further by optimizing delivery routes for greater efficiency.

Mobile App

Azuga's mobile app enables drivers to track scores and rewards, log trips, and manage time with an easy-to-use interface. The app can also be used to monitor and track fleets on the go.

Azuga app
With Azuga's Fleet mobile app, you and your drivers can manage everything on the go.

Artificial Intelligence Video Cam

Azuga offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-based SafetyCam that captures both front-facing road events and in-cab behaviors. The camera uses AI technology to detect unsafe driving behaviors and tag them to improve driver safety within the fleet.

Alerts and Reports

Azuga users can access live, scheduled and custom reports. The software provides safety alerts, and you can receive notifications about vehicle maintenance and driver behaviors. You can also schedule reports on fleet health and status.

Bottom LineBottom line: Azuga applies artificial intelligence to automatically monitor drivers and flag activity, thus making it faster to find an incident and suggest corrective action.

Pricing and Contract

Azuga charges a one-time fee for the hardware, and then there is a recurring monthly charge. In addition, you will need to sign a contract with a 36-month term. For specific pricing details, you'll need to contact Azuga for a customized quote based on the tracking devices and service you need.

With each plan, you receive access to Azuga's cloud-based application, which provides real-time monitoring. Azuga offers several add-on features, including enhanced vehicle data reporting, roadside assistance, scheduled maintenance reminders, electric vehicle data, FuelSaver and SpeedSafe. FuelSaver and SpeedSafe are proprietary Azuga solutions that provide additional data and context to business owners about how they can optimize the efficiency of their fleets and improve driver behavior.

Azuga interactive tracking software
Azuga is our best pick for ease of use because of its intuitive tracking software.

Customer Support

Azuga customer support is available by phone, email and web chat 24/7. We reached out to Azuga representatives, posing as small business owners in need of asset management, and we were pleased with the level of support; representatives answered our questions quickly.

Azuga isn't accredited with the Better Business Bureau. While this isn't necessarily a reflection of the type of service you will receive from the company, it is something to keep in mind. Azuga was rated positively on other telematics review sites.

FYIFYI: Many of the GPS fleet tracking services we reviewed aren't accredited with the BBB. However, that isn't necessarily a reflection of the level of service.


Azuga makes GPS fleet tracking easy, but the service does have some downsides. One drawback is that Azuga is not transparent about its refresh time. Although most vendors don't provide real-time refresh rates, we would have preferred to see this information on the company's website.

Another potential drawback is that Azuga requires a three-year contract, which may not be ideal for some businesses. Although this contract length is relatively common in the industry, we still view it as a limitation.

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking software enables small businesses to keep tabs on their vehicles and drivers in real time. The software is designed to improve safety, reduce transportation times and lower fuel costs. Most of the software is cloud-based and communicates with in-vehicle plug-and-play or hardwired devices.


When choosing our best pick for ease of use, we sought out vendors that used plug-and-play hardware and didn't charge separate installation costs. After narrowing our list based on those factors, we viewed product demos and videos to gauge how easy it was to view a fleet, monitor safety and access actionable data. We also considered the industries the vendors served, the advanced technology they employed and whether they had a mobile app. From there, we looked at customer service and customer reviews to make our final decision.


What are Azuga's driver scores and driver incentives?

Azuga scores drivers based on their behavior behind the wheel to help fleet owners identify their best- and worst-performing drivers. The score is based on hard braking, speeding, hard acceleration, idling, cornering, distracted driving and seat-belt usage. Fleet owners can use the score, which is given on a scale of 0 to 100, as an incentive to promote safe driving by giving drivers rewards that can be redeemed through the Azuga app.

When does Azuga GPS tracking start working?

Once Azuga's plug-and-play GPS device is installed in the vehicle, it works every time the vehicle starts up. The software monitors the vehicle until it shuts off, and then the fleet manager is sent reports, information about the engine, and safety data.

Bottom Line

We recommend Azuga for …

  • Small business owners who don't want to spend time learning new software to track their fleet.
  • Business owners who want hardware that takes only seconds to install.
  • Businesses that don't need real-time refresh rates and don't mind being locked into a long-term contract.

We don't recommend Azuga for …

  • Small business owners who need to see their fleet in real time and can't afford even seconds of lag time.
  • Business owners who don't want to commit to a long-term contract.

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The Verdict

Azuga makes it easy to track your fleet regardless of whether you have a handful of vehicles or hundreds. With plug-and-play hardware that can be set up in seconds and easy-to-use software, including a mobile app, Azuga is our best pick for ease of use.

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Donna Fuscaldo
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