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Updated May 01, 2024

6 Gusto Payroll Alternatives

Every company has distinct payroll management needs. If Gusto doesn’t work for you, here are several others your business can try.

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Julie Thompson, Senior Writer & Expert on Business Operations
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Gusto is a popular automated payroll management system that draws customers with features like benefits management, human resources (HR) functions, customized reporting and employee self-onboarding. However, Gusto lacks integration with popular applications and paying international workers can get costly.

Fortunately, several Gusto alternatives may suit your business. We’ve compiled our top six Gusto alternatives for their practical features, affordable pricing and ability to automate your payroll services no matter your business’s size.

TipBottom line
Read our full Gusto Payroll review to learn exactly what the service offers so you can compare pricing and functionality.

Gusto payroll alternatives compared 

Every payroll software type has pros and cons. While most have a well-balanced set of features, some lack a free trial, international employee support or advanced features on lower-tier plans.





QuickBooks Payroll




Custom quote

Starts at $40 plus $6 per employee, per month

Starts at $39 plus $5 per employee, per month

Starts at $45 plus $6 per employee, per month

Starts at $8 per employee, per month

Starts at $6 per employee per month

Free trial

3 months

30 days


1 month


14 days








Employee portal







Mobile app














Time tracking







International employee support







6 Gusto payroll alternatives

1. ADP

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is one of the best-known names in payroll, providing automated payroll services for more than half a million United States businesses.

With popular integrations like QuickBooks and Xero and a robust mobile app, ADP automates payroll processes and provides advanced HR, time tracking and compliance features.

Here’s a look at ADP’s key features and pricing options. 

ADP key features

  • Taxes: ADP calculates employee withholdings and automatically completes and files forms for federal, state and local taxes. In addition, you may not need to pay for tax consultants, as ADP is a liaison for tax-related issues with agencies and can send employees and contractors W-2 and 1099 forms.
  • New-hire reporting: The employee onboarding process can be tedious and with staff shortages, you’ll want to get new employees working as soon as possible. After entering a new employee profile, ADP can complete and file all new worker information to the appropriate agencies.
  • Compliance features: In higher-tier plans, ADP can regularly check your state unemployment insurance rates to ensure you’re not overpaying. You can also use ADP’s Labor Law Poster Compliance Update Service and wage garnishment assistance.
  • Advanced HR: Depending on your plan, you may be eligible to receive the following services:
    • HR best practices
    • Benefits assistance
    • Library of crucial government forms
    • ZipRecruiter integration
    • Annual background checks (up to five)
    • One-on-one help from ADP’s HR team
  • Time tracking: Employees can use ADP’s mobile app to clock in and out, request paid time off and log overtime. Managers can use the app to create schedules and verify hours.
FYIDid you know
If you’re looking for even more Gusto Payroll alternatives, check out our reviews of the best online payroll services.

ADP pricing

ADP does not offer transparent pricing. Like Gusto, the payroll software offers a tiered service plan structure: Essential, Enhanced, Complete and HR Pro. 

For all tiers, pricing is based on your business, the features you need and the number of employees you have. You have to contact ADP directly to receive a price quote. 

Learn more with our ADP review.

Did You Know?Did you know
ADP is one of the biggest payroll companies and has more than one million customers in 140 countries.

2. OnPay Payroll 

OnPay streamlines the payroll tools by offering an inclusive subscription that benefits small business owners and HR professionals. With unlimited payroll runs and multiple pay schedules, OnPay keeps all-in-one payroll solutions affordable.

OnPay offers tax services in its subscription plan. It provides an error-free guarantee on its filing of federal, state and local taxes, so you don’t have to worry about compliance on your own.

The platform allows multistate payroll processing with a licensed staff in all 50 states. The team ensures you have the best health insurance and retirement plans.

OnPay Payroll’s key features

  • All the payroll solution features are in one affordable subscription plan. 
  • No extra charge for integrations: The platform even provides an onboarding representative and emergency weekend assistance to reduce downtime.
  • Unique free features: These include a custom report designer and HR vacation calendar for quickly reviewing time off.

OnPay Payroll pricing

  • Base service subscription fee: $40 monthly plus $6 per employee.

See more features in our OnPay Payroll Software review.

3. Paychex

While most payroll solutions can handle various business sizes, Paychex can support up to 1,000 employees. You know how quickly payroll can get overwhelming if you are a large business. Paychex automates payroll processing and tax filing for hundreds of staff.

Paychex has more than a hundred integrations for popular accounting software from Sage to Xero. Its robust HR platform will help you manage and serve your growing number of employees.

Higher-tier plans include employee screening and company handbook services for compliance assurance. You can also use Paychex to purchase various types of business insurance.

Here’s a look at Paychex’s key features and pricing options.

Paychex key features

  • Learning management system: Paychex Flex Select (and higher tiers) offers this system for seamless employee onboarding and training.
  • Personalized integrations: Paychex offers an API Developer Center and documentation. The platform currently works with over 250 integrations.
  • Unique features: These include purchasing cyber liability insurance and processing unemployment claims.
Bottom LineBottom line
When a small business uses direct deposit to pay its employees, it saves money and time while supporting employees’ financial health and security.

Paychex pricing

  • Paychex Flex Essentials: For $39 monthly plus $5 per person, Paychex includes employee self-service options, onboarding tools, an HR library, labor posters and new-hire reporting. 
  • Paychex Flex Select: This plan costs $47 monthly plus $3 per employee. It includes the same services as the Paychex Flex Essentials plan and adds a learning management system. 
  • Paychex Flex Pro: This version offers employee screening, unemployment reporting services, an employee handbook builder, general ledger service and integrations. The starting price is $95 monthly plus $3 per person. The Paychex Flex Pro plan also includes guided setup. 
  • Paychex Flex Enterprise: This custom package includes performance management and employee training tools. It also gives HR leaders access to custom reports and data visualization features. 

Discover more details with our Paychex review.

4. QuickBooks Payroll

If you already use QuickBooks for accounting tasks, look into QuickBooks Payroll to streamline your day-to-day operations. 

Plus, if you approve payroll by the close of business the day before payday, everyone will still get their paycheck on time, whether they’ve requested direct deposit or a paper check. 

Here’s a look at QuickBooks Payroll’s key features and pricing options. 

QuickBooks Payroll key features

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online: If you already use QuickBooks Online for accounting, using QuickBooks Payroll is a logical step. There is less of a learning curve and your information can easily be transferred. Learn more in our QuickBooks Online review.
  • Promotions: QuickBooks Payroll is more affordable than Gusto due to its monthly low per-employee cost. Unlike Gusto, QuickBooks also provides regular promotions for even greater affordability regardless of whether you use QuickBooks Online or not, making it one of the best Gusto payroll alternatives.
  • Fast, reliable direct deposit: Whether you have accounting staff or not, QuickBooks Payroll offers next-day direct deposit for lower tiers and same-day direct deposit for Premium and Elite. 

QuickBooks Payroll pricing

  • Core costs $45 plus $6 per employee per month.
  • Premium costs $80 plus $8 per employee per month. You get same-day direct deposit, expert review and on-the-go time tracking.
  • Elite costs $125 plus $10 per employee per month. It includes expert setup, 24/7 expert product support, tax penalty protection and a personal HR advisor.

The Premium and Elite tiers include an HR support center and workers’ comp insurance administration.

Find out more in our QuickBooks Payroll review.

5. Rippling

Rippling offers various options through a la carte pricing, such as payroll, benefits administration and information technology (IT).

While Rippling’s offerings for small businesses might feel overwhelming, the flexibility of payroll and HR options combined with more than 400 third-party integrations makes it easy to streamline current software and take a baby-steps approach. Rippling is recommended for businesses with more than 10 employees. 

Here’s a look at Rippling’s key features and pricing options. 

Rippling key features

  • All-in-one platform: Businesses interested in a payroll service providing additional practical services will appreciate Rippling’s offerings. The platform can include benefits, time tracking, training, recruiting and IT. 
  • Seamless integrations: Rippling integrates with over 400 apps for third-party services like Google Workspace, Slack, Zoom, GitHub, Asana, Amazon Web Services and many more. If you are already using another payroll software, you can select it from your Rippling account list. Rippling can pull all your payroll data and tax information from Gusto and TriNet. It can also pull existing data from ADP, Patriot, QuickBooks Online and more. [Related article: Rippling vs. Gusto Comparison]
  • A la carte pricing: Whether you need one feature or 10 added to your payroll software, Rippling lets you purchase each one as needed and grow your business on your timeline.
  • Automated wizard: Rippling provides a step-by-step guide on processing payroll for employees and contractors. It prompts the user with questions and helps you set up compensation for your workers accurately.
  • International support: Rippling supports international locations, employees and contractors. You can even automate switching from a contractor to an employee.

Rippling pricing

Rippling’s pricing starts at $8 per month, per user. Contact Rippling with the services you need for a custom quote.

For more information, read our in-depth Rippling Payroll review. [Related article: Rippling HR Software review]

6. TriNet

TriNet is the only HR and payroll solution with built-in scheduling and attendance tools for all subscription levels. Attendance information and time-off requests sync with payroll.

TriNet can also support various job positions, from full-time warehouse workers to sales teams working varying hours. It can reimburse business expenses directly to employee paychecks.

Here’s a look at TriNet’s key features and pricing options. 

TriNet key features

  • Automation tools:
    • TriNet provides your HR staff with automated reminders for compliance tasks such as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for overtime pay.
    • The platform can auto-generate W-2s and employees can see their tax forms online or in the mobile app.
    • TriNet can set aside funds for wage garnishments automatically, which is not standard across all payroll providers.

TriNet pricing

TriNet doesn’t have a monthly fee, but you must have a minimum of five employees to get started. You must first purchase a base package with HR tools and then add payroll. The platform doesn’t have a stand-alone payroll solution:

  • Essential: This level costs $10 per employee monthly or $8 monthly with annual billing. TriNet provides auto-onboarding tools, employee management, time-off tracking, scheduling, integrations, a mobile app and an analytics dashboard.
  • Enhanced: The Enhanced tier costs $20 per person monthly or $16 monthly with yearly prepayment. It includes everything in the Essential plan, plus configurable people analytics, compensation management and performance management.
  • Premium: The Premium plan costs $27 per employee monthly or $21 with annual billing. It includes everything in the Enhanced plan, plus employee engagement surveys and a people hub. 

TriNet payroll is $6 per employee and $6 per active contractor monthly. The advisory services add-on costs $10 per employee monthly for unlimited access to HR and payroll experts. Other add-ons include benefits administrations using your own broker ($5 per person monthly) and TriNet Recruiting powered by JazzHR, starting at $35 monthly. 

Read more about the plans in our TriNet review.

author image
Julie Thompson, Senior Writer & Expert on Business Operations
With nearly two decades of experience under her belt, Julie Thompson is a seasoned B2B professional dedicated to enhancing business performance through strategic sales, marketing and operational initiatives. Her extensive portfolio boasts achievements in crafting brand standards, devising innovative marketing strategies, driving successful email campaigns and orchestrating impactful media outreach. Thompson's proficiency extends to Salesforce administration, database management and lead generation, reflecting her versatile skill set and hands-on approach to business enhancement. Through easily digestible guides, she demystifies complex topics such as SaaS technology, finance trends, HR practices and effective marketing and branding strategies. Moreover, Thompson's commitment to fostering global entrepreneurship is evident through her contributions to Kiva, an organization dedicated to supporting small businesses in underserved communities worldwide.
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