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Veriato Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Veriato Cerebral, formerly known as Veriato 360, is a comprehensive employee monitoring software solution with an impressive slate of features that can keep you fully informed of each employee’s activities down to the detail. It is one of the most well-rounded pieces of software we reviewed, containing all the features we looked for and then some. However, given the sprawling nature of the program, it can take a bit of time to become adept at using it.



The Verdict

Veriato Cerebral is well-rounded employee monitoring application that offers many worthwhile tools and features. However, mastering it does require overcoming a bit of a learning curve.

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Veriato Cerebral is the only employee monitoring software in our review that does not publicly list any pricing and requires you to submit your contact information to receive an estimate from a sales representative. We submitted a request as a small business with 10 employees and received a prompt response from the company’s sales department. We were quoted $1,200 annually for 10 users, which works out to $10 per user per month. That is a fair price, comparable to the other employee monitoring software in our review, especially given the extensive features available with Veriato Cerebral.


Veriato Cerebral is one of the most comprehensive employee monitoring software solutions we reviewed; it includes the core tools we looked for as well as some advanced features that give admins even greater insight into employee behavior and device usage.

  • Web activity: Veriato Cerebral's web activity monitoring tool keeps tabs on how employees use the internet across all browsers, including their search queries and the websites they access. It also shows how employees engage with those websites, including how much active time they spent on each page.
  • Emails:  Veriato Cerebral monitors email in clients like Microsoft Outlook as well as leading webmail services like Google. The software tracks employee email conversations, including the date and time of the conversations, the email platform, the participants and the content. Emails are searchable so that admins can look for keywords or red flags in a few steps.
  • Applications: Much like its web activity monitoring features, Veriato Cerebral stores information about which software employees use the most. If an employee is playing video games on the job, for example, it will be obvious to admins.
  • File transfers: Any files that a user uploads or downloads are tracked and recorded, available for later viewing by admins. This is useful for both cybersecurity as well as for protecting sensitive company documents from theft. File transfer monitoring also tracks whether removable devices, such as USB flash drives, were used to save company files onto private devices.
  • Documents: Admins can view any documents that are created, edited or opened by the user. This tool allows admins to identify when employees might be working on something unrelated to work.
  • Live chats: Veriato Cerebral enables the monitoring of live chats across popular messenger platforms, including clients like Slack and social media messangers like Facebook. Much like email monitoring, this tool identifies the user and device in question, the participants in the conversation, the date and time it occurred, and the content of the conversation.
  • Keystrokes: Each keystroke by a user in every application or browser is tracked and logged, giving admins a real-time view into what users are typing key by key.
  • Alerts: Admins can set parameters for each activity monitoring tool so they are alerted when risky behavior or violations of company policy occur. Notifications are sent in real time and identify when and where the violation happened, enabling admins to respond quickly.
  • Screenshots: Veriato Cerebral takes screenshots and stores them as visual evidence of users' activities.
  • Video archives: Admins can access full video archives that provide the context of a specific event. This allows you to check the recordings for more evidence if you’re unsure whether a user's action truly constitutes a violation of company policy.
  • Active time: Admins can use the active time tool to track how often an employee is inactive. If an employee is not active on their computer, their inactivity time, which is logged for later review by admins, will reflect it.
  • Search: Since this employee monitoring software captures so much data, it's especially significant that the database is so easy to search. Admins can set specific conditions to bring up virtually any piece of data captured by Veriato Cerebral, whether its events by user or a specific action taken by any user on a particular date.
  • Reporting: Veriato Cerebral offers daily, weekly or monthly reports that compile the data captured during that time period. Activity reports display the applications and websites an employee has accessed, the searches they've conducted, the active time they've spent working and more. You can slice and dice data in reports to view the insights in several ways. For example, you can track social media usage by hour, per employee, or across a given week to see who is scrolling their feed the most.

Ease of Use

Veriato Cerebral mimics the user interface of the company’s previous employee monitoring solution, Veriato 360. It is relatively easy to navigate, especially if you've used it before, but even first timers will find the interface clean and relatively uncluttered. However, the breadth and depth of the software does mean there is a bit of a learning curve to master.

The first screen you come across is the Cerebral Dashboard, which includes a number of dispalys from which you can to monitor productivity, assess security or view overviews of specific activity types. For example, you can select the dashboard labeled Productivity – Websites for an at-a-glance overview of website access across your organization by user and by most frequently blocked content. There are similar dashboards for applications, user time, searches, fraud alert, keyword alert, documents, chat or IM, and email.

On the left side of the screen are a series of dropdown menus from which you to navigate the full suite of tools. In order they read: dashboard, data explorer, reports, filter categories, recorders, users, alerts and policies, configurations and system management. It can take some time to fully understand the layout, but once you master Cerebral, you will have a great deal of control over setting your rules, policies and alerts, as well as over monitoring employee behavior for violations or security risks.

The data explorer tool is especially useful for drilling down further into the data presented on the dashboard. Admins can use the data explorer to monitor specific activities, users or groups in a searchable format that can be sorted by date, time, device, incident and more. Because Veriato Cerebral captures so much data, the explorer is a great tool for contextualizing it and making it digestible.

Overall, Veriato Cerebral is an immense program that will take you some time to learn. It is relatively easy to navigate and well organized, which should ease the learning process significantly.

Veriato Customer Support

Veriato offers a customer support phone line as well as a helpdesk for tech support, which operates with a ticket system. In addition, Veriato's sales department is highly responsive via email, responding to us with a price estimate almost immediately. In addition to the customer support and tech support teams, Veriato offers self-guided resources for learning the software, including FAQs, videos, webinars and how-to guides.


The biggest limitation we found with Veriato Cerebral was its lack of publicly available pricing. It was the only software in our review that did not list its pricing and instead required us to submit contact information before receiving a quote. However, the sales team was extremely responsive, and we received a quote the same day we requested it.

Also keep in mind you or your team might require some additional training – or at least a significant amount of time – to learn to use the software effectively. The user interface is well designed, but the software includes a great deal of features to sift through and understand. While this speaks to the comprehensiveness of the program, it might be overkill for a small company that just wants basic employee monitoring features in a program they can get up and running quickly. 

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The Verdict

Veriato Cerebral is well-rounded employee monitoring application that offers many worthwhile tools and features. However, mastering it does require overcoming a bit of a learning curve.

Skye Schooley
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