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3 Ways Video Can Acquire Leads, Drive Conversion and Increase Sales

Adam Toren

Video is an excellent marketing tool for your website that can help attract leads, convert customers and boost your online sales. Whether it’s company testimonials, hiring videos for your career site, product reviews and demos or even customer recommendations, video is a compelling format medium for your customers.

According to online marketing outlet Digital Sherpa, video increases audience understanding of your business by 74% and roughly 30% of everyone’s collective online activity is spent watching videos. That means roughly one third of all online traffic is looking at videos.

You may feel intimidated by video because of the cost associated with creating quality video. A well-produced on-camera video can cost you anywhere from $2,000 up to $5,000 or more, but prices vary drastically by location and needs. You can get animated videos created, if that fits your branding, for free if you’re willing to do it yourself, and product demo videos can usually be bulked together to get numerous products featured as part of a package day rate.

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Depending on your specific business needs for your videos, it’s true that videos can be a bit of an investment for your marketing dollars; however that cash out of pocket can really pay off in many ways. How?

Here are three direct ways video can help your small business.

1. Video Improves Your Sales Leads

There are literally millions of websites on the Internet, creating heavy competition for any small business. Over the next several years there will be so much video traffic that it will account for roughly 74% of all web traffic. That means you simply can’t afford to skip or ignore video. In order to effectively acquire and retain customers, be sure that you are not just a website, but a face and a personality. The most effective way to do this is with video.

When potential customers are researching your product or service, having captivating videos on your website catches viewer attention and gives them another way to interact with your site than just reading alone.  Also, by adding video to your website you will improve your SEO performance for the keywords associated with the video. People buy from brands they trust and video is a great opportunity for you to establish that direct, personalized connection with first time visitors to your site to start that relationship. It may sounds simple, but it works.

2. Video Drives Conversion

If you could do something on your website that would improve your sales conversions by 80%, would you do it? Unbounce reports that using video on your website can do just that for your business. Sales leads that are acquired through video are generally tend to be higher quality leads that convert to paying customers. Why?

They’ve engaged with your video, which means they have the interest level to listen to what you have to offer and are choosing to further take action by converting into your funnel through an opt-in form, download, or registration. Having video on your site will keep people on longer and have them engaged with your content in a different way than text along.

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Converting these prospects into actual customers will be easier since they have experienced the product or service you offer in a visual way, helping them to comprehend what your small business is offering and seeing your style and personality. This can be particularly useful not only to establish relationships with virtual visitors, but also to save your prospects time. Video is easier to watch and understand for many products than reading a product description. Your videos should have personality, specific demonstrations and engaging information in order to achieve the highest conversion rates for your business.

3. Video Increases Trust

According to a recent study by the web analytics gurus at KissMetrics, leads are from 64% to 85% more likely to purchase from your small business after seeing video. Without a way to see you one on one, video is an alternative that gives them insight into your business, your company culture and the team behind the business. It gives them a sense of who they’re buying from and puts names to a brand. You build relationships through personalized interactions and video can provide you with the opportunity.

Aside from the branding aspect of video, using video to showcase new product information and to provide demonstrations of products or services will help your clients understand how something works. It gives them a realistic sense of scale, usability, features and a holistic view that text and photography alone simply can’t offer. Research has shown that people tend to remember and retain information more easily if it is distributed as video, so in addition to learning to trust your brand, they’ll also more easily understand the scope of your products and services before purchasing. That cuts down on confusion or mistakes after ordering that can cause relationship damage. Overall, video is an effective tool that can help your sales growth and volume online.

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