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Get advice from HR experts on the best HR solutions, software, and best practices to help you effectively manage your human resources department.

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How to Offer Employee Benefits
By Skye Schooley | June 28, 2022

If you need help with your benefits management process, follow these five steps to get your employee benefits plan up and running.

What Are Legal Support Services?
By Chad Brooks | June 28, 2022

Find qualified law support services for your business before you need them.

HSA vs. FSA: What Impact Does It Have on Employers?
By Andrew Martins | June 28, 2022

Discover the differences and benefits of HSA and FSA to help you choose the right healthcare options for your employees.

How to Utilize Big Data for Human Resources
By Skye Schooley | June 28, 2022

Big data can be an effective tool for HR professionals to hire and retain top talent. Learn some smart ways to use big data in human resources.

How to Reduce Sick Days by Encouraging a Healthy Workplace
By Sam Malik | June 28, 2022

Loss of production due to absenteeism is reported to cost U.S. companies as much as $227 billion each year. Here's how to help that.

Health Insurance: Employer and Employee Costs in 2022
By Max Freedman | June 28, 2022

Health insurance costs are a major factor in an employee benefits package. Here's what to expect from employer-sponsored plans in 2022.

6 Gusto Payroll Alternatives
By Julie Thompson | June 28, 2022

Gusto's automated payroll management system is popular, but it lacks integration and other features. Read about six Gusto alternatives for your business.

What IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C Mean for Small Businesses
By Andrew Martins | June 28, 2022

Health insurance comes with plenty of hurdles to navigate. Understanding how forms 1094-C and 1095-C relate to your requirements can be a huge help.

Expand Internationally by Leveraging Local PEO Services
By Craig Dempsey | June 28, 2022

Learn how a professional employer organization can make international expansion painless for your business.

Tracking Employee Attendance: What Equipment Do You Need?
By Skye Schooley | June 28, 2022

Employee attendance tracking lends valuable insight to more than just payroll. Learn about the equipment you need to maximize your business productivity.

Corporate Wellness Programs: Health Benefits With Some Legal Risks
By Justin O. Walker | June 28, 2022

An employee wellness program can have great benefits, but you need to be aware of the legal risks too. Here are some of the laws related to these programs.

How PEOs Are Behind Companies With the Best Benefits
By Skye Schooley | June 28, 2022

The best employees have one thing in common: They want to work for the companies with the best benefits. Learn how PEOs help keep employees happy.

Can You Keep a Secret? The Importance of Non-Disclosure Agreements
By Daliah Saper | June 28, 2022

You don’t want anyone else to know your secret sauce but sometimes you just have to disclose it in order to advance your business interests.

What’s the Best Timeclock for Your Small Business?
By Andrew Martins | June 27, 2022

If you have hourly employees, you need an accurate count of their hours. Learn how to choose the best timeclock for your small business.

The Benefits of Mind Mapping for Busy Professionals
By Ryan Ayers | June 27, 2022

Busy professionals can get more done faster by learning how to construct mind maps.

8 ADP Payroll Alternatives
By Julie Thompson | June 27, 2022

ADP offers HR, payroll and more, but its costs might be prohibitive. Learn which ADP alternatives may better suit your company.

What Is an Administrative Services Organization (ASO)?
By Matt D’Angelo | June 27, 2022

Learn how ASOs differ from PEOs and how outsourced help can ease your management burdens.

9 HR Basics for Any Small Business
By Vanessa Johnson | June 27, 2022

Learn some human resources basics to ensure your business successfully recruits and retains employees and stays legally compliant.

HR Compliance Challenges Small Businesses Face Today
By Skye Schooley | June 27, 2022

Are you violating employment compliance regulations? You might be. Check out our list of the most challenging HR regulations small businesses face.

7 Unexpected Benefits of Attendance Tracking Software
By Sean Peek | June 27, 2022

Not sure whether you should use attendance tracking software at your business? Find out exactly what it is, the benefits, and the top systems.

What Is 401(k) Automatic Enrollment?
By Donna Fuscaldo | June 27, 2022

Many employers are instituting 401(k) automatic enrollment to boost participation. Learn how it works and other ways to boost enrollment.

4 Steps to a Successful HRIS Audit
By Chad Brooks | June 27, 2022

When evaluating a human resources information system (or auditing your current one), keeps these four things in mind.

How Your Business Could Benefit From Using an Employer of Record
By Patrick Proctor | June 24, 2022

Learn how partnering with an employer of record can benefit your business.

The Best Human Resources Software of 2022
By Skye Schooley | June 21, 2022

HR software can simplify your human resource responsibilities. Learn what the best HR software options can do for your small business.

Best Business Employee Retirement Plans of 2022
By Donna Fuscaldo | June 21, 2022

Looking for an employee retirement plan for you and your staff? Before you select one, check out our guide and best picks.

401(k): What Small Businesses Need to Know
By Chad Brooks | June 16, 2022

Learn the ins and outs of 401(k) plans to make sure you comply and help your employees save as much as possible.

What Is Human Capital Management?
By Sean Peek | June 15, 2022

Human capital management and its software is a great resource or tool for companies investing in their employees.

7 Tools to Measure Employee Performance
By Sean Peek | May 13, 2022

Learn what employee performance measurement tools are, what their benefits are, and some of the top software to use in your business.

The Best Background Check Companies of 2022
By Skye Schooley | April 26, 2022

Looking for the best background check service for pre-employment screening? Compare features and prices of the best background check services.

Free Timeclocks: What You Get and What You’ll Be Missing
By Skye Schooley | April 01, 2022

There are lots of paid timeclocks, but would a free timeclock meet your needs? Learn what features a free timeclock has and what it might lack.