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Employment and Anti-Discrimination Laws in the Workplace
By Skye Schooley | May 30, 2023

Learn what workplace anti-discrimination laws apply to you and your team, and how to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

person carrying packed office belongings
What to Include in a Termination Letter
By Skye Schooley | May 25, 2023

Check out these free templates to help you write an employee termination letter.

Quitting job
Is Quiet Quitting Actually Good for Business?
By Skye Schooley | May 25, 2023

Learn how to use quiet quitting to your business's advantage.

intern training
Best Pick
The Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2023
By Skye Schooley | May 23, 2023

Human resource outsourcing services can simplify your human resource responsibilities. Learn about the best HROs available for your small business.

Stressed out businesswoman
6 Ways You’re Failing the Women in Your Company
By Skye Schooley | May 18, 2023

The gender gap is real, as is gender bias. Find out how you may be failing your female workers and how you can retain and support them long term.

Human Resources Management Glossary: Key Terms HR Pros Should Know
By Skye Schooley | May 17, 2023

Use our glossary to find out the definitions of words commonly used in the world of HR and see the buzzwords entering the human resources lexicon.

Employee Rights You’re Violating Right Now
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 17, 2023

Employers should understand employees' rights to avoid violating them. Learn about violations like discrimination, wage errors, sexual harassment and more.

person opening a paycheck
Don’t Want to Cut Employees? Try Cutting Salaries
By Skye Schooley | May 17, 2023

If you need to cut business expenses, an alternative to layoffs is salary reductions. Here are the laws and guidelines to follow when cutting employee pay.

woman getting hired
Are You Guilty of Labor Hoarding?
By Skye Schooley | May 17, 2023

Finding top talent isn't easy, so many employers are resorting to labor hoarding. Learn what labor hoarding is and see if you're guilty of it.

Meeting in a conference room
Is It Time to Fire Your Managers?
By Skye Schooley | May 17, 2023

Some businesses benefit from cutting managerial positions. Learn what a flat organizational structure is to see if it's right for your company.

Office workers
Is Your Workplace Sabbatical-Savvy?
By Jennifer Dublino | May 16, 2023

Sabbaticals in academia have offered professors a unique benefit, but more companies are adopting the policy. Would your employees like this incentive?

The Best and Worst Excuses for Getting Out of Work
By Chad Brooks | May 16, 2023

Some employees use some pretty creative excuses to get out of work. Here are some of the best excuses we've heard.

The Benefits Stay Interviews Can Bring Your Company
By Patrick Proctor | May 09, 2023

Learn how to conduct a stay interview, see sample questions and find out the benefits.

Ways to Prepare for a Gen Z Workplace
By Jennifer Dublino | May 04, 2023

Generation Z is flooding the workplace. Here is how you can prepare to meet the needs of this demographic and their unique perspective.

What Employee Info Can You Collect in Personnel Files?
By Skye Schooley | May 03, 2023

Learn which documents you should and shouldn't collect in employee personnel files.

The Legalities and Benefits of Employee Cellphone Monitoring
By Skye Schooley | May 02, 2023

Find out how to implement employee phone monitoring, the benefits of doing so and the legalities of "spying" on your workers.

Creating an Employee-Centric Company Culture Will Not Be the Death of Your Business
By Jennifer Post | May 01, 2023

Does your company fear giving power to its employees? Here are some of the benefits of granting them the freedom to contribute to company culture.

person overlooking palm trees and a beach
Should You Really Pay for Your Employee to Sit on a Beach in the Caribbean?
By Sean Peek | April 27, 2023

Offering your employees travel stipends can keep workers engaged and happy. Here are some pros and cons of implementing vacation stipends at your company.

Trust the Process: 13 Tips to Empower and Encourage Your Staff
By Chad Brooks | April 25, 2023

The key to a happy and productive employees is making sure that they feel important in their roles. Here are 13 tips to empower your staff.

Trinet Zenefits logo
Zenefits HRO Review
By Skye Schooley | April 25, 2023

Zenefits offers an easy-to-use payroll system that enables you to run payroll in four steps. Making manual adjustments, such as including bonuses, is easy when running payroll as well.

The Process for Terminating Employee Benefits
By Sean Peek | April 19, 2023

When an employee exits your company, their benefits must be terminated accurately. Here's how to end your ex-employee's benefits.

Unspoken Signals: Common Body Language Mistakes to Avoid in the Workplace
By Skye Schooley | April 17, 2023

Your body language defines your persona. These nonverbal cues can crush your chances of success.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training
By Chad Brooks | April 17, 2023

Investing in employee training can pay off for your business in multiple ways.

How to Implement Continuous Performance Management
By Jennifer Dublino | April 14, 2023

Continuous performance management can boost morale and improve communication. Learn how to implement continuous performance management in your company.

Being a Good Co-Worker Makes the Workplace Better
By Mark Fairlie | April 13, 2023

While business owners and managers are responsible for creating a great work environment, you can contribute by being a good co-worker. Learn how.

7 Ways to Improve Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
By Skye Schooley | April 13, 2023

Is your company diversity and inclusion strategy enough? Check out these companies that have made real changes.

Best Pick
The Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2023
By Andrew Martins | April 11, 2023

Looking for the best employee scheduling software? We've reviewed the best and cheapest programs.

Paychex PEO Review and Pricing Review
By Skye Schooley | April 10, 2023

Paychex offers extensive, in-depth PEO services in benefits administration, risk management, human resources and payroll. This national company operates in all 50 states and offers fully up-to-date...

The Power of Anonymity for Employee Feedback
By Chad Brooks | April 10, 2023

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous feedback and how to get it from your employees.

How to Foster a Culture of Empowered Employees
By Sean Peek | April 10, 2023

Create a work culture that allows employees to understand how their contribution is meaningful. Here are tips to help empower your workers.