The 6 Most Creative Small Business Promotional Items / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Do you need a fun way to differentiate your small business? Check out our list of 6 promotional items that you might use to market your...

Tchotchkes. Schwag. Toys. Trinkets. Promotional items come in so many different forms. Sometimes these branded, functional baubles are put to good use after you give them away at expo halls and trade shows, and sometimes they're simply fun, uplifting desk distractions for employees or prospective customers. Are you in the market for a unique way to differentiate your small business? Surely you can do better than water bottles, thumb drives, and pens with your logo on them.

We put together some of the most fun and interesting promotional items that you might consider using to market your small business:

  • Golf Divot Repair Tool. Appeal to the corporate crowd by providing them with a little something that will help their game on the golf course. These items are used to repair the dent your ball makes after it lands on the green so that the putting surface remains uniform.
  • Coasters. If your small business can be translated into something visual and beautiful, use it to your advantage by printing corresponding images on top of coasters, with your logo and contact information on the other side. This kind of idea isn't just for photographers or graphic designers -- a candy shop owner might make sets dedicated to customers' favorite goodies, or a social media marketing agency could use word clouds that represent their business and the type of services they offer.
  • Playing Cards. Solitaire in the airport or Crazy 8's with your family, everyone can always use a deck of playing cards. You might consider adding your logo to both the box and the individual cards as the image. If your budget supports it, it'd be fun to assign the Joker, Jack, Queen, and King cards as company executives or other important or public-facing customer representatives.
  • Hand Sanitizer. This is a perfect item for trade show or conference because of the close proximity of attendants and general concept of networking and shaking hands. Pair this with a pack of gum, and yours will be promotional items that very few people would toss away.
  • Virtual Goodies. If you do a lot of business online, it could be interesting to put together a variety of virtual promotional items to give away. Hand out a small card or other item with a unique URL on it that points folks toward your collection of promotional Promotional Items Foam Footballitems that they can download -- these can be MP3 playlists that your staff has put together, a branded image they can set as their desktop background, discount codes for products or services, or free chapters of your new book.
  • Industry-specific items. For instance, a sports PR firm might put their agency's logo and contact information on a foam football. Think of all the brainstorming that can happen during a game of catch over your coworkers' cubicles. Or, an up-and-coming craft beer brewer might etch their logo into a tasting glass or bottle opener.

What are some of the more clever or convenient promotional items you've received or have given away?

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