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Corporate Retreat Centers Pricing and Costs

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
Editor Staff
Sep 07, 2010

Find out about the costs associated with organizing a corporate retreat

Corporate retreat centers are popular places for holding a business retreat, to help employees get away from the hustle and bustle of work, to step back and view their work together and plan ahead for the future. Whether the goals for corporate retreats focus on team building, staff appreciation, or strategic planning, many corporate retreat centers offer activities and resources to meet your needs.

When looking for a corporate retreat location, it is important to decide what your goals are for your event and plan a budget accordingly. Prices for conference retreat centers can start at $55 to $70 per person for a day retreat and go up to $300 to $350 per person for an overnight stay with recreational activities, food and lodging.

Here are some areas to consider for corporate retreat centers, pricing and costs:

1. Corporate retreat facilities, amenities and activities

2. Lodging and meals at your corporate retreat location

3. Business retreat packages that include meeting space rentals and audiovisual equipment

Factor in costs for recreational activities at your corporate retreat facility

Many corporate retreat locations have various recreational activities for leisure and team building during your corporate retreat. You will want to consider the kinds of activities that are available at the corporate business retreat site and factor in whether the costs for these are included in your stay or are available at an additional fee.

Research rates for lodging and meals at your corporate retreat center

Your accommodations and meals at your corporate retreat center will drive a large portion of your budget, so research the prices and costs accordingly. Many corporate retreat centers offer group rates. You will want to check on whether meals are included, what meals are included, and consider catering costs for your business retreat.

Look into corporate retreat packages that include the cost of your meeting space and equipment

At corporate retreat centers, there may also be costs associated with renting out a meeting space along with any audiovisual equipment needed. Often, retreat centers may bundle these additional services into corporate retreat packages which may be more cost-effective than pricing everything separately.

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks Staff
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