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GPS Trackit Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
Staff writer Staff
Updated Dec 20, 2022

GPS Trackit is a low-cost telematics platform with great features for small business. It offers month-to-month services, a money-back guarantee, and online transparency about its pricing and contract structure. It’s a great value pick because of its low cost and flexible service offering. Just because it’s value, though, doesn’t mean it sacrifices anything in terms of its features. This company offers full ELD compliance, safety features and vehicle diagnostics. It also has great reviews with the Better Business Bureau.

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GPS Trackit

The Verdict

GPS Trackit is a low-cost platform with robust features that are ideal for small business. Its safety features and online reputation are noteworthy.

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Our best pick for value is ideal for small business owners looking to implement fleet tracking without breaking the bank. Large carriers have used telematics solutions for a long time. Things like fuel efficiency, route optimization and preventative maintenance have all been tackled by big fleets.

GPS Trackit allows small business owners to use the same powerful features larger companies have enjoyed for years. This means smaller fleets can benefit from the insight this type of technology provides. It’s also a great way to meet the requirements of the ELD mandate that was recently enacted. GPS Trackit is a full-fledged solution and platform for small business. It provides fleet managers with access and insights that prove to be competitive in the industry.

Pricing and Contract

GPS Trackit is a transparent company. Many companies we reviewed tried to hide their pricing information or make you go through the sales process in order to learn what their plans are. GPS Trackit is one of the few companies that lists its pricing and contract structure directly on its website. It doesn’t have any contract requirements.

Instead, to commit to its services, you pay $23.95 per month. There are no activation fees, and GPS Trackit offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. This is a marquee feature that not many companies provide. In fact, most of the companies we reviewed do not offer any kind of money-back guarantee. One of the few other companies we evaluated that does offer a money-back guarantee was Onfleet, our best pick for value.

With no contract requirement and a money-back guarantee. GPS Trackit is one of the most flexible fleet tracking solutions we reviewed. It has a strong platform with refresh times ranging from 30 seconds to one minute, depending on your plan. There’s no vehicle minimum, so you’ll be able to partner with GPS Trackit even if you only have one vehicle in your fleet. This adds to the overall flexibility of the service.

GPS Trackit doesn’t sacrifice quality in its flexibility. It has a very robust compliance offering, providing support for ELDs. This can help you ensure HoS and better understand your driver’s hours.

Features and Services

  • Hardware and installation: GPS Trackit’s offers both OBD II port device hardware and more advanced hardware. The company says its advanced hardware is easy to install, and most customers install the device themselves. This can be done by hooking up the hardware to various information centers throughout the vehicle.
  • Safety: GPS Trackit provides multiple reports on your fleet. You can view drivers safety reports, vehicle health reports, onboard temperature reports, speed reports and other vehicle diagnostics indicators. The reporting features of GPS Trackit’s software are impressive. It’s why GPS Trackit is such a strong value pick – it doesn’t sacrifice quality despite its price.
  • Fuel performance: In addition to several safety reports, you can analyze and optimize your fleet’s routes to make the most out of your fuel. You can view driver behavior and safety through a fuel efficiency lens, prevent idling and coach drivers to be more fuel efficient. GPS Trackit also offers fuel card integration, so you can closely manage fuel spending, control access and monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption.
  • Maintenance: Like the company’s safety reporting features, there are reports for vehicle diagnostics. It can handle basic management of vehicle diagnostics, like airbags, brakes, coolant, cruise control, ignition, oil pressure and other marquee diagnostics. You can also troubleshoot engine issues and set alerts to manage preventative maintenance.
  • Alerts: GPS Trackit’s software works on tablets and mobile phones, so you can manage your fleet from anywhere. You can set alerts for idling, speeding, ignition, maintenance reminders and driver behavior. You can also customize your alerts around driver behavior, so you can stay up to date on the most pertinent information in your fleet.
  • Customer reviews: GPS Trackit is one of the few companies we reviewed that has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and is also accredited by the business rating agency. Many companies we reviewed were either accredited and had low scores or weren’t accredited and had high scores. As of the date this review was written, there were no complaints on the company’s page either. GPS Trackit garnered good reviews on other telematics review sites as well. This company has one of the strongest online reputations of any company we reviewed. 

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • GPS Trackit is a low-cost solution with robust features.
    • There are no long-term contract requirements with GPS Trackit.
    • GPS Trackit has excellent reporting features and a good online reputation.
  • Cons
    • GPS Trackit is a transparent company that provides good services. We didn’t find any major drawbacks to partnering with this company, although it’s important to think critically about your business’s needs before deciding which fleet tracking service to partner with.

Ease of Use

GPS Trackit has a solid platform. It can be used on desktop and mobile devices, so you can check in on your fleet from anywhere.  Its dashboards feature maps, metrics and include all the relevant information for your fleet. It also breaks down key metrics and analytics into simple graphs and dashboards so you can get the most relevant insights out of your data.

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GPS Trackit

The Verdict

GPS Trackit is a low-cost platform with robust features that are ideal for small business. Its safety features and online reputation are noteworthy.

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