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Teramind Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Teramind is the best employee monitoring software for security threat protection because, in addition to its powerful employee monitoring applications, it offers a data loss prevention package designed to secure your company's network and data. Teramind also has audit and forensics tools to investigate any incidents. Although this software provider is more expensive than many of its competitors, it's also more comprehensive. The software is easy to use, and the company offers installation assistance for cloud, private cloud and on-premises deployments. 



The Verdict

Teramind offers cloud-based and onsite employee monitoring software that is secure and easy to use. You can track employee behavior, view live screen monitoring and custom reports, block unproductive or unsafe websites, and proactively prevent data loss.


Pricing/value 8.3/10
Features 9.7/10
Compatible Operating Systems 9.4/10
Ease of Use 9.8/10
Customer Support Options 9.3/10
Editor's Score 9.3/10

Teramind Pricing and Terms

Teramind offers six employee monitoring plans (three cloud-based, three on-premises), each with its own set of features. The company offers a seven-day free trial for the cloud-based plans and a 14-day free trial for the on-premises plans. Pricing for these plans is for annual billing. Here's a look at the features and pricing for each plan: 

Teramind Starter

This plan includes screen recording, live view, website monitoring, application tracking, social media activity, remote access and activity blocking. It also offers limited access to user behavior analytics, policy management tools, and audits and forensics.

  • Cloud: $10 per user per month, with a five-user minimum ($50)
  • On-premises: $5 per endpoint per month, with a 10-endpoint minimum ($50)

Teramind UAM

The user activity monitoring (UAM) plan builds on the Starter plan with additional features – like email and file transfer monitoring, keystroke logging, printer monitoring and optical character recognition – to automatically analyze on-screen content. It also adds dynamic risk scoring and anomaly detection, which could tip off admins to malicious or problematic activity.

  • Cloud: $20.83 per user per month, with a five-user minimum ($104.15)
  • On-premises: $10.42 per endpoint per month, with a 10-endpoint minimum ($104.20)

Teramind DLP

This plan adds a suite of data loss prevention (DLP) tools that can help secure your network and the sensitive information stored on connected devices. The Teramind DLP package is compliant with regulations, including those related to HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Cloud: $25 per user per month, with a five-user minimum ($125)
  • On-premises: $12.50 per endpoint per month, with a 10-endpoint minimum ($125)

FYIFYI: Teramind's Starter plan offers policy management features to ensure your team and staff are on the same page with expectations.

Teramind Features

Teramind has all of the features we looked for in employee monitoring software, plus some extras. The software monitors employee activity in real time and archives the data for later review. You can easily filter and search the data for specific users or alert types, and every action is time-stamped and dated.

Here's more about what you can monitor using Teramind: 

Time Tracking and User Activity

Teramind allows businesses to track employee hours and activity. It shows who is logged on, what they are doing and how many hours they work each day. You can track employee attendance, breaks, sick hours, late shifts and absences, as well as capture and log all keyboard activity, monitor the time employees spend on each project and track hours.

Teramind's dashboard makes it easy to view employee activity

Website and Application Monitoring

The software tracks the applications and webpages that users access and records a video showing the user accessing them. You also have the option for audio recording. Teramind monitors all incoming and outgoing emails, as well as live chats across social media channels, online meetings and instant messaging apps. You can see user searches, clipboards, printing jobs and portable devices. Admins can view each print job a user initiates and a scanned copy of the printed document. If an employee transfers any local or web files or moves work files to a removable device, such as a USB drive, you'll know about it. 

Teramind tracks all user activity, like applications and websites.

Screenshots and Keystroke Logging

Teramind can take screenshots of employee activity, or employers can use the software to view an employee's live screen in real time. You can toggle back and forth through their activity thread to see events as they occurred. Teramind also has keystroke logging capabilities to record everything a user types and where that activity occurred. The keystroke logging can detect regular characters, words, phrases, special commands, special keys, hidden symbols and more. Although keystroke logging can sometimes be considered invasive, it can be an essential feature for businesses that need to prioritize company security.

Teramind logs keystrokes with timestamps.

Content Filtering and Blocking

You can set certain behavioral rules for the software, and it automatically flags or blocks prohibited content, such as certain websites and social media platforms, and behavior, such as transferring files to a USB drive. You can also utilize these rules to detect unusual or unauthorized network logins or file transfers.

Security and Compliance

If you are seeking an employee monitoring system with advanced security features, you've found your match with Teramind. In addition to offering activity monitoring and blocking, Teramind includes many security-focused features. For example, every plan comes with insider threat detection, abusive or malicious behavior detection, and user activity video recording. The UAM and DLP plans also include dynamic risk scoring, anomaly detection and optical character recognition of screen content. You can even create schedule- and activity-based rules to support business compliance, such as GDPR (audit trails), ISO 27001 (limited unauthorized login) and PCI DSS (prevention of unencrypted file transfers).

Teramind gives you insight into who your risky users are and what rules they are violating. Image

If you're looking for the most secure monitoring solution, you may want to consider the DLP plan, as it has advanced features for data loss prevention. With this plan, you can protect all types of data and intellectual property, define content-based and file operation-based rules, and prevent malicious or negligent data exfiltration. Additionally, Teramind DLP includes predefined data categories, data fingerprinting and clipboard (copy and paste) detection.

FYIFYI: If you're in the market for advanced data protection, you'll like that Teramind offers features beyond employee monitoring.

Reports and Notifications

Teramind's in-depth reporting gives you a clear understanding of your employees' work habits, and color-coded graphs report all violations during a specific time period. If you set a risk level when establishing behavioral rules and policies, one report notifies you how much risk your users are creating for your organization. This employee monitoring tool is especially useful for businesses in sensitive industries, like a medical practice operating under HIPAA privacy constraints. You can also use advanced filters to get the data you need.

Teramind users can see behavior alerts and reports.

Teramind Pros

Despite its comprehensive slate of features, Teramind is relatively straightforward to install and use. To start, admins must first download the Teramind agent on each computer they wish to monitor. Agents can be run in stealth or freelance mode, depending on whether you want employees to know they are being monitored. You can create monitoring profiles for employees, groups or departments.

Once the agents are installed, the software begins monitoring and sending data to the administrator's central dashboard. The dashboard is customizable and displays data collected from monitored devices. A sidebar on the left of the screen displays categories of features, like monitoring, risk, productivity, behavior, employees and computers. 

We like that Teramind has a simulated demo, which makes the software easy to learn. Users can click through a guided tour to learn what features are available and how to navigate them.

Teramind also offers an enterprise-grade business intelligence dashboard that lets enterprises conveniently access and control these advanced features:

  • Multilevel reporting, which comes with summary views and screens for a more thorough analysis of employee productivity
  • Prebuilt report templates, including those for employee activity, productivity and work time
  • A report builder, which allows managers to analyze data points such as employees versus departments and tasks versus app categories
  • Custom key performance indicator widgets, such as app/web activity, emails and printing file events
  • The ability to clone and share reports

Teramind Cons

Teramind is an impressive employee monitoring software solution, but it does have a  limitation: The software doesn't allow you to monitor company-owned mobile devices; it is designed solely for desktops and servers. However, Teramind allows admins to use their mobile devices to monitor any computer that has the monitoring software installed.

Customer Support

Teramind's plans include 24/7 tech support via phone, email and live chat. Installation assistance and software updates are also included in the subscription price. If you prefer to troubleshoot issues yourself, you can find FAQs, a knowledgebase and other resources on Teramind's website. Teramind is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it does have an A- rating.

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The Verdict

Teramind offers cloud-based and onsite employee monitoring software that is secure and easy to use. You can track employee behavior, view live screen monitoring and custom reports, block unproductive or unsafe websites, and proactively prevent data loss.

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