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LiveChat Review

By Business.com Editorial StaffLast Modified: March 14, 2018

LiveChat's robust chat and help desk software solution offers corporate-level chat capabilities, customer monitoring and business-building data analytics. It also provides easy integration to other applications like CRM and e-commerce software. We evaluated LiveChat's highest tier plan, Enterprise, but this company offers other service tiers that vary in pricing and features.

LiveChat Enterprise solves support issues in a fast, efficient way, while providing valuable intelligence for your sales and marketing team. Its host environment enables your operators to access the tools, webpages, canned messages and background information it needs to properly engage customers. Additional tools allow operators to add multiple tags to chat logs so that answers to frequently asked questions can be used to reply to new queries.

Chat Software
The Verdict
LiveChat's Enterprise software provides customer-preferred chat support while collecting marketing data to build your business.
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This multi-platform host environment allows both customers and agents to chat from computer, tablet and phone, on Windows, Mac and Android devices. You can easily extend your support hours by allowing trusted operators and managers to chat after hours from their tablets and phones.

If you are an administrator, you can click on any in-session chat to monitor its progress. If you believe you can offer some insight into the conversation, LiveChat’s corporate chat software has a Whisper function that allows you to type directly into the chat window. Operators see these comments, but customers do not.

Customer relationship management (CRM) or e-commerce applications like Salesforce integrate seamlessly to this software, as do social media applications like Facebook. LiveChat also has an open and customizable application program interface (API), so your IT department can bolt on in-house applications.

LiveChat has a host of other features that make its live chat services run efficiently. Visitor tracking is expertly organized. Operators can see when a visitor is on the site, the browser the customer is using, the language the customer speaks, any past chat history and the search terms that brought the customer to your site. Integration to Google Analytics is offered, which is ideal for creating and tracking marketing campaigns. You can also share documents with customers to explain technical issues and provide additional information. And, while LiveChat does not have real-time language translation, the application has been translated into 34 languages and you can implement your chat in any of them.

With LiveChat software, every chat your agents engage in is SSL 256-bit encrypted and stored in the cloud, safe from local disasters and server crashes. You can personalize access for individual operators by allowing them to see as much or as little information as is appropriate or by disabling their ability to share files. If you notice spamming or inappropriate visitor chats, LiveChat lets you block a visitor’s IP address, barring that person from further contact with the company.

Many reports are available using LiveChat software. You can see how many times an operator offers a coupon or incentive and turns a hesitant visitor into a purchasing customer. You can look at charts of customer satisfaction taken from post-chat surveys, or you can see how an individual operator is rated by customers. Another report offers automatic staffing predictions and scheduling. And, if the report you need is not offered, LiveChat allows you to run a totally custom report.

LiveChat’s enterprise chat software offers expert, affordable and secure web chat capabilities, as well as 24/7/365 support for its own customers. The host environment is powerful but easy to use. Tracking and monitoring features provide the behind-the-scenes information that can help drive your business in a more informed way.

Chat Software
The Verdict
LiveChat's Enterprise software provides customer-preferred chat support while collecting marketing data to build your business.
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