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Azuga Review

By Matt D'Angelo, Writer | Updated Feb 08, 2019

Many telematics solutions are ideal for fleet optimization and tracking, but Azuga is one of the few companies we reviewed that has a stellar asset telematics offering as well. Azuga can provide asset monitoring, coordinate recovery, and help companies locate and service a deployed asset. Asset tracking is necessary for a variety of businesses, such as construction, landscaping and public services. It can help business owners monitor their fleets and prevent theft. Azuga introduced this feature to its service two years ago, and it can provide two different types of hardware. Azuga also has advanced software, so you can group assets based on type or geography.



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The Verdict

Azuga provides excellent tracking and safety features for a fleet, earning our pick for best asset tracking in a GPS fleet tracking system.

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Azuga provides vehicle fleet telematics services that offer good support with flexible contract structures and easy hardware installation. It's ideal for businesses looking to add fleet tracking services to smaller fleets. The intuitive interface is ideal for operators and managers looking to stay efficient while also keeping track of vehicles. Azuga also offers plug-and-play devices, so business owners can get started with fleet tracking just by plugging a device into a vehicle's OBD II port. For all these reasons, Azuga earns our best pick for asset tracking.

Pricing and Contract

Azuga lists pricing for its fleet tracking services on its website, offering two plans for OBD II port devices and advanced software. Depending on which plan you opt for, you'll pay no device fee and a $27.99 monthly subscription fee or a $99.99 fee per device and a $22 monthly subscription fee. The second option doesn't require a contract, whereas the first is a two-year commitment. There is no vehicle minimum for these services, and Azuga can meet compliance requirements for ELDs and HoS. There are demo videos online, so you can get a feel for what Azuga's software will be like without doing an official demo with the company.

While asset tracking likely takes on a different pricing model, the company says the asset tracking services use the same fleet tracking software as its vehicle monitoring software. It's a cloud-based application that provides real-time monitoring, according to the company. Azuga also provides two hardware options for companies interested in asset tracking: a long-life asset tracker and a rechargeable asset tracker. The long-life asset tracker is ruggedized and weatherproof. It has a battery life of up to five years at one location ping per day. This device is ideal for long deployments on non-powered assets, since its battery longevity comes from just one ping per day. The rechargeable asset tracker is also weatherproof and offers a six-month battery life. It can be connected to a 12- or 24-volt power source for power and to recharge. This device is better for powered assets, like generators, portable lights or powered signs.

Features and Services

The features listed below are for Azuga's vehicle telematics and asset telematics solutions. Since the asset tracking works with the same software, many features will translate within the expected use cases. We've marked what features apply to which offering below. Some advanced features, like fuel tracking and driver safety scorecards, are likely not a feature of Azuga's asset telematics offering.

  • Hardware and installation: Azuga provides OBD II port devices for its vehicle tracking and two types of devices for its asset tracking: a long-life asset tracker and a rechargeable asset tracker. The OBD II port devices are easy self-install components, while the asset tracking hardware may require additional installation.

  • Safety: Although they may not be features for asset tracking, Azuga's driver scorecards and safety features are a highlight of its vehicle telematics solution. While multiple services we look at provide integrated driver scorecards, Azuga is one of the few that automatically compares them for both the administrator and driver to see. This can allow drivers to track their own score and work to improve or maintain it. It also provides an easy way to grade drivers and issue incentives based on performance. In addition to great driver scorecards, this service provides real-time alerts on driver safety related to harsh braking and acceleration, speeding, and excessive idle time. Managers can also track fuel efficiency and vehicle maintenance. You can read more about fleet safety here.

  • Fuel performance: This feature is also specific to Azuga's vehicle monitoring software. It provides full fuel reporting features, including for speeding and idling. This can help you optimize your fuel. You can also analyze routes and stretch fuel further by planning better delivery routes.

  • Maintenance: Azuga provides real-time data so you can better anticipate vehicle health. It's possible to track repairs and better schedule maintenance to your fleet using Azuga's software. You can read more about Azuga's maintenance features here.

  • Alerts: Azuga offers a host of live alerts and scheduled reports. In addition to safety alerts, you can receive alerts on vehicle maintenance and other driver behaviors. You can also schedule reports on fleet health and status. You can read more about alerts here.

  • Customer reviews: While we found good reviews on various sites, Azuga doesn't have a Better Business Bureau page.

Pros and Cons

  • Pro
    • Azuga has one of the strongest asset telematics offerings of any company we reviewed. With two hardware devices and real-time tracking, Azuga provides solid asset tracking services.
    • This company also offers great safety features, like comparative driver scorecards and proactive maintenance monitoring.
  • Con
    • Azuga lacks a Better Business Bureau page.

Ease of Use

Azuga's software and interface is among the best we reviewed. While we didn't do a demo with the software, we watched several online tutorials and demos and viewed screenshots on the company's website. The dashboard is fully customizable and separated into tiles, which feature info on topics like driver scores, vehicle health, billing cycle and location. It provides a sleek toolbar with a bird's-eye map view for easy access to where each vehicle in your fleet is. It refreshes every 30 seconds, and you can view both weather and traffic data in the map screen.

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Services of 2020

The Verdict

Azuga provides excellent tracking and safety features for a fleet, earning our pick for best asset tracking in a GPS fleet tracking system.

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