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Zoolz Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley

Zoolz offers multiple storage plans for small businesses. This backup service has cloud storage, cold storage for long-term archiving, and a "tribrid" system that utilizes Zoolz's cloud and cold storage solutions with local storage to ensure maximum redundancy. In addition to multiple storage options, BigMIND by Zoolz uses artificial intelligence (AI) that make uploading and finding files incredibly fast and easy.



The Verdict

Zoolz's customizable backup solution allows businesses to protect substantial amounts of data. It also has an efficient and affordable cold storage plan.

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Zoolz Pricing and Plans

Zoolz offers several plans based on how much data needs to be backed up. Each cloud plan comes with file versioning; backup on Amazon Web Services (AWS); and unlimited external hard drives, users, and servers. Plans can be purchased at a monthly or annual rate. Users who purchase the annual plan receive two months free.

Zoolz's plans and rates include the following:

  • 1TB – $39.90 per year
  • 2TB – $79.90 per year
  • 5TB – $19.99 per month, or $199.90 per year
  • 10TB – $39.99 per month, or $399.90 per year
  • 20TB – $89.99 per month, or $899.90 per year
  • 50TB – $229.99 per month, or $2,299.90 per year
  • 100TB – $449.99 per month, or $4,499.90 per year
  • 200TB – $899.99 per month, or $8,999.90 per year
  • 200TB+ – Contact a Zoolz representative for a quote

Zoolz is currently offering a 25% discount. The company also offers discounts to students and nongovernmental organizations. A 14-day free trial is available and comes with 50GB of storage and all of Zoolz' features.

If you only need cold storage, Zoolz's cold storage plan costs $16.67 per 1TB of data per month (unlimited users and servers).

Zoolz also offers BigMIND Business. Essentially BigMIND Business is Zoolz's cloud storage solution integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows businesses to quickly search for and access specific files using tools like optical character recognition for documents and facial recognition for photos.

These plans are separate from the company's standard business cloud backup solutions. Below is a breakdown of the price and the maximum amount of data per plan:

BigMIND Starter Plan

  • Price: $15 per month
  • Storage: 100GB
  • Devices: One server
  • Users: 10

BigMIND Standard Plan

  • Price: $20 per month
  • Storage: 250GB
  • Devices: 10 servers
  • Users: 100

BigMIND Premium Plan

  • Price: $37.50 per month
  • Storage: 250GB
  • Devices: 50 servers
  • Users: 500

BigMIND Smart Archive

  • Price: $40 per month
  • Storage: 1TB cold storage
  • Devices: 50 servers
  • Users: 500

While the BigMIND plans offer advanced AI features, they come at a much higher cost than Zoolz's standard cloud service plans. The 14-day free trial applies to these plans, too, so you want to take advantage of the free trial and test the different Zoolz plans to see which one works best for your business.

Zoolz Features

In evaluating Zoolz for our review of cloud storage and online backup solutions, here's what impressed us the most about this service.

Tribrid Storage Capabilities

Zoolz offers a "tribrid" backup solution; that is, you can back up your data to three different sources: their intelligent cloud storage (or hot storage), their cold cloud storage and your own local backup device. This triple layer of redundancy gives you multiple options for recovery if your system is compromised, or you can choose one of their cloud solutions if that's what you need. Backup is automatic and can be scheduled to run whenever and however often you need it to.

Cold Storage

Cold storage is for long-term backup and archiving. Since it's primarily used for archiving inactive data, it's not expected that users will access it and frequently transfer it, resulting in lower bandwidth use and cheaper storage. Zoolz's cold storage is a great value for the amount of storage you receive, and it's ideal for businesses that need to archive large amounts of data.


Zoolz has a user-friendly dashboard and a lightweight file browser that lets you manage your data. You can easily organize, search and preview files. Using the dashboard, you have several options to control how backups are managed ‒ you can set storage limits and user privileges, and configure backups. You can easily suspend, activate and delete users as needed.


Zoolz offers plans that are protected with a 256-bit AES encryption as well as Amazon's infrastructure. You can securely receive fast backups with access to deduplication, block-level uploads and specified file retention. You also have the ability to encrypt and decrypt files and folders to safely share with colleagues.

Customer Support

An important feature of any cloud storage solution or online backup service is good customer support. Zoolz offers several helpful online resources for users, including a help center with articles and FAQs. You can reach Zoolz representatives online or by phone. The company supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.


Since Zoolz uses Amazon S3 servers, it does not limit or cap direct bandwidth and loading times. This means you will have to control bandwidth on your end if you don't want to bog down your network. This is usually only a concern for companies that are backing up large amounts of data. To mitigate this limitation, you can schedule backups during off-hours.

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The Verdict

Zoolz's customizable backup solution allows businesses to protect substantial amounts of data. It also has an efficient and affordable cold storage plan.

Skye Schooley
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