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BambooHR Employee Monitoring Software Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

BambooHR is our choice for the best employee monitoring software for performance management. As one of the top online HR information systems (HRIS) for small and midsize businesses, it offers a cloud-based system that seamlessly integrates payroll, an applicant tracking system (ATS), onboarding tools, e-signatures, time-off tracking and performance management, along with reporting tools you can access via a mobile app or conventional desktop portals.

BambooHR Employee Monitoring Software

BambooHR Employee Monitoring Software

The Verdict

BambooHR has a wide range of tools that help managers assess how employees are performing, which is why it is our choice for the best employee monitoring software for performance management.


Pricing/Value 7.5/10
Features 4.5/10
Compatible Operating Systems 9.1/10
Ease of Use 8.0/10
Customer Support Options 8.0/10
Editor's Score 7.4/10

It is important to note that BambooHR is not traditional employee monitoring software. Rather, it is a complete HRIS that allows companies to manage the many aspects of human resources, including recruiting, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, employee self-service, time management and HR reporting. However, businesses can also utilize BambooHR to track employee performance over the long term, which helps managers assess productivity and performance. For these reasons, BambooHR is our choice for the best employee monitoring system for performance management.

Pricing and Terms

The information below reflects the current pricing for BambooHR's two primary levels of service: Essentials and Advantage. However, custom packages are also available; contact the company for pricing. BambooHR offers a seven-day free trial.

($4.95 per employee per month)

($8.25 per employee per month)

BambooHR offers variable per-employee pricing discounts for growing businesses. Add-ons such as performance management and time tracking are available with calibrated pricing. With this plan, customers get all of the features in the Essentials plan, plus additional per-employee pricing discounts when the company's employee headcount increases. Add-ons include performance management, time tracking, payroll and more.
100% web-based and mobile accessible Standard features from the Essentials plan
Standard HR reporting Employee satisfaction with eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)
Time-off management Applicant tracking system 
Benefits tracking Employee satisfaction with eNPS
Employee self-service Employee onboarding and offboarding
Intuitive navigation Customized reporting
Standard workflows and approvals Training tracking and alerts
Records retention and document storage Electronic signatures
Permission and access levels Customizable permissions and access levels
Company calendaring Additional mobile functionality 


TipTip: While BambooHR does offer two tiers of pricing, be sure to take advantage of the free trial to ensure the platform meets your needs.

BambooHR has a free ROI calculator to help you see how much money you can save by using its software.


These additional features also helped to make BambooHR one of our top picks:

  • Training: Although there is no in-person training, BambooHR offers live online training, webinars, documentation for some trainings and videos.

BambooHR offers a variety of valuable training courses.
  • Product deployment: BambooHR is available for the following platforms: cloud- and software as a service/web-based, desktop for Mac and Windows, and mobile for Android, iPhone and iPad. BambooHR also offers desktop deployment options for Linux and Chromebook and on-premises solutions for Windows and Linux.

  • Culture enhancement: One unique feature is the focus on culture enhancement, as BambooHR offers employee satisfaction surveys (through eNPS).
Users can view eNPS scores and trends.

No matter which plan you choose, these options remain unchanged. You choose whether to take advantage of training for an additional fee. Even if you decide not to do the training, though, BambooHR offers a great service model to help customers with customization, enhanced features for the user interface, technical support, self-service capabilities for employees and more.

BambooHR lets users easily manage employee time off.

BambooHR integrates with the following programs:

  • NetSuite
  • CATS
  • Greenhouse
  • HiringThing
  • ApplicantPro
  • Cornerstone Growth Edition
  • Jobvite
  • Jazz
  • Newton
  • NimbleSchedule
  • TraxPayroll
  • Gusto
  • SwipeClock
  • Small Improvements
  • SeamlessDocs
  • OneLogin
  • RightSignature

BambooHR Pros

BambooHR works best when it is helping businesses migrate from using spreadsheets and other less-efficient tools for HR or personnel management to using a comprehensive software solution. BambooHR is easy to use and has a wealth of features. The company offers a more comprehensive package of features than competitors such as Paychex Flex, Sage People, SentricHR, and PeopleGuru HCM and is a better overall value. [If you are looking for software with extensive HR features beyond employee monitoring, check out our best picks for HR software.]

BambooHR is ideal for managing employee hiring, onboarding, compensation and culture.

BambooHR is fairly straightforward to implement, as most small and midsize businesses cannot afford to be offline for weeks at a time. The process is divided into three primary steps:

  • Importing and migration: This step includes the process of importing or migrating all employee data from your old system into BambooHR.
  • Customization: BambooHR is fully customizable and can be set with desired notifications, features for self-service, etc.
  • Launch and employee training: This includes training and additional customization as the entire team gets comfortable with the new HRIS platform.

BambooHR is regularly praised for its highly intuitive platform. We love the sleek and modern interface. And because the HRIS platform is designed with small and midsize businesses in mind, it offers easily customizable enhancements supported by solid, helpful customer service.

We also like BambooHR because of its global reach, which is good for remote (or dispersed) employee teams, as well as multinational companies. Overall, BambooHR offers a particularly good value, delivering easy-to-use features for a low price.

BambooHR Cons

Although we love BambooHR's comprehensive suite of features, sometimes the multitude of options can feel overwhelming, and even a quick search can take a long time. Moreover, managers may receive too many irrelevant updates.

Some users have said BambooHR's mobile app is somewhat limited and could use some improvements in the layout and ease of use (to better match the desktop version). The app offers a comprehensive suite of features covering many different needs within the HR tracking platform, which could lead to some confusion or frustration.

Keep in mind that BambooHR is not traditional employee monitoring software with website blockers and keystroke logging. If your business needs that type of monitoring, check out our other best picks

Bottom LineBottom Line: BambooHR is not traditional employee monitoring software with keystroke logging, website tracking and content filtering.

Customer Support

BambooHR has a dedicated and accessible customer support team at the ready. The company also has on-site pros, dubbed "BambooHR support heroes," who can partner with you as needed.

Phone support is also solid, but the service hours are only between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Another option is to visit the company's help center to reach the support teams. BambooHR offers FAQs, a knowledgebase platform, phone support and chat services.

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BambooHR Employee Monitoring Software

BambooHR Employee Monitoring Software

The Verdict

BambooHR has a wide range of tools that help managers assess how employees are performing, which is why it is our choice for the best employee monitoring software for performance management.

Skye Schooley
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