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Rippling PEO Services Review

Matt D'Angelo
Matt D'Angelo

Rippling provides small businesses of all sizes with a wide range of HR, IT, payroll, benefits and risk compliance support. In addition to its intuitive and well-developed online platform, this company provides reputable PEO services under its co-employment model. Where Rippling excels, however, is in its ability to scale.

Rippling PEO Services

Rippling PEO Services

The Verdict

Rippling provides small businesses with unique features like remote laptop management and local tax registration, making it our best pick for a scalable PEO.

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Many PEOs we reviewed, while excellent service providers, aren't tech-forward companies. In the age of remote work, this can be a challenge for decentralized, budding small businesses. Rippling provides a centralized hub of information and practical tools to help small businesses grow. Because of this, it earned our best pick for scalable PEO service for small businesses.

Ease of Use

Part of Rippling's appeal as a PEO is its tech-forward approach. That doesn't mean it's complicated; Rippling offers intuitive PEO software that requires minimal user training. Of all the companies we reviewed, Rippling is one of the only organizations that provide third-party app integrations. That means you can hook up your PEO platform – and all the valuable HR data and employee information it contains – into popular work apps like Slack, Google Workspace and Zoom.

What makes Rippling so scalable is its simplicity and efficiency as a cloud-based PEO platform, which provides IT features that other PEOs do not. These extensive tech features include remote laptop management, app integration management and single sign-on features. You can enable apps for new employees, disable apps for departing employees, and create a mission-control dashboard to manage your software. This makes Rippling one of the easiest services to implement of any PEO we reviewed.

Rippling's central dashboard offers an overview of your upcoming tasks and relevant alerts.

Another standout feature of Rippling is its ability to act as either a PEO or a stand-alone HR platform. Many of the PEOs we reviewed offer HR outsourcing services to their clients. Usually, these services are pitched for fledgling companies that aren't ready for a full-blown PEO bundle. Smaller businesses can start with HR help or payroll support and then grow into the PEO model and add benefits administration services.

Once your company grows to a certain size, you may be ready to bring on in-house HR staff. That means switching out of the PEO model and adopting a stand-alone HR platform. Rippling makes this process an easy transition – another one of the key reasons we selected it as the best scalable PEO service.

Once you move off the PEO offering, you won't have to set up separate HR features. All your company's information and data will be stored safely within Rippling's platform. That means you won't have to onboard existing employees or update any company information – you can transition from Rippling's PEO to its HR service quickly and easily.

You can also purchase Rippling's services on an a la carte basis. It can sell you stand-alone services in HR or IT, which is ideal flexibility for new and growing companies looking to scale quickly.

Employee profiles show comprehensive employee information and data in an easily navigable window.


Rippling provides exemplary PEO services and features for its clients.

HR Services

Rippling's HR services include a unified employee database, customizable HR reports, automated onboarding and offboarding, customizable fields and alerts, electronic document management, position and task management, workflow and approval automation, a mobile app, applicant-tracking and recruiting software, and HR customer support.

Employee Benefits

All of your company's medical, dental, vision and 401(k) information is accessible in one benefits dashboard. Rippling also provides new-hire enrollment, third-party broker support, online open enrollment, payroll deductions synchronization, online employee self-service, and small and large group benefits packages.

Payroll and Taxes

Rippling is one of the only companies we reviewed that provides local tax registration. If your company has employees in multiple states, this is an excellent feature to utilize. Rippling also provides time and attendance features, payroll processing in all 50 states and internationally, direct deposit, tax form creation and new-hire filing, and job codes and multiple pay rates.

Risk and Compliance

Rippling provides risk management services such as pay-as-you-go workers' compensation coverage, COBRA insurance, ACA reporting and wage garnishment compliance.

Training and Development

Rippling provides access to HR experts for an additional fee. Other companies we reviewed provide access to extensive libraries of training materials for employees and managers alike, but it's not clear if Rippling offers this type of support.

Rippling makes running payroll easy with automated pay cycles and an overview of recent and upcoming payments.


Rippling operates on a per-employee pricing model with no hidden fees. This is ideal for new and growing businesses, as you'll be able to predict costs accurately instead of the price changing with your payroll percentages each month, which is the cost structure some other PEOs use.

According to Rippling's website, its services for small businesses start at $8 per employee per month. It's not clear if Rippling requires short- or long-term contracts for its services. You'll have to work closely with a Rippling sales representative to get an accurate quote for your small business.

One of the advantages of working with Rippling is its flexible pricing model. You can elect to pay for stand-alone services with Rippling, and you can transition out of the PEO model later if that's what your company needs. This mix-and-match service makes Rippling ideal for small businesses, especially SMBs looking to scale quickly.

You'll have to pay an extra fee for access to its HR help desk, usually billed as a small, monthly base fee. This help desk provides high-level HR support for new and growing companies.


Part of Rippling's appeal is its easy usability and tech-forward approach. Getting your team up to speed on Rippling's platform is a simple process, and employee onboarding is automated on the Rippling dashboard. Once your employees are in the system, you can link it with other IT features, such as third-party app integration. We didn't see many other PEOs that offer this level of IT support.

The sleek, cloud-based platform enables your employees to access relevant information from any computer or smart device, anywhere with internet access. You can easily complete important tasks, like running payroll and generating HR reports, on the go. Once your company is set up on the system, your data will be securely stored. Should your organization transition to another type of service from Rippling, you won't have to update or reenter any information.


Despite Rippling's exemplary service, keep these potential drawbacks in mind.

  • Accreditation: Rippling is not accredited by the ESAC or IRS, two of the PEO industry's major accreditation industries that review PEOs regularly and test their services to ensure quality. For an accredited PEO service, consider our review of Paychex Oasis, our pick for the best PEO technology platform.

  • Risk management: Rippling provides a solid, basic risk management service with workers' compensation, COBRA insurance and ACA reporting. However, it's not clear if it offers OSHA-compliant reporting and support. Small businesses that have strict OSHA requirements, such as construction firms, should ensure the PEO they choose can help with these regulations.

  • Training resources: Many of the companies we reviewed provide extensive online libraries of training and development resources for small business owners and employees alike. It's not clear if Rippling provides access to these types of materials through either its online platform or a partnership with a third party.

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Rippling PEO Services

Rippling PEO Services

The Verdict

Rippling provides small businesses with unique features like remote laptop management and local tax registration, making it our best pick for a scalable PEO.

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