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By Editorial StaffLast Modified: December 18, 2017

Brivo takes access control completely into the cloud, with a state-of-the art IP system that eliminates nearly all hardware and lets you manage your system from anywhere. Brivo's main access offering is centered around its mobile platform, which simplifies the set up and management of the system. This innovation is why we've selected Brivo as one of the top access control systems for businesses.

Brivo's Mobile Pass is a credential system that replaces traditional cards and door readers with a mobile phone. Employees simply need to download the Brivo app. In the app, employees press a button to unlock any door they're allowed to access. The app communicates to a cloud-stored database, which sends an encrypted signal to the door controller, opening the door. These mobile credentials can be managed just like any other through your management interface, so you can register and cancel credentials anytime.

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The Verdict
Brivo's approach is to be as simple and convenient as possible, which it is, but it comes at the cost of a few extra safety features that are standard with many other companies.
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The Mobile Pass is Brivo's main attraction, but traditional door readers and credentials from other companies can be integrated into the system, and there's a full list of compatible hardware on the company's website. Brivo also has a video system that can be integrated, but there are no fire or carbon monoxide alarm integrations. There is, however, an intrusion alarm that will notify you when a break-in is detected. The company does not offer a managed access service, meaning you can't outsource the management and surveillance of your system to Brivo.

Brivo's interface operates primarily over the cloud, allowing you to access your system from any web browser or smart device connected to the internet. The cloud system gives you an unlimited event history, and if you also install Brivo's video surveillance, you can bring up footage of specific events going back one year. If you'd prefer not to be dependent on the cloud, Brivo also offers an on-site server that stores 10 million events.

Mobile access is the main draw to this system, allowing you to manage your system from your phone. If someone such as a maintenance person needs access to your business on the weekend, you can view a live video feed to confirm it’s them, then unlock the door and continue watching to keep an eye on their work, all on your phone. Brivo calls its system future-proof because updates to the software are pushed out regularly.

Brivo's building access control can be installed for up to 1,000 doors. The cloud-based system can handle an unlimited number of users; however, you must purchase licenses for each employee's phone to work with the system.

Because the only necessary hardware is the door control boxes and locks, Brivo is one of the easiest systems to install on your own, with installation manuals available on the company website. However, Brivo also works with third-party services to do the installation for you as well.

The customer support we received from Brivo was above average. Our inquiries were returned in a timely manner by helpful and accommodating representatives. The window for support, however, is limited to business hours, and because there's no live chat, your options are limited to over-the-phone service. The library of help articles, manuals and videos on the website is a helpful and useful addition.

Brivo provides a different approach to access control, with a goal to minimize hardware and bring software into the cloud. This system is appealing because you won’t need to deal with expensive hardware, and you can manage their system from anywhere with an internet connection. The simple setup is missing a few access control security features, such as the fire alarm integration that is standard with so many other systems. The company's minimal approach is also hands-on for you, and with no managed access service, the security of your business all comes down to you.

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The Verdict
Brivo's approach is to be as simple and convenient as possible, which it is, but it comes at the cost of a few extra safety features that are standard with many other companies.
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