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ActivTrak Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

ActivTrak is the best employee monitoring software for workforce analytics. In addition to advanced workforce insights, it has essential features we looked for in employee monitoring software, including content filtering, website and app monitoring, activity tracking and alerts. ActivTrak is a cloud-based software-as-a-service application that is compatible with a variety of devices, terminal services and even virtual desktop infrastructures. It has mobile apps that managers can use to view a simplified dashboard and usage reports. Starting in April 2021, new users have been able to access ActivTrak's new Premium plan, which comes with the advanced insight features that made it our best pick for workforce analytics.



The Verdict

ActivTrak offers effective, easy-to-use employee monitoring software that provides insight into workforce analytics and employee productivity. It focuses on transparent employee monitoring with user-friendly dashboards.


Pricing/value 8.2/10
Features 9.5/10
Compatible Operating Systems 9.3/10
Ease of Use 9.5/10
Customer Support Options 9.3/10
Editor's Score 9.16/10

ActivTrak Pricing and Terms

ActivTrak offers four comprehensive employee monitoring plans, including a free plan, two midlevel plans and an enterprise plan. Depending on which plan you choose, you may have the option to pay monthly or annually. Here's an overview of the plans and how much they cost: 

  • Free. This plan can be used by up to three users in perpetuity. It includes 3GB of storage, user activity visibility, basic activity and productivity reports, and activity alerts (via email). You can access information via the web and mobile apps and export report data. Add-ons are not available with this plan.
  • Advanced. This plan costs $9 per user per month, with the option for a monthly or annual contract. It includes everything in the Free plan, plus unlimited storage, a team productivity pulse, working hours analysis, advanced Slack alerts, alarm-triggered screenshots and application termination, website blocking, and risk-level scoring and management.

  • Premium. This plan costs $15 per user per month, billed annually, and comes with a 14-day free trial. It includes everything in the Advanced plan, plus more comprehensive features to optimize business processes and productivity. For example, you get advanced efficiency insights, workload balance and technology use, historical and team benchmarks, goal setting and tracking, team and personal productivity dashboards, and executive dashboards with organizational indicators.
  • Enterprise. Large organizations can contact ActivTrak to create a customized employee monitoring plan to meet their organizational needs. Custom pricing is available.

ActivTrak also offers add-on features for purchase with any paid plan. Options include screenshot redaction for protecting sensitive information and ActivConnect for data  exportation, application integrations and prebuilt productivity dashboards.

FYIFYI: ActivTrak offers several plans that differ based on the number of users and the features offered.

ActivTrak Features

ActivTrak blends activity monitoring features with productivity tools. The company's new Premium plan offers enhanced employee monitoring and workforce tracking features to new customers. We got an exclusive look at what the new product entails, and it was impressive. The features below combine ActivTrak's current offerings and the features from the new product release.

Time Tracking and User Activity

ActivTrak allows you to track the number of hours your employees work each week and what they do during those hours. Instead of monitoring specific keystrokes and recording video, ActivTrak focuses on tracking productive versus unproductive behavior. Users can designate websites, applications and activities as productive or unproductive, and then ActivTrak measures the amount of time users spend on each one. Because ActivTrak also monitors mouse movements and keyboard activity (not keystroke logging), you can identify whether your employees are active or passive during the day.

ActivTrak can visually show you who is engaging in productive behavior, and when.

Workforce Insights

ActivTrak's advanced workforce insights and analytics make it stand out. Businesses with the new Premium plan can use ActivTrak's new Insights feature to easily identify where employees are excelling and where they need improvement. These insights are also ideal for improving efficiency, creating a better workload balance for employees, reducing the potential for burnout and identifying important technology.

The Insights features are easy to use and clearly break up employee data into usable information. The dashboard also offers additional information on how to apply your company insights, so you can be sure you're getting the most out of the software.

  • Executive Summary. This tab is for top-level employees to see key productivity indicators across the organization and improve overall business performance. It includes details such as total time, productive time and focused time. It also shows burnout risk levels, efficiency and activity trends (e.g., most-used applications across the organization).

Sample view of the Executive Summary tab.
  • Team Comparison. This tab is also for top-level employees, but it drills down one step further by comparing teams side by side. You can view metrics such as employee productivity and focused hours versus goals to maintain business health. If one team is excelling at something, it is visible, and you can have that team teach the rest of the organization what to do differently. If a team is working too many hours, you can shift activities to another team.

  • Activity Breakdown. This tab is for managers to compare team members. You can see what tools they're using, which can help you coach employees to foster their growth.
  • Work Efficiency. This tab, also for managers, gives an overview of employee behaviors, like team productivity and focus, efficiency, and uninterrupted work levels versus organization levels. It helps balance teams and identify inefficiency sources.
Sample view of the Work Efficiency tab.
  • Workload Balance. This tab is also for managers and provides an easy-to-interpret graph that shows patterns about employee work hours, breaks and burnout potential. At a glance, you can see which employees are working long hours and thus potentially close to burnout, which is great for redistributing work as needed.
  • Technology Usage. View which technology your team is using to ensure a productive workforce.
Sample view of the Technology Usage tab.
  • Benchmarks and Goals. This tab is for managers to review previous usage and performance to set future goals.

Security and Compliance

ActivTrak can help maintain a secure workforce by blocking users from accessing certain websites. You can modify access by computer, user or user groups, which is great for multilevel teams that need unique website or application access. It also allows you to set boundaries or restrictions on social media usage.

ActivTrak also includes security features, like audit trails, automated responses for email and Slack, and alerts on USB device activity to protect the copying of sensitive information. You can establish user risk scores with severity levels to understand activities that violate company policies.

TipTip: Before implementing a monitoring program, be sure to create an acceptable use policy and review it with your employees.

Reports and Notifications

ActivTrak offers several detailed reports to help track the productivity levels of individual employees as well as the entire organization. You can review real-time productivity metrics and reports for team members, as well as see the top users, employee working hours and availability status (active, passive, offline), top websites and applications, trend reports, and other detailed logs of user activities and events.

ActivTrak Pros

ActivTrak simplifies employee monitoring. Users can access a free demo to learn about the dashboard, or view product videos online. Once you have an account, you can get up and running with ActivTrak in no time. ActivTrak already has 90% to 95% of activities and apps listed as productive or unproductive upon installation to make installation immediate, but you can edit them as needed. The remote installer makes downloading a monitoring agent onto a new computer a simple, one-step process. Once installed, the agent runs stealthily in the background and begins delivering data to the administrator's dashboard. 

Admins can tailor the settings that define how ActivTrak captures data and set alerts related to prohibited activity, both to notify employees and capture evidence. For example, you can set an alert to warn employees that an activity, such as scrolling endlessly on social media while on the clock, is prohibited.

The ActivTrak dashboard is easy to navigate, and it has separate tabs based on what type of employee information you want to view and analyze. The Team Pulse tab allows you to see your company at a team level (e.g., how many employees are active, the top apps used, the percentage of time that is productive), and you can drill down by person. Plus, the analytics in the new Premium plan's Insights tab are comprehensive and easy to navigate. 

Sample of the Pulse View tab.

ActivTrak Cons

One drawback of ActivTrak is that it does not perform keystroke logging. Keystroke logging tracks what your users are typing across all web browsers and applications, and provides a date and time stamp for those keystrokes. This function can be useful for some businesses, but many people find it invasive. You may need to seek other vendors if you are looking for spyware features like this.

Customer Support

ActivTrak has a robust customer support department, including via phone, email and web chat. The company provides 24/7 coverage, product demonstrations and multilanguage support. Users can also access a dedicated team of workplace design and productivity experts for onboarding, training and classes. Self-guided resources – such as FAQs, blogs, case studies, templates, how-to videos, whitepapers and webcasts – are also available.

To help small business owners measure employee performance and productivity against industry standards, ActivTrak offers its Productivity Lab. This resource includes global trends and advice on topics such as optimal work hours, burnout risks, collaboration habits, common roadblocks, distractions and interruptions, culture and innovation, and strategy shifts. With this information, businesses can make educated decisions on how to manage their workforce and technology for optimal productivity.

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The Verdict

ActivTrak offers effective, easy-to-use employee monitoring software that provides insight into workforce analytics and employee productivity. It focuses on transparent employee monitoring with user-friendly dashboards.

Skye Schooley
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