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Justworks Review

Matt D'Angelo
, writer
Jul 09, 2019
Image Credit: fizkes / Getty Images
> Human Resources

Justworks provides an online platform to handle your payroll, HR, benefits and compliance needs. This fairly new PEO was founded in 2013, and it has a modern and online-first feel. Justworks offers robust services at attractive pricing points. In addition to PEO services, it has advanced resources for your HR and business needs. Its website features a separate resource center and blog that provides helpful articles on topics such as hiring new workers and administering benefits. Justworks requires only two employees for a company to use its service, so it can support businesses no matter how small.



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The Verdict

Justworks is a solid PEO to manage standard back-end processes. If you're looking for extensive training or risk and compliance services, though, it may be in your best interest to consider other companies.

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Despite an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, Justworks only has 3.6 stars on Facebook and 3.8 stars on Google, with varying levels of positive and negative reviews. Each business owner's experience will differ, so while customer reviews are important, they should only be a small factor in the overall consideration of a company. Justworks is not accredited by the ESAC, but it is certified by the IRS. This means Justworks is financially stable and up to speed on all the related tax laws and regulations. Justworks also has had its finances audited within the last 12 months by an independent CPA, according to the NAPEO website. These are two impressive distinctions for a company that was only recently founded.

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While Justworks offers great payroll, HR and benefits services, it's lacking in risk management services compared to some of the other PEOs we looked at. It also lacks a mobile offering, which is questionable for a technology-first organization. It may be adding mobile access within the coming months, but as of the time of this writing, it still is only an online offering. Justworks does provide services in all 50 states, though. 

Justworks Pricing and Terms

Justworks is one of the few PEOs we looked at that advertises its prices on its website. This is a hallmark of the Justworks platform: The company is very upfront about what it offers. For a business owner doing extensive online research, it's easy to get lost in marketing language and empty promises from a sales team, so it was refreshing to find a company that is fully transparent with its offerings. It breaks down its initial price quotes based on company size and has two separate plans, Basic and Plus.

The Plus plan includes everything in Basic as well as employee benefits. You can view a full breakdown of Justworks pricing here. Justworks also offers a section to compare its services to other PEOs, like ADP TotalSource, TriNet and Insperity. You can view the direct comparison here, but keep in mind that it's likely weighted in Justworks' favor.

Justworks charges companies on a per-employee basis, which is standard protocol among PEO services we reviewed. As a general rule, pricing for Justworks' services goes down as you add employees. The Basic and Plus plans for companies with 2-4 employees is $79; for companies with 25-99 employees, the Basic plan is $39 per employee and the Plus plan is $59 per employee. Companies with 100-plus employees have to work out a solution directly with Justworks.

You can choose to pay per month or per year, the yearly fee being slightly lower overall. It's not clear what the process is like if you sign up for a year and need to cancel your services. Some companies detail their cancellation process in their terms of service, but we couldn't find a lot of details on what happens if you cancel Justworks. Most PEOs allow you to end your services with a 30-day written notice. It's not clear whether there are additional fees for Justworks cancellation. Justworks advertises that there are no additional fees – businesses pay a flat monthly or yearly rate per employee, with no additional fees for setup or other administrative services. This flat fee is in addition to contributions to healthcare benefits and workers' compensation, and it will depend on your individual plan.

Because Justworks operates under two distinct plans, it's not the kind of PEO where you can mix and match services. Some PEO companies allow you to enroll only in their payroll service and then just pay for the other parts of the service you use. While Justworks doesn't provide this option, it's transparent about what its plans offer and can provide personalized service. According to a NAPEO whitepaper, the PEO industry is dominated by five companies. Because Justworks is a relatively new company, it is still small enough to provide personalized support and attention.


Justworks provides account managers for each business, so you can get answers quickly when you need information on your HR services or have an issue with payroll, but Justworks representatives said that most of its customers find the standard support team to be a sufficient resource. It also provides robust HR and payroll services with a unique cloud-based platform.

  • HR services: Justworks provides the standard HR solutions. You can create and manage HR tools like a company directory, an employee handbook, document storage management and employee onboarding. It also allows you to create a company calendar to keep all your employees on the same page for important work events. While Justworks provides a lot of tools for HR management, it doesn't advertise any HR auditing services. So, if you're looking for an expert to come in and revamp your HR approach, you may need to look at other services. You can view a full breakdown of Justworks' HR services here.

  • Benefits: Like many of the PEOs we reviewed, Justworks provides low-cost benefit plans, including health, vision, dental, disability and life insurance. It also supports 401(k) plans, and you can elect to include other wellness perks, like gym memberships, commuter benefits and health advocacy services. Justworks offers COBRA administration and ACA filings. You can view a full breakdown of Justworks' benefits here.

  • Payroll: You can view and manage payroll through Justworks' online payroll management software. Managers can track paid time off and add sick and vacation days for employees. The payroll service supports full-time, part-time, salaried and hourly employees. The company also handles all your tax compliance needs, including filing W-2s, paying quarterly payroll taxes, and keeping you up to date on changing tax and employment laws. You can view Justworks' full payroll offering here.

  • Risk and Compliance: This PEO provides workers' compensation, compliance with state and federal tax and labor laws, employment liability insurance, and disability insurance. While it offers standard compliance and risk management, it doesn't list information on onsite inspections, safety training or other risk-related services. This provider isn't geared toward businesses with a high demand for risk management services. You can read about Justworks' full compliance offering here.


Justworks provides a section on its website where you can view articles and other resources on a wide range of HR and PEO-related topics. However, its training focuses solely on HR support regarding benefits and payroll. This is an important distinction if you're on the hunt for a PEO that provides training on risk and compliance. 

Customer Service

The technology aspect of Justworks comes through in its customer service options. The company has not only a live chat feature on its website, but also a chatbot that can gather basic information from you while you wait in the queue for a representative. The live chat shows pictures and names of who you're talking to. Some companies we reviewed use much older live chat systems that are difficult to navigate and have lengthy wait times. We set up a hypothetical business and interacted with sales representatives from Justworks by live chat and phone. In all instances, the representatives were informative and helpful, giving us the details we needed without pushing for a sale.

The service team at Justworks is set up in a similar way to other companies we reviewed. You'll have a designated account manager to help you with various aspects of your service, and a support team that can help you with other issues. Some PEOs, however, provide direct experts in each area of service. While Justworks can handle your inquiries, it doesn't tout its service team as individual topic experts. When we spoke with Justworks representatives, they said that many business owners are able to iron out issues with the support team and may not need to work directly with their account manager.


If you're looking for a service that offers in-depth training resources, or risk management services like onsite safety inspections, Justworks may not be the right provider for you. It does not provide individual training on business-specific topics either, like conflict resolution or sexual harassment. Other PEOs offer online or in-person training on specific HR topics like these.

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The Best PEO Service Providers of 2020

The Verdict

Justworks is a solid PEO to manage standard back-end processes. If you're looking for extensive training or risk and compliance services, though, it may be in your best interest to consider other companies.

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Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo is a contributor covering small business for and Business News Daily. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in journalism, Matt gained experience as a copy editor and writer for newspapers and various online publications.