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InterGuard Review

Adam C. Uzialko
, writer
| Updated
Jun 24, 2019
> Technology

Employee monitoring software can log keystrokes and capture screenshots, record video or audio, read emails and chat logs, or even prohibit certain web content or applications. It can monitor and archive productivity data for later review, and it can help you prevent unauthorized file transfers or downloads, protecting sensitive company data from loss or theft. InterGuard is a comprehensive employee monitoring application that includes virtually every feature we looked for in our review. However, InterGuard's immense list of features makes it somewhat unwieldy, sacrificing usability in exchange for comprehensiveness. Overall, it is a reliable solution for midsize and large companies, but it will likely take some significant time and training for your admins and managers to master.



The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2019

The Verdict

InterGuard provides virtually every tool we looked for in an employee monitoring software, but it sacrifices a degree of usability as a result.

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InterGuard offers a one-week free trial that allows you to try out the software before buying. However, InterGuard is a complex software with a difficult user interface, so becoming familiar with the program in seven days could prove difficult. Once your free trial is up, you have two pricing plans to choose from: Business Cloud or Enterprise On-Premises.

  • Business Cloud: As the name suggests, the Business Cloud pricing plan offers a cloud-based version of InterGuard's employee monitoring software. A minimum of 25 users is required. This pricing plan starts at $8 per user per month.
  • Enterprise On-Premises: The Enterprise On-Premise plan is installed and maintained on your own servers by your in-house IT department. The program requires an SQL server and integrates with your organization's active directory. Tech support is available 24/7 with the Enterprise On-Premise plan. Pricing for this plan isn't posted on the company website; you must request a quote from InterGuard's sales department.

InterGuard's Business Cloud plan is very competitively priced compared to other employee monitoring software in our review, especially considering the long list of features that come with the program. However, the interface is neither sleek nor particularly user-friendly interface, which could make navigating the software a more arduous task than expected.


InterGuard shines in the number of features available. It is a wide-ranging program designed to meet the employee monitoring needs of most businesses. In addition to standard features (web monitoring, email monitoring, etc.), InterGuard has advanced features like geolocation tracking and program blocking, as well as admin alerts.

Here's more about InterGuard's most important features: 

  • Web activity: Web activity monitoring logs a user's full browsing history, the time they spent active on each webpage, and all the search queries they entered across various search engines.
  • Emails: Email monitoring with InterGuard provides an overview of employees' email conversations by tracking which device and email platform they're using, as well as the content of their communications.
  • Social media: Social media monitoring allows admins to review a user's social media activity and alerts them when a user is engaged in personal social activity on company time. If a user needs social media for their job, this tool can differentiate between personal and professional usage.
  • Live chats: InterGuard's live chat feature, much like its email monitoring one, captures the content and participants of a user's chat conversations, timestamped and tracked across various messenger platforms. This includes social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and secure messengers like WhatsApp.
  • Applications: Application monitoring keeps tabs on how users engage with software on their device, including which programs were accessed and when, as well as how long the user was engaged with the software.
  • Alerts: InterGuard's alert feature is highly useful, allowing admins to create alerts that are triggered when a user takes a specific action, such as typing a keyword or accessing a specific website or category of website. Alerts can even be set to notify admins if the software simply detects behavior that appears unusual.
  • File transfers: File transfer monitoring keeps admins informed as to what files a user is uploading, downloading, sending and receiving. This tool is essential for both cybersecurity and for defending proprietary data and documents.
  • Print monitoring: Print monitoring allows admins to see when a user sent a print job to any printer, what document they printed and a copy of that complete document.
  • Keystrokes: InterGuard tracks every keystroke entered by a user across all browsers and applications. Because every keystroke is tracked, admins can always see an employee's every move.
  • Screenshot: If keystrokes aren't enough to illuminate a user's behavior, then screenshots are. InterGuard captures and stores screenshots so admins can review visual evidence for context, and the screenshots are compressed to save storage space.
  • Geolocation: By leveraging a user's IP address and the access points from which they connect to the internet, admins can track employees' geolocation. If, for example, a user claims to be working from home, but their location shows them at the movie theater, it's a good bet that something is fishy.
  • Program blocking: Admins can set InterGuard to automatically block certain programs, or they can remotely kill a program that isn't work related or poses a risk to the company.
  • Reporting: InterGuard comes with 30 pre-set reports, and admins can create custom reports of their own. Reports can be automated and distributed to all relevant parties. While the graphs and charts feel somewhat dated, the visualizations are useful for breaking down the large amount of data InterGuard captures. 

Ease of Use

Unfortunately, InterGuard's user interface is not intuitive or user-friendly. It is difficult to navigate, and much of the interface features small black type and no visual cues. The result is one massive, spreadsheet-like list of information with a lengthy bar of tools on the left side of the screen.

While InterGuard is a powerful employee monitoring software with useful features, the learning curve makes it much more difficult to implement and train staff on than the other employee monitoring software in our review. Both the Business Cloud and Enterprise On-Premise pricing plans come with 24/7 support; expect to use it, especially in the early days.


InterGuard's biggest limitation is its lack of usability. While the application is perfectly suitable once you have learned the software, finding the right tools when you're unfamiliar with the system can take a while. Moreover, it has a dated appearance and a cluttered interface. Still, this is mostly the result of the myriad features the software offers. Once you become accustomed to navigating the system, you'll have a great deal of data in your hands.

Editor's Note: Looking for an employee monitoring solution that will help you ensure your employees are on task and productive? Fill out the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you with more information.



The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2019

The Verdict

InterGuard provides virtually every tool we looked for in an employee monitoring software, but it sacrifices a degree of usability as a result.

Adam C. Uzialko
Adam C. Uzialko
Adam C. Uzialko, a New Jersey native, graduated from Rutgers University in 2014 with a degree in political science and journalism and media studies. He reviews healthcare information technology, call centers, document management software and employee monitoring software. In addition to his full-time position at Business News Daily and, Adam freelances for several outlets. An indispensable ally of the feline race, Adam is owned by four lovely cats.