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What is the best eCommerce platform to use for a startup?

Hi all, I'm looking for a little advice. What are your recommendations for a good, easy to use, eCommerce platform that is geared towards starting a new business. I've been considering both...

What should be my first steps after launching a website?
QUESTION | BY Pooja Sanjay | 27 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 08/07/20

I am planning to launch a website to promote some kind of service. I want to know that my next step should be: to make people aware about the website and drive traffic there, or convince them to...

What are the best free website builders?

I want to set up a website advertising my services as a Restaurant Consultant. I'm toying with website ideas. First and foremost, I want it to look professional, be fairly easy to find and navigate,...

Are there any good free courses for learning web design?
QUESTION | BY Denise Hilton | 19 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/29/20

I have been working as an IT administrator for the last 7 years but now I want to make a shift in my career. I want to become a web designer and be really good at it. Can you suggest some good...

What factors influence website loading time?
QUESTION | BY Sarah William | 11 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/29/20

What is the best way to improve website loading time? What are things that need to be kept in mind? Is it affected by using a lot of plugins?

How can I attract clients who need web design and development services?
QUESTION | BY Nayan kumar | 6 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/28/20

I'm a professional freelance graphic designer, web designer, and web developer. I want to know what are the best ways or online marketing tips to get new clients.

How do I make a one page eCommerce website with a buy now option?
QUESTION | BY Karan Duggad | 10 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/28/20

I want to sell a single product so I need to create a webpage or website were I only sell 1 product and it includes all of the details on that product and it should have a buy now option. What is...

Can anyone recommend a good trustworthy oursourcing/offshore company?
QUESTION | BY Dror Birzon | 41 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/27/20

We are searching for an outsourcing/offshore company to develop mobile apps related to gaming/social.

How do I add content to my website?
QUESTION | BY Anonymous User | 14 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/24/20

Ive just read that adding your own content to a website is a great way to use keywords to increase your ranking. I also read you can outsource the writing of these articles to other sites like odesk....

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The Best Small Business Copiers of 2020
BY Andrew Martins

These are the best color copiers for 2020. See up-to-date comparisons on new features and the prices for the top color copy machines for small business.

How important are backlinks for website traffic?
QUESTION | BY Colette Hamilton | 31 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/22/20

Should I be concerned that compared to my competitors they have a lot more backlinks than my website shows? It seems impossible to ever catch up because my competitors have been around for so much...

What are hot innovation trends in ecommerce right now?
QUESTION | BY Carrie Dunham | 17 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/17/20
What do I need to add to my e-commerce store to keep visitors on the website?
QUESTION | BY Jesse Trimble | 24 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/15/20

Our new website has just launched and I am curious to know from this community what I can do to avoid bounce off rates and keep customers on my site which of course will...

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The Best Conference Call Services of 2020
BY Kiely Kuligowski

Which conference call service is right for your business in 2020? We review the top-rated services.

How can I create a website for my shop without any knowledge of programming language?
QUESTION | BY Imran Hasan | 25 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/14/20

I want to open a website for my shop to sell my products online. I don't know any programming language. Where do I begin?

Technologies That Are Making Smart Buildings Smarter
BY editorial staff

Developing technologies are making buildings more efficient and convenient.

How can I integrate a live chat module on a Magento eCommerce website?
QUESTION | BY james foley | 13 ANSWERS | LAST ACTIVITY ON 07/07/20

I need a web based live chat module for our eCommerce store created on Magento. I need that software to provide online support to our customers. What is the best way for me to do this?

11 Entrepreneur-Recommended Tools for Your Next Online Meeting
BY Scott Gerber

In the age of remote work and social distancing, try these video conferencing tools for your company's online meetings.

Cut the Code: Why Speaking In Technical Jargon Is Not Making You Look Smarter
BY editorial staff

Jargon causes a problem when you are talking to someone who doesn't understand it, or, worse, misuses it.

What Is Google's Project Fi, and How Does it Work?
BY Business News Daily Editor

Could Google's phone network be a viable option for your company phone?