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SentryPC Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

SentryPC offers employee monitoring software that includes tools for filtering and controlling employee access to websites. In addition, this software controls employee access to files and data within your organization. SentryPC is deployed through the cloud, making it easier to integrate than other software.

The two faults with this software is that, one, you can't directly monitor social media activity and, two, some support options are lacking. Despite these two drawbacks, though, SentryPC is a capable employee monitoring software solution, and we award it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Employee Monitoring Software
The Verdict
SentryPC has several monitoring features, including email and inactivity monitoring, plus an array of control functions to thwart data breaches.
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 SentryPC is one of the few employee monitoring programs we reviewed that offers a cloud deployment option. This makes installation and setup simpler than an on-premises program. You won't need to manage or find server space with this program. You can download and install the program on all the computers you'll be monitoring. Then you'll be able to log in to the online dashboard to setup your filtering and begin monitoring employee activity.

When you install SentryPC you can keep it in confirmation mode, which shows users they're being monitored. This transparent mode can be a good choice if you have contractors or freelancers who will only be tracked or monitored while they work on your projects. For in-house employees, you can run the program on silent mode.

If you have questions or need help troubleshooting a problem, you can contact SentryPC through phone or email, or you can consult the FAQs on its website. We found email to be the most effective way of reaching them.

You can learn about the program, its installation and how best to use its features through the product documentation, which includes detailed visuals and step-by-step tutorials on how to use the product. You can also contact SentryPC to set up a demo if you want to see the program in action.

SentryPC allows you to filter and block the websites your employees visit. You can also filter applications, chats and games. SentryPC gives you the option to filter individual sites or filter by categories like shopping, adult and social media. You can elect to receive email notifications when an employee attempts to access restricted content.

One useful feature of this employee monitoring software is the ability to schedule times when websites won't be filtered. This gives you flexibility when managing employees' internet access and allows you to give them a chance to browse freely during their lunch breaks.

If you're worried about the potential theft of files or intellectual property, you can create rules that block the use of USBs or other removable storage devices.

SentryPC has all of the basic monitoring tools essential for any employee monitoring software. You can track employee actions such as email, file access, file printing, and website usage. There are no specific tools for tracking social media, but you can use other tools to restrict access to social media sites.

You can also use this program to track when employees are idle as well as to see when they log on and off of their computers. This gives SentryPC some added utility not only as a way to monitor internet activity but also as a tool to evaluate employee productivity. This employee monitoring software also includes tools that allow you to schedule times when employees can access their computers.

SentryPC is a quality employee monitoring software solution that gives you flexibility when determining which websites and applications to block. You can schedule certain periods during the day when sites are blocked and set up rules that block broad categories. SentryPC is deployed through the cloud, making it a simpler solution to implement.

Employee Monitoring Software
The Verdict
SentryPC has several monitoring features, including email and inactivity monitoring, plus an array of control functions to thwart data breaches.
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