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TriNet PEO Services Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo

TriNet is one of the only PEO companies we reviewed that provides industry-first expert support teams. It can build an expert HR support team around your business's industry, size, and location, ensuring you have the appropriate access to experts who have direct experience with businesses like yours. Its tailored PEO plans are charged per employee per month and can include employee benefits, workers' compensation insurance, risk management software, payroll processing, retirement plans and training resources. For these reasons and more, TriNet has earned our pick as the best PEO provider for businesses that want a PEO plan tailored to their industry.

TriNet PEO Services

TriNet PEO Services

The Verdict

TriNet's transparent pricing structure and industry-specific custom PEO plans make it our best pick for PEO service for specialized industries. Its PEO plans, contracts and HR support can be customized to fit your needs.

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Ease of Use

TriNet is ideal for businesses that have industry-specific needs for a PEO. Although every TriNet PEO plan includes the bundled HR services (e.g., payroll, risk mitigation, employee benefits and a technology platform), the company can take it a step further and customize the services based on your vertical. You'll receive HR support from experts in your industry as often (or as seldom) as you need.

TriNet offers its plans on a monthly per-employee pricing model, making it easy to customize and scale your PEO as needed. It also keeps your business relationship with TriNet simple. Many PEOs offer pricing models that charge a percentage of your company's overall monthly payroll. As a result, the overall cost of working with the PEO can fluctuate. Payroll-based pricing makes it difficult to predict costs accurately, because it depends on how much each employee makes, how they're compensated and how often your company hires new people.

By working with TriNet, you'll be partnering with a company that is committed to providing fair, predictable pricing on a per-employee basis. This company will also provide a wide range of contract options, which means you can sign up on a short-term or long-term basis to meet your company's needs.

TriNet provides great customer support, and it's also one of the few PEOs we looked at that goes a step further. Its new Connect 360 platform allows you to access the HR, payroll and benefits information you need directly. Connect 360 acts as a centralized hub for your company's HR data, helping you develop policies and track spending from a single dashboard.

Setting up direct deposit for an employee is as easy as entering their bank information and running payroll as you normally would.

Bottom LineBottom Line: TriNet offers user-friendly PEO software and exceptional customer support, making it easy for new users to acclimate to the system.

TriNet PEO Features

TriNet has extensive offerings in HR, benefits, payroll, risk management and compliance. You'll have access to the full selection of features, with a team of experts in each area dedicated to providing your business with the right support.

HR Services

TriNet designates HR teams by industry, size, and location, so your team of HR, payroll, benefits and risk management specialists will be experienced and skilled in your field. It also provides standard HR services, including employee onboarding, recruiting, HR reporting and analytics, performance management, handbook and policy development, and termination and dispute assistance.

Employee Benefits

TriNet is partnered with thousands of small businesses, so you'll be joining a large group of people on similar health plans at reduced rates. TriNet provides extensive employee benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance; 401(k) plans and retirement coverage; commuter benefits; auto and home policies; and wellness programs. It can help you manage your COBRA and ACA compliance, and it even offers employee access to marketplace discounts on several well-known brands.

Payroll and Taxes

TriNet's PEO service includes payroll processing software that supports online processing, direct deposits, PTO tracking, expense management and other employee payroll tasks. It can help you prepare your employees' W-2s and ensure compliance with state and federal tax regulations. It has built-in time and attendance software, so you don't have to worry about tracking your employees' hours or monitoring their schedules manually.

TipTip: Running payroll through your PEO service provider can ensure you remain compliant with local, state, and federal taxes, removing a major burden from your team.

Risk and Compliance

TriNet's claims management team can assist your business and employees with workers' compensation and other safety-related claims. It also provides OSHA compliance, safety training, HR guidance, online resources, employment practices, liability insurance and claims prevention. Workers' compensation insurance is a pay-as-you-go model with no deposits or deductions.

Training and Development

TriNet's proprietary technology platform has a built-in learning management system with more than 500 training courses. Employees can build on their professional education and track the resources they've used. TriNet also tracks your employees' progress toward professional certifications or continued education goals. If your business needs more intensive, hands-on training, you can discuss options with your HR consultant.

TriNet enables recruitment and hiring on multiple job boards from one location.


TriNet's PEO plans are charged on a per-employee basis, with the option to create a customized PEO agreement. TriNet claims its services are priced by how its customers will use the various offerings, so you can explore what is available to you within your budget.

TriNet doesn't require a long-term contract; instead, it will create contract terms based on your needs. You can pay for its tools on an ongoing basis and cancel at any time with a 30-day written notice. Cancellation fees may apply in certain situations.

While TriNet is flexible in its pricing and agreement structure, its features are a bundled solution. It provides unique solutions based on your vertical, but every plan includes access to payroll, risk mitigation, employee benefits, HR and a technology platform. Bundled service isn't necessarily a negative; it just means that when you partner with TriNet, you'll be paying for its full service offering. You need to have at least five employees to sign up, which is industry standard for PEOs. The PEO plans are easily scalable to grow with your business.

Employee dashboards are equally intuitive and neatly organized. Shown here is a dashboard configured to display time-off tracking.


Implementing TriNet into your business's workflow can be a simple process. By working closely with your TriNet account executive, you can get all your services up and running, configured to your team's workflow. TriNet's intuitive online platform makes it easy for your team to access their personal information with little to no training.

TriNet's platform integrates all your HR needs into one easily accessible online portal. Since you and your employees have access to the portal, everyone on your staff can easily make changes to their plans and view plan information as needed. Because your whole staff will use it, ease of use is important in a PEO, and TriNet delivers on that.

Customer Support

TriNet is one of the only companies we reviewed that provides industry-specific support teams. With TriNet, you gain access to a team of dedicated experts who are savvy on the latest HR practices and other regulatory considerations for your industry. These experts can offer guidance above and beyond HR, payroll, and benefits.

TriNet also offers one-on-one HR support, so you can work alongside your HR consultant to develop policies for your business. This tailored approach is crucial for very small businesses looking to grow. You can find additional PEO resources on TriNet's website in the form of articles, guides, a blog, videos, demos and webinars.

We set up a hypothetical small business and reached out to TriNet's sales team by phone and web chat to get a better idea of its service. In all instances, the sales representatives we spoke with were helpful and informative. Instead of pushing us toward a sale, they provided details about the features and answered all of our questions. 

TriNet is accredited by the IRS and the Employer Services Assurance Corporation, and it has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.


  • Cost: If you are looking to choose only the specific PEO features you need to keep costs low, TriNet may not be your best option. Every plan comes with bundled features like payroll, risk mitigation, benefits, HR support, and the online portal, so you'll be paying for features you may not need if you are in the very beginning stage of your business's growth. The bundled features are core HR services that you will likely need, but some small businesses only need very few specific PEO features.

  • Employee minimum: Another minor disadvantage is that TriNet requires a minimum of five workers. Although this is industry standard for PEOs and only a minor caveat, it could take TriNet out of the running if you have a very small business. If you are looking for a PEO service with no employee minimum, consider Rippling, our best pick for scalable PEO service.

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TriNet PEO Services

TriNet PEO Services

The Verdict

TriNet's transparent pricing structure and industry-specific custom PEO plans make it our best pick for PEO service for specialized industries. Its PEO plans, contracts and HR support can be customized to fit your needs.

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