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Cereal Manufacturers

Nate Waymire
Nate Waymire

Breakfast cereal manufacturers and the nutritional value of their products

Breakfast food manufacturers produce a large variety of cereal brands for people of all ages. Whether you are looking for something sweet or something natural to start your day, there are brands of cereal that will supply you with exactly what you want.

Many people start their days off by eating a bowl of cereal. It is one of the most commonly eaten breakfast foods in households all over the world. The following information shows the popularity of cereal:

1. Most people in the U.S. eat approximately 160 bowls of cereal per year.

2. Studies show that the United States is not the top consumer of breakfast cereal. It is ranked as fourth in the world.

3. In 2002, the Kellogg Company was listed as the top seller out of all breakfast cereal suppliers worldwide, and its revenue for the year was listed as $8.3 billion.

4. More than 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are sold every year in the U.S.

Learn about nutritional value and ingredients from cereal companies

Most large cereal manufacturing companies have websites that list the various brands of cereals they produce. When you want to find out about the ingredients and how nutritional any brand of cereal is, visit these sites to determine which brands of cereal are right for you and your family. Click on the icon for any type of cereal to review the nutritional details. All cereal manufacturers are also required to list these facts on every box of breakfast cereal.

Purchase products made by lesser-known cereal manufacturers

There are many smaller cereal manufacturing companies that produce their own cereals. Their websites also provide nutritional facts and a list of ingredients. Get some specialty cereals and compare them to the national brands.

Buy products from breakfast cereal suppliers that offer organic choices

These days many people are choosing to purchase organic foods. They are popular because the ingredients are all grown naturally and without the usual chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed on many types of food products. Organic foods appeal to people who are interested in leading healthy lifestyles and individuals who are concerned about the environmental effects of pesticides. Try an organic cereal to see if it is right for you.
  • Save money by purchasing products made by a generic cereal manufacturer.
  • Purchase individual sized boxes of cereal that you can take with you to work or on trips.
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