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TriNet Review

Matt D'Angelo
, writer
Jul 09, 2019
Image Credit: fizkes / Getty Images
> Human Resources

TriNet provides businesses of all sizes with hands-on human resources support and PEO services. It's one of the only companies we reviewed that provides industry-first expert teams for your services.Many PEOs provide individual experts to help you with various aspects of your service, but TriNet builds expert teams around different industries, so you have access to experts who have direct experience working with businesses like yours. Its HR support and PEO services include employee benefits, workers' compensation insurance, risk management software, payroll processing, retirement plans and training resources.



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The Verdict

TriNet's robust service options and one-on-one HR support make it our best PEO pick for very small businesses. There is no minimum employee number to enroll in TriNet's services, and it doesn't require long-term contracts.

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TriNet works with businesses of all sizes – you don't have to have a certain number of employees to qualify for its services. Most of the PEO services we reviewed have some requirements to use their services, whether that's a minimum number of employees on payroll or a minimum gross salary. TriNet is one of the few that has no minimum requirements, making it an ideal partner for very small businesses that don't qualify for other PEOs.

Despite being a national PEO, TriNet is not rated or accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is accredited by the IRS and the Employer Services Assurance Corporation, though, which puts it at the top of the industry in terms of accreditation. TriNet works with small businesses across the country to develop the proper policies and implement professional HR standards while providing competitive benefits. For these reasons, TriNet earns our pick for best PEO for very small businesses.

TriNet Pricing and Terms

TriNet's pricing and plan structure is another reason it's an attractive option for very small businesses. It charges on a per-employee basis, so your fee to TriNet won't change as your business's payroll fluctuates. This is good for very small businesses looking for a consistent rate and fee structure. Some companies charge a percentage of your total payroll, which can be advantageous for some businesses but also means that what you're charged could change as your business grows. The per-employee structure couples well with the company's lack of employee minimum.

TriNet doesn't require a long-term contract. You can pay for its services on an ongoing basis and cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice. The flexibility in its pricing and terms is well suited to very small businesses, which need room to grow and change.

While TriNet provides a lot of flexibility in its pricing and agreement structure, its services are a bundled solution. This isn't necessarily a negative; it just means that when you partner with TriNet, you'll be paying for its full service offering. You'll have access to all the company's services in payroll, benefits, human resources and risk management. Some companies allow you to add and remove services so that you only pay for what you need. While TriNet doesn't provide this, you'll have constant access to services that are at the height of the industry and that you may need as your business grows.  


TriNet provides extensive services in HR, benefits, payroll, risk management and compliance. You'll have access to the full selection of services, with a team of experts in each area dedicated to providing your business with the right support.

  • HR services: TriNet provides designated HR teams by industry, so your team of HR, payroll, benefits and risk management specialists will be experienced and skilled in your field. TriNet also provides standard HR services, including employee onboarding, recruiting, HR reporting and analytics, performance management, handbook and policy development, and termination and dispute assistance. You can view the full list of TriNet's human resources services here.

  • Benefits: TriNet is partnered with 15,000 small businesses, so you'll be joining a large group of people on similar health plans at reduced rates. TriNet provides the standard benefits, including health, vision, dental, 401(k) and wellness programs. It can manage your ACA compliance and even support different mobile phone plans as part of a compensation package. You can view the full list of TriNet's benefits here.

  • Payroll: TriNet's payroll processing software supports online processing, direct deposits, PTO tracking and other employee payroll tasks. It can help with your W-2 preparation and ensure your compliance with state and federal tax regulations. It has built-in time and attendance software, so you don't have to worry about tracking your employees' hours or monitoring schedules. You can view all TriNet's payroll features here.

  • Risk and Compliance: TriNet's claims management team can assist your business and employees with workers' compensation and other safety-related claims. It also provides OSHA compliance, safety training, HR guidance, online resources, employment practices liability insurance and claims prevention. The workers' compensation insurance is a pay-as-you-go model, with no deposits or deductions. You can view TriNet's full risk management offering here.


TriNet's proprietary technology platform has a built-in learning management system. Employees can track the resources they've used and build on their professional education. TriNet also tracks your employees' progress toward professional certifications or continued education. If your business needs more intensive, hands-on training, you can discuss options with your HR consultant.

Customer Service

TriNet is one of the only companies we reviewed that provides industry-specific service teams. This means your dedicated experts will be savvy on the latest HR practices and other regulatory issues for your industry in addition to their respective fields (HR, payroll, benefits, etc.). TriNet also offers one-on-one HR support, so you can work alongside your HR consultant to develop policies for your business. This tailored approach is crucial for very small businesses looking to grow.

We set up a hypothetical small business and reached out to TriNet's sales team over phone and email to get a better idea of its services. In all instances, the sales representatives we spoke with were very helpful and informative. Instead of pushing us toward a sale, they provided details about the services and made sure all of our questions were answered.  


If you're looking to choose only the specific services you need in order to keep costs low, TriNet may not be your best option. It bundles all its features together, so you'll be paying for services you may not need at this stage in your business's growth. Also, it is not rated or accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which is mildly disappointing for a company of TriNet's size and status.

Editor's Note: Is your business looking for a PEO service? Click the Compare Quotes button below to be connected with vendors that can help.




The Best PEO Service Providers of 2020

The Verdict

TriNet's robust service options and one-on-one HR support make it our best PEO pick for very small businesses. There is no minimum employee number to enroll in TriNet's services, and it doesn't require long-term contracts.

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo is a contributor covering small business for and Business News Daily. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various online publications.