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What Small Business Owners Should Know About Direct Deposit
By Simone Johnson | March 31, 2023

Direct deposit is popular among large employers, but what options exist for small businesses? Learn more about direct deposit, including the pros and cons.

How to Do Payroll for a Small Business
By Matt D’Angelo | March 31, 2023

Learn how to run payroll for your small business's employees.

person using a calculator to do accounting
How to Cheat Uncle Sam (Legally)
By Sean Peek | March 31, 2023

Tax season doesn't need to be painful financially if you know what deductions to take. Here are some you might not know about.

10 Critical Elements of Professional Invoices
By Megan Totka | March 29, 2023

Invoicing is crucial for small business cash flow. Learn how to create an effective professional invoice that increases the likelihood of timely payments.

Overhead Cost and How to Calculate It
By Dock David Treece | March 28, 2023

Overhead costs are your expenses that are tied to things other than the production of your goods or services. Here is how to calculate it.

Using Form 941 to Pay Quarterly Payroll Taxes
By David Gargaro | March 28, 2023

This guide explains Form 941, which employers need to fill out for tax withholdings from employee paychecks during payroll.

Business Debt: How Much Is Too Much to Carry?
By Jamie Johnson | March 27, 2023

To start your business, you’ll need money and sometimes borrowing funds is fine. Without proper management and care, though, debt can become problematic.

Important Tax-Saving Tips for Small Business Owners
By Dachondra Cason | March 23, 2023

With new tax laws taking effect, follow these best practices to ensure your business is well positioned come tax time.

What Are Payroll Liabilities?
By Julie Thompson | March 23, 2023

Payroll liabilities are payroll-related fees your company owes. Learn payroll liability types, how they differ from payroll expenses, and how to pay them.

The Ins and Outs of Farm Equipment Loans
By Donna Fuscaldo | March 23, 2023

Farm equipment is costly, and for many in the agriculture industry, it's imperative to find affordable financing. Read our guide on farm equipment loans.

Why Small Business Owners Should Think About Taxes Year-Round
By Sean Peek | March 23, 2023

Learn how to tackle taxes more effectively and get bigger deductions by folding tax plans into your overall business strategy.

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How to Avoid Shady Small Business Lenders 
By Mike Berner | March 23, 2023

Borrowing money is inherently risky, but it’s sometimes the best funding solution. Follow these tips to ensure your loan experience is successful.

4 Ways to Boost Your Balance Sheet
By Donna Fuscaldo | March 22, 2023

Want to improve cash flow or look good in the eyes of the bank or investors? Here's how to strengthen your balance sheet.

What Are Assets in Accounting?
By Sean Peek | March 22, 2023

An asset in accounting is any company-controlled resource that generates an economic benefit for the owner.

5 Ways to Reduce Operational Costs for Your Small Business
By Jennifer Dublino | March 22, 2023

Because small businesses operate on tight margins, sustaining a healthy profit is critical. Learn how to increase revenue and reduce expenses. 

What Is Retro Pay?
By Sean Peek | March 22, 2023

If you underpay an employee during a pay period, you owe them retro pay for the following paycheck. Find out what retro pay is and how to calculate it.

How to Get Paid as a Contractor
By Karina Fabian | March 22, 2023

When a client doesn't pay you for a construction project, what do you do? Read about your options in our guide.

How to Improve Your Small Business’s Cash Flow
By Sean Peek | March 22, 2023

Cash flow is critical for businesses, so managing it is key. Here's how to improve your business's cash flow situation.

5 Benefits of Automating Your Accounts Payable
By Sean Peek | March 22, 2023

Find out the reasons you should automate accounts payable, and see our picks for the best accounting software to help with financial tasks.

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8 Ways to Keep Your Small Business Afloat in Any Financial Climate
By editorial staff | March 20, 2023

Take these steps to ensure your small business's survival in a recession or economic crisis.

How Is a Cash Flow Statement Prepared?
By Simone Johnson | March 17, 2023

Find out what to include in a cash flow statement, as well as its limitations and how cash flow is calculated.

Pricing and Costs of Tax Consultants
By Jennifer Dublino | March 13, 2023

No matter what type of taxes you need help preparing, it's crucial to choose the right business tax consultant – and one whose prices fit into your budget.

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Big Profits, Big Layoffs: Tracking Earnings Per Laidoff Employee
By editorial staff | March 09, 2023 logo
Review Review
By Mike Berner | March 06, 2023
What’s the Difference Between Net Income and Profit? 
By Dachondra Cason | March 06, 2023

Profit and net income are found on your company's income statement. Learn the difference between these financial terms and what they mean for your company.

What to Do if You’re Behind on Your Taxes
By Chad Brooks | March 03, 2023

Getting behind on your taxes can result in penalties, including liens and levies on your business. Here's what to do if you're past due.

How to Calculate Night Shift Differential Pay
By Max Freedman | March 02, 2023

Night shift differential pay makes it easy to find and motivate daytime employees to work nighttime shifts. Here's how to calculate it.

From Collections to Repossession: A Timeline of Debt
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 28, 2023

Find out what happens when your debt goes into the collections phase and what you can do about it.

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Don’t Go Broke: The Best Ways to Save When Starting a Business
By Mike Berner | February 28, 2023

New products and remote work have made it much easier to start a new business while on a budget. Find out how to save.

Businesswoman looking at a line chart on a computer screen
Don’t Let Inflation Destroy Your Business in 2023
By Jennifer Dublino | February 28, 2023

With inflation rising, small businesses face diminished profit margins. Learn how to battle inflation — and discover the risks of not planning properly.