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InterGuard Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

InterGuard is our pick for the best employee monitoring software for businesses with remote and distributed teams. The comprehensive system helps employers keep tabs on their remote workforce with features such as employee activity logging, video and audio recording, email and chat logs, restrictions on web content and applications, and system breach prevention. InterGuard can also monitor and archive productivity data for later review and prevent unauthorized file transfers and downloads, thereby protecting sensitive company data.



The Verdict

InterGuard's cloud-hosted system is ideal for remote teams, as it can monitor all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and provide real-time insight into how employees who work outside of the office are spending their time.


Pricing/value 8.2/10
Features 9.6/10
Compatible Operating Systems 9.5/10
Ease of Use 9.7/10
Customer Support Options 9.0/10
Editor's Score 9.2/10

InterGuard Pricing and Terms

InterGuard offers a one-week free trial. If you decide to continue with the software, you have two pricing plans to choose from: Business Cloud and Enterprise On-Premises.

  • Business Cloud: This plan offers a cloud-based version of InterGuard's employee monitoring software. It starts at $9.99 per user per month for 11 to 25 users. Businesses with fewer than 11 or more than 25 employees should contact InterGuard directly for a customized quote. 

  • Enterprise On-Premises: This plan is targeted at larger organizations that are looking for a complete employee monitoring solution.
    InterGuard is loaded onto and maintained on your company servers and is managed by in-house IT professionals. Note that the plan requires a SQL server and integrates with your organization's active directory. Tech support is available 24/7 with this plan. Contact InterGuard for a customized quote based on your company's specific needs.

InterGuard's Business Cloud plan's price is competitive with other employee monitoring software, especially considering the long list of features.

Bottom LineBottom Line: InterGuard costs roughly $9.99 per user per month, billed annually.

InterGuard Features

One reason we chose InterGuard as the best for remote teams is its rich set of features. It segments its tools into four areas of control and oversight: employee productivity monitoring, system protection, investigations and compliance audits, and website filtering and blocking.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

InterGuard employee monitoring software lets you record and track your employees' productivity with the following features:

  • Monitor computer activity. Desktop screenshots and video playback let you watch as work unfolds in real time.

  • Measure productivity and idle time. Get reports and alerts about how employees use their time, including app and website usage.

  • Manage remote workers. Ensure off-site team members stay on task.
InterGuard has a six-view dashboard for view various data points.

System Protection

Knowing who is accessing sensitive files or participating in risky activities is not enough. Preemptively block unwanted behaviors and react in real time to alerts by using these tools:

  • Data loss prevention: Restrict access to high-risk programs, websites, USB storage and email attachments.

  • Risky keyword and user activity alerts: Get notifications about suspicious activities triggered by keywords, policy violation attempts or anomalous behaviors.

  • Remote incident response: Retrieve sensitive files, delete stolen assets, or lock down devices.

Investigations and Compliance Audits

These features help you with compliance and investigations:

  • Internal investigations: Get the proof you need to respond to complaints of discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment quickly.

  • Audit assistance: InterGuard collects the raw data you need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and CIPA and then lets you create detailed, meaningful reports.

  • Session recordings and screenshots: Get the context you need by viewing the screenshots of suspicious activities carried out on employees' computers.

Web Filtering and Website Blocking

Make sure employees maintain balance between work-related online activities and time-wasting web surfing, using these tools:

  • Advanced reporting and blocking: Get detailed web and search activity. Advanced website-blocking functionality includes grouping by whitelist, blacklist and category.

  • Control from the cloud: InterGuard Web Filtering Software is an agent-based solution that gives you cloud-based control over your employees' endpoints, even when they work from home.

  • User- and group-based policies: Create tailored, role-based policies to ensure each employee has access to the sites they need to accomplish their tasks.
InterGuard lets users set monitoring parameters based on groups.

Here are some more specifics on InterGuard's most important product features: 

  • Web activity: Web activity monitoring tracks a user's browsing history, the time they were active on each webpage and all of the search queries they entered across various search engines.

  • Emails: Email monitoring provides an overview of employees' email conversations by tracking which device and email platform they used as well as the content of their communications.

  • Social media: Social media monitoring allows admins to review a user's social media activity and alerts them when a user is engaged in personal social activity on company time. If a user needs social media for their job, this tool can differentiate between personal and professional usage.

  • Live chats: InterGuard's live chat feature, much like its email monitoring one, captures the content and participants of a user's chat conversations, which are time-stamped and tracked across various messenger platforms. This includes social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, and secure messaging apps, like WhatsApp.

  • Applications:Application monitoring keeps tabs on how users engage with software on their device, including which programs they access and when, as well as how long the user was engaged with the software.

InterGuard users can track how long an employee engages in an activity.
  • Alerts: InterGuard allows admins to create alerts that are triggered when a user takes a specific action, such as typing a keyword or accessing a certain website or website category. Alerts can even be set to notify admins if the software detects unusual behavior.

  • File transfers: File transfer monitoring lets admins see what files a user is uploading, downloading, sending and receiving. This tool is essential for cybersecurity, including the protection of proprietary data and documents.

  • Print monitoring: Print monitoring allows admins to see when a user sent a print job to any printer, what document they printed and a copy of that complete document.

  • Keystrokes: InterGuard tracks every keystroke entered by a user across all browsers and applications. Because every keystroke is tracked, admins can see an employee's every move.

  • Screenshots: If keystrokes aren't enough to illuminate a user's behavior, then screenshots are. InterGuard captures and stores screenshots so admins can review visual evidence for context, and the screenshots are compressed to save storage space.

  • Geolocation: By leveraging a user's IP address and the access points from which they connect to the internet, admins can track employees' geolocation. If, for example, a user claims to be working from home but their location shows them at the movie theater or on a tropical island, it's a good bet that something is not right.

  • Program blocking: Admins can set InterGuard to automatically block certain programs, or they can remotely kill a program that isn't work related or poses a risk to the company.

  • Reporting: InterGuard comes with 30 preset reports, and admins can create custom reports of their own. Reports can be automated and distributed to all relevant parties. While the graphs and charts feel somewhat dated, the visualizations are useful for breaking down the large amount of data InterGuard captures. 

FYIFYI: InterGuard's features can meet multiple business needs across different industries and verticals.

InterGuard Pros

InterGuard employs a relatively modern user interface with a series of dropdown menus for simple, quick navigation. The dashboard features pie charts and bar graphs (see below) to make it easy to review metrics such as "unproductive activity by user" or "most productive users."

Additional dashboard tools include an alert log, a view of individual user activity, an overview of all the data captured by the software, access to reports and notifications, and a search tool. More advanced tools allow admins to drill down further into individual user activity by monitoring all active devices.

A robust settings tool allows you to govern your overarching computer usage policies. For example, in Settings, you can restrict user access to certain websites or set "alert words" that notify you when a user might be breaching company policy. Finally, InterGuard's Endpoint Lockdown tool allows you to geolocate a device, remotely retrieve or delete files, and recover any monitored device.

InterGuard Cons

InterGuard's biggest limitation is that it can take a while to learn how to use. Since it offers so many functions, learning all of the ins and outs can take some time. Be prepared for something of a learning curve while getting started.  

Although the application is perfectly suitable once you have learned the software, it can take a while to find the right tools when you are unfamiliar with the system. Once you become accustomed to navigating the software, however, you will have a great deal of data at your fingertips and will be happy with the comprehensive tools.

InterGuard Customer Support

InterGuard offers two tiers of customer support. Tier 1 support is available by phone and live chat 24/7, 365 days a year. Tier 2 support is available during normal business hours. In addition to the personal support, you can watch a video on the software and read through blog posts on how to get the most out of your software.

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The Verdict

InterGuard's cloud-hosted system is ideal for remote teams, as it can monitor all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and provide real-time insight into how employees who work outside of the office are spending their time.

Skye Schooley
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